Author: sandman (south africa), 23-03-2017 22:44

Angel defeated - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Not to worry - defeated Orna in month 2. Interesting battle. Was regarded by AI as deadly but dark magic on necro is OP :) more...

Author: Andreas (Munich), 23-03-2017 21:47

good map - Dragons meridian - Heroes 3 map

please continue making maps more...

Author: quasi-modo (moscow,russia), 23-03-2017 21:35

porque habeis quitado el ultimo mapa - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

pusisteis un mapa y lo habeis borrado pronto, me apetecia descargarlo more...

Author: Олег , 23-03-2017 20:23

I admire your work! - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

but where did the map DeathLord_50

I wanted to leave a review, but did not find it on the site (((
I went through it. Remained in complete ecstasy!
Impression of the game spoil the morons of developers. broke dozens of times! Thank you very much! more...

Author: sandman (south africa), 23-03-2017 18:52

Angel again - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Now Orna/Angel appears in month 1, week 3 as a level 1 (??) deadly enemy from the bridge at the bottom right. I was on my way to defeat the 3rd castle of the first quest. more...

Author: Ghost (Finland), 23-03-2017 18:31

MWM - Magician, Warrior and Master - Heroes 3 map

I won a map without pandora, prison, and bonus. Original map was been RoE, and I gave a few new HotA, for easy. If you are MWM, play MWM2 in H4 then more...

Author: Maygwan , 23-03-2017 17:47

Feedback - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

So i played again once you added the updates.

Firstly the castles cannot be held this is true but to be honest i think i enjoyed the original more where it was intense trying to hold them.

Anyway once i had left the castles to the teal and started my journey with necro i found the teal to stil more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 23-03-2017 03:37

You're welcome - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Glad you enjoyed it. more...

Author: Dalon , 23-03-2017 00:12

Cool map - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

I enjoy this nice map, thank you sir ! And it's cool to have unlimited level :) more...

Author: sandman (south africa), 22-03-2017 23:47

Will test - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Haha the joys of that editor. I was in the middle of making a map and gave up. Maybe I'll release it one day when I have the strength. Thanks again for being one of the last outposts of map-making... please keep it up. I enjoy your work immensely. more...

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Heroes 4: Winds of War

Vuelve a recuperar todo tu Reino y mata a la Gran Bruja Sewitchy. Para encontrarla deberás recorrer la ruta de los quests, que te daran los artefactos necesarios para encontrarla.

Added: 25-12-2016

Heroes 4 maps: Lion's Muzzle | Swamp in | Head to Head | Oziriz-The Big Hunting

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Author: Sewitchy (Spain), 17-10-2009 21:11 +10
Already Fixed
Already Fixed

Author: Sewitchy (Spain), 17-10-2009 12:26 +10
Map fixed
I just send the fixed map, but it is not added yed. I will tell you when it is.
Witch the new version you wont be able to use artifacts at the wrong places.
Anyway, if you restart the map, fell free to ask wathever you want

Author: Ninna (Osijek, Croatia), 15-10-2009 02:07 +10
Map is great, I like it very much but... can't move on... I need tome of chaos, unnatural armor, crown of supreme magi or ice scale but don't have anything...
I think that's because i used some of these artifacts on wrong places... Too bad i can't finish it cause i fell in love with this map :)

Author: Sewitchy (Spain), 10-10-2009 09:54 +10
you finish?
great!!! ;-)
Thank you for helping me to make it better
1) close to marbella, east side, you have 2 red flags. Is not that enought for a hint?
2)I will change to 3000 leprechaums and 40 mermeids
3) what do you mean with the guardian dress? to Sewitchy?
Thanks again, I hope you enjoyed it

Author: renaud (paris,france.), 07-10-2009 20:04
cobayus report
Third game,17 months,very good map,thank you.3 last points;first if you forbid ship tricks put a hint near marbella;second 4000 leprechaums and 50 mermaids quests need too many months;third give guardian dress to the last opponent because this last fight is too easy.....bye.

Author: renaud (paris,france.), 30-09-2009 23:11
yes i mean that gate with gargantuas.In my opinion the other gate is not only for caravans but the way to join cadiz(the first time)because the quest place give another way when cadiz is blue!thank you.

Author: Sewitchy (Spain), 30-09-2009 10:42 +10
Do yuo mean the gate with the bridge and the gargantuan? I fixed that too.
You need the other gate to be able to send carabans.
It is important to check the "quest log" and the "view puzzle" regulary

Author: renaud (paris,france.), 29-09-2009 18:15
Light comes
Your answer is quite explicit:my mistake is the quest hut near cadix,i forgot it,a key point for bolulos.Fix the ship tricks is a must indeed.One last question:is my first ship trick,avoiding a strong battle on the way to cadix,fair or not?

Author: Sewitchy (Spain), 29-09-2009 10:53 +10
Lets see
Teal is the last player you should kill ;-)

After taking Sevilla, Mairena, Huelva, Madrid, Tomares, Cadiz, Cordoba, Gines and Almeria you have to go back to The Quests Place and solve same of them. After that, you go to the east snow and solve the Igloo quest to be able to take the two way red portal (so you can get the purple kaymaster tent)
Now you can solve the quest gate near to Almeria and you can go to Granada and Bollullos (is that your problem? i am not sure)
Do not go to the Teal place because there, you will use same artifacts that you need in other places before that.
After taking Granada and Bollullos you can solve the one way red portal close to Sevilla. You should get the present from the white oracle. After that, you can back to the Quest Place, solve a quest and visit the red keymaster tent. Now you can take the whirpoool (pay attention because the whirpool can take you to 3 different places, 2 of them are not conected on foot)

I´m making an english version and numbering the quests to make the map easeer

Author: renaud (Paris,France.), 28-09-2009 23:09
2 points end
If you fix the ship tricks,it is OK for the scenario,but,even now i am unable to invade teal by your way and killing teal is a must to get bolulos:i am far from understanding this part of the scenario....

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