Author: Shinoshuke (VietNam), 27-02-2017 12:34

Frenzy confused!!!! - TEW IV Commodus' Revenge - Heroes 3 map

Hi, Valery!!! I've played some of your maps and i'm really enjoy them...Now i'm really confusing about frenzy spell. As description, it'd be casted on enemy to null his defend and reduce his HP but not in my case, i can only cast frenzy on friendly creatures. Ex: my HB not enemy& more...

Author: Fawahar (Panagyrishte, Bulgaria), 27-02-2017 12:01

Brief info - The Cat and the Swindle - Heroes 3 map

Здрасти, Наско :)
The map is designed for multiplayer, thus it could be not so much challenging vs AI. The far regions of the map are giving an edge to the first one exploring them. If I give here more reasons why it will be a spoiler, but I will say, there are specific things, very helpful all aro more...

Author: Atanas (Sofia, Bulgaria), 27-02-2017 10:27

My feedback - The Cat and the Swindle - Heroes 3 map

The idea with Wisdom id fresh and I like it!

But why is that 15 lv limitation.
And map was completed with about 40% map revealed.
Why you put efforts to create something, which is not needed.

Not offense, just a honest feedback.

Overall rating: 7 more...

Author: Marijan (Zagreb, Croatia), 26-02-2017 22:01

Sve pohvale, ali... - Jedi Story - Heroes 3 map

U kartu je uloženo stvarno puno, puno truda. Ali... Ne. Karta se nemože završiti bez Map Editora. more...

Author: pat (malta), 26-02-2017 21:27

shangrila a work of art - SHANGRILA - Heroes 5 map

wow man yet another great map.i just love your maps full of new things and surprises more...

Author: maygwan , 26-02-2017 20:33

I have looked at save - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Cant test and wont be able to cause your hero stats are too low to fight hades.

You either need to build dracula so you have 99 to all stats or try with merlin to 99 but you have missed an area with some stat builders like library ect. Its after you beat the 2 barbarians and get clovers there a p more...

Author: evilstone (Taiwan), 26-02-2017 12:47

Elven is somewhat unplayable - Demon Hunter - Heroes 5 map

I finally start to explore the sea at the 6th week and green heroes attack my town.It seems the enemy automatically choose the way to elven town.I don't know how to deal with that.GG.The other two factions are fine tho. more...

Author: Novik (PL), 26-02-2017 12:06

Hades - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Impossible to win even if i will have thousands of skeletons. My save:
https://www.sendspac more...

Author: D4em0nl , 25-02-2017 21:57

D4emonl - Titan's Pass - Heroes 7 map

map created on h7 ver 1.31 back then max hero lvl was 30 more...

Author: maygwan , 25-02-2017 18:06

did you use dracula or other hero - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Also did you amass plenty of skeletons. Ironfist will also cast haste if you need it. Gorgons will make mincemeat of ghosts but you need to block litches with either archs or phoenixes. There are plenty of ways to beat hades but sometimes it takes a few tries to figure it all out. more...

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Heroes4 - Your opinions about Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur - map rating = 10.00 (10 - The best)

Type your opinion in the space below:
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Download map -> Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

Heroes 4: Equilibris

(includes two versions of the map, one in English and one in Spanish)
.Comienza tu camino como un heroe solitario embarcandose en una aventura epica de profundidad tactica insuperable! Zarpas desde las placidas playas de tu isla natal en busqueda de tu mentor, pero el mundo que te espera alla afuera ha cambiado mucho en tu ausencia...
.Docenas de quest, sidequest y eventos a tu disposicion! Scripting y Customizacion a cada paso!
.La mayoria de las batallas estan pensadas para poner a prueba tus habilidades cognitivas y funcionas a forma de rompecabezas, no te desanimes si necesitas mas de un intento.
.El mapa ha sido balanceado con la intencion de que elijas Avanzado como la dificultad. (elegir una dificultad mayor podria hacerlo imposible, creeme, ya es lo suficientemente dificil.)

.Heavy on Scripting and Customization, Infinite tactical depth, most battles have been designed to work as a puzzle-box.
.Map has been balanced around ADVANCED difficulty, make sure to pick it before you start. (trying to complete the map in higher diff. may prove impossible, its already hard enough as it is, trust me)
.Check opinions if you want to see some pics of the map.
.If you have any suggestions, feedback is greatly appreciated! And if you need help to progress, you can always leave a message and I'll be sure to reply.

