Author: sandman (south africa), 23-03-2017 22:44

Angel defeated - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Not to worry - defeated Orna in month 2. Interesting battle. Was regarded by AI as deadly but dark magic on necro is OP :) more...

Author: Andreas (Munich), 23-03-2017 21:47

good map - Dragons meridian - Heroes 3 map

please continue making maps more...

Author: quasi-modo (moscow,russia), 23-03-2017 21:35

porque habeis quitado el ultimo mapa - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

pusisteis un mapa y lo habeis borrado pronto, me apetecia descargarlo more...

Author: Олег , 23-03-2017 20:23

I admire your work! - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

but where did the map DeathLord_50

I wanted to leave a review, but did not find it on the site (((
I went through it. Remained in complete ecstasy!
Impression of the game spoil the morons of developers. broke dozens of times! Thank you very much! more...

Author: sandman (south africa), 23-03-2017 18:52

Angel again - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Now Orna/Angel appears in month 1, week 3 as a level 1 (??) deadly enemy from the bridge at the bottom right. I was on my way to defeat the 3rd castle of the first quest. more...

Author: Ghost (Finland), 23-03-2017 18:31

MWM - Magician, Warrior and Master - Heroes 3 map

I won a map without pandora, prison, and bonus. Original map was been RoE, and I gave a few new HotA, for easy. If you are MWM, play MWM2 in H4 then more...

Author: Maygwan , 23-03-2017 17:47

Feedback - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

So i played again once you added the updates.

Firstly the castles cannot be held this is true but to be honest i think i enjoyed the original more where it was intense trying to hold them.

Anyway once i had left the castles to the teal and started my journey with necro i found the teal to stil more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 23-03-2017 03:37

You're welcome - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Glad you enjoyed it. more...

Author: Dalon , 23-03-2017 00:12

Cool map - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

I enjoy this nice map, thank you sir ! And it's cool to have unlimited level :) more...

Author: sandman (south africa), 22-03-2017 23:47

Will test - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Haha the joys of that editor. I was in the middle of making a map and gave up. Maybe I'll release it one day when I have the strength. Thanks again for being one of the last outposts of map-making... please keep it up. I enjoy your work immensely. more...

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Heroes 6: Heroes 6 original

Four factions battle it out for control over the mysterious and invaluable Horsehead Shores. This extra large coastal map has areas of interest including an island with an underground dungeon and a coral reef area. Can be played with up to 4 human and/or AI players, teams or ffa. Map was created using actual photos of the Horsehead Nebula.

Added: 14-11-2015

Heroes 6 maps: Amodaria | Les Portes Secretes ( The Secret doors ) | The Seven Shards of Remembrance | Bucovina

Author: Roy (USA), 27-05-2012 20:59
Finall Played
I started with player 3 and did not crash this time. A decent map. So why it crashed before remains a mystery.

Author: fatespinner (USA), 27-05-2012 00:13
Anyone else getting crashes?
I just played through again about 14 weeks and no crashes. Map has been tested. Not sure what is causing it to crash for some. I will have to look further into it. Many have downloaded so hopefully others will report if it is crashing on them.

Author: mib (Moscow), 26-05-2012 22:31
very bad your maps, all large map crashe allways

Author: Roy (USA), 25-05-2012 16:20
Player 1
I started with Player 1. I will try another player see what happens.

Author: fatespinner (USA), 25-05-2012 12:14
Which side you played?
That's strange, this one has been played through 3 times without problems. I just now played through two weeks on ffa player 1 against all AI and no problems. Which side you played when it crashed?

Author: Roy (USA), 24-05-2012 00:28
Started your map today and it crashes after first week.

Horsehead Shores walkthrough

The mysterious "Horsehead Shores". Four hundred years ago, spirits of the cosmos was said to have landed along these shores. It was here, they used extremely advanced technology to actually alter the land's structure and appearance. Not long after it was discovered to be altered to ressemble a common galactic wonder referred to as the "Horsehead Nebula". Alnitak Island lies in the ocean to the east of the old harbor. This island is said to be named after a bright star which is south of the nebula. Tales say on this island is the entrance to Alnitak Dungeon which was said to house very valuable resources and treasures as well as artifacts. Although many who have set sail to this island to enter the depths of the dungeon had never returned. In the ocean to the southeast you will find the large Sigma Orionis Reef, named after a bright star within the nebula. Legends say many ships have failed to make a safe passage through this area. Years ago, treasured trade ships were lost along with valuable cargo. After the discovery of this entire shoreline area and it's strange history, the value of the land has rose to be worth millions in gold. Several years later, four factions of the North and South have failed to come to a fair agreement on ownership. War has now broke out and only the strong will survive!

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