Added: 18-01-2017

Heroes 4 maps: Dusk of Technics | Fall of capital | Жадность | Небольшая война

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Author: david (tbilisi, georgia), 23-02-2017 11:12
tushia - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur
Герои Меча и Магии
tushia - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

Author: hyduda (Moscow), 24-12-2016 12:34
south path - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur
Please tell the correct sequence of portals which open "Glory" teleporter!

Author: von Trotl (slovenia), 09-10-2016 16:08
trouble with cloverhand - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur
Hello, doktor!
I've read your statement about beating CloverHand and tried to win at his game - even 501 points of luck (max for Ipaho) and countless saves didn't do the trick. Can you tell me at least is it worth a carpal tunnel syndrome?
Thank you, von Trotl

  Dr.Marsupio (Argentina) writes:
11-10-2016 08:07

Kek, Follow this instructions: - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

-> Play against him, as long as the end result is a non-lethal one you'll be on the right track, the stolen items are not necessarily lost forever.

-> The army must be in possession of the following artifacts, most of them you'll come across naturally as you progress (perhaps with he exception of the Ring that is guarded by the Earth Elementals).
.Helm of Seeing
.Four Leaf Clover
.Leprechaun's Ring
.Gambler's Deck

-> Visit the caravan once more and ask to play again.
-> Profit?
(if you want me to spoil the correct choices to make just give me the go ahead)

Author: Lazeecake (Russia), 10-09-2016 19:09
An error... - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur
Hi! I have tried to download the map several times but the file is damaged, it says. What can I do? I would really like to play this one!! XD

  Dr.Marsupio writes:
13-09-2016 22:04

Do you have the Equilibris mod? - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

If you don't, you'll need to download it. (make sure you checked the tick box for the Equilibris map editor during the installation)

  Lazeecake (Russia) writes:
14-09-2016 20:14

done - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

Thanks a lot for your help. Now it is all installed and it works!! XD

Author: Perasgal (Spain), 15-08-2016 04:58
Only one MISTAKE! - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur
In the last portion of the game, when playing in the English Version, the hero The Machineus (or whatever) is named el Machineus. When you try going through the last gate for the last battle, the gate check does not match as the name of the hero I have in prison is el Machineus not The Machineus.
Everything else is fine. I think I took the hardest way, trying to develop Combat and Logistics to move through the map faster. Some Battles are very hard this way. developed Necromancy with the second hero and eventually created an army of vampires that could not be beaten.
Again, great map. That's the only mistake I've seen and I wish I could have finished the game after all the effort. I would advice to put more effort into translating every single conversation from Spanish to English (even if they are not necessary for the game) as most english speakers might quit it thinking they cant move forward without understanding.
I would also like some side quest at the beginning that help getting a few artifacts that might matter as some path in the development of the hero are very hard. It is easy to develop order magic and charm and cruise through the game but Trying to make it with Combat and Tactics it is not easy at all.
Thanks for reading.

  Dr.Marsupio (Argentina) writes:
16-08-2016 23:20

Thanks for the feedback! - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

Yes, at one point the uploaded map had that oversight, Its has been fixed some time ago, but that's highly unfortunate. If you want to, you can upload the save file somewhere and I can edit it out so you can finish your play trough :)

Translation was a gargantuan task, I failed to foreseen the amount of text I had to tackle. I'm definitely making progress, whatever left, its trivial and waiting to be changed rather than translated.

Regarding balance, logistic seems like a must one you exit out to the "open world", the AI will run circles around you otherwise, I tinkered with the idea of banning the mayor offenders when it comes to balance (Town Gate and Necromancy) but at the end of the day I didn't wanted to limit play styles.

Very late into the game you can Rescue Burdo from his underground prison, and he has somewhat OK skills allocated there, but I'm open to suggestions about the early game Tactics department,

Author: Valentino (Río Cuarto), 11-08-2016 03:09
Genial - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur
Un mapa súper trabajado. Realmente tuve que intentar varias veces, se me hacía imposible. La única parte que no pude pasar y la verdad que me frustró y usé trucos, fue la primer batalla contra las Catapultas, después de conquistar la primer ciudad para eliminar la maldición. De ahí en adelante, se me hizo el juego bastante sencillo, por como usé a los héroes. Sin embargo me encantó. En algún momento pienso rejugarlo, vale la pena y es increíble la cantidad de detalles que tiene el mapa.
Por ahí medio como que me perdía con la historia, quizás lo juegue otra vez con trucos para poder tener la trama mucho más fresca.
Te pasaste, felicitaciones y gracias por el trabajo!

  Dr.Marsupio (Argentina) writes:
13-08-2016 06:27

Muchas gracias y me alegro que lo hayas disfrutado ^^ - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grand

Te refieres a la batalla que ocurre aqui? Si quieres puedo pasarte un link a un video de youtube con la resolucion del encuentro. Por supuesto, es solu un ejemplo ya que hay muchas maneras de hacerlo.

Me gustaria saber en que dificultad jugaste el mapa y hasta que punto llegaste.

Muchas gracias y me alegro que lo hayas disfrutado ^^ - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grand

Author: datapicard (Vancouver, Canada), 01-07-2016 12:33
Best map I ever started playing! - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur
I started this one years ago and it was like nothing I have ever seen in heroes. It was the most advanced map I have ever seen by far, requiring strategy and tactics so far beyond what was in the original game. Opened up my eyes to this higher level of gameplay with insane stacks of level 4 creatures that you never see in vanilla games. The skills and spells that matter are so different on this level, forget about what you thought you knew about heroes IV.... :)

I don't think the english translation was finished when i played this last, and I know I only made it like 25% of the way through. But I am so happy to try it again. Is this is the most recent version Dr. Marsupio? I'm going to start it next week :) Let me know if you need anything specific from a playtest.

  Dr.Marsupio (Argentina) writes:
07-07-2016 07:46

Thanks for the kind words ^^ - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

The map has a weird dynamic during the beginning, the conservatories of magic + the treasures you find in the skeletons have the power to change the outcome of what the "optimal strategy" looks like from game to game. Sometimes it might be creature oriented, sometimes the dark-priest steps up his game and fits the one-man-army role after getting buffed into an unkillable tank.

It has also proven to be hard to balance the experience for a different array of strategies, given how snow-bally the charm mechanics are, leading to an extremely challenging experience for some players who opted out or didn't when all-in. (recently I replayed it and managed grandmaster charm two days before reaching the town of Agred, which trivialized most encounters in the zone, with the exception of the castle-siege and the frenzied gnasher fight).

All in all, I hope you enjoy it, I'll be listening to your advice.

  Dr.Marsupio (Argentina) writes:
10-07-2016 04:58

Update - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

Tomorrow at night I'm going to be rolling a big update that fixes/refines a lot of the local timed or triggerable events, especially those linked to upkeep, the City of Thieves, and neutral-castle garrison growth.

If you find something that's still not translated, its because I'm not happy with the original material and therefore planning to change it soon :)

Author: Jonathan Whitcomb (Endicott, NY), 16-06-2016 10:01
I can't run this map - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur
This map gives an error if I try to play or edit it. Anyone know how to fix it?

  Dr.Marsupio (Argentina) writes:
16-06-2016 16:50

Do you have the equilibris mod instaled? - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

When instaling equilibris did you check the option that also instals the updated campaign editor? (dont check the one that says russian buka).

You should have 2 .exes from the campaing editor now on you hero folder; the original wiill give you an error because it can load some of the assets.

Author: Dr.Marsupio (Argentina), 14-06-2016 20:01
Update - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur
-Only one of your heroes can now enter the Arcane Crowned Tower (as it was originally intended) instead of the entire party.
-Fixed being able to re-visit the Gargoyle event to trigger multiple encounters.
-Avatar of Penance fight reworked to be harder (she might actually be a challenge now).

Thanks for your continued support and the kind words.

Author: Karmakeld (Denmark), 14-04-2016 23:04
we want your help creating a map for the Unity campaign - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Gra
Hey Dr. Marsupio. Sorry for this OT post, but I tried to contact you on CH without luck. We got a new collaborative campaign, re-making the Unity campaign for H4, and we would love to have you on the team or at least help us create a map. We ask no more than landscaping, as you were willing to help me with earlier. I hope this have your interest.

  Dr.Marsupio (Argentina) writes:
14-06-2016 20:06

Hey there karmakeld - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur

Regretfully, I don't have the time to get involved in a new project around this time of the year. I still have the small map created for the collaborative campaign, I can pm it to you if you wanna make use of it in unity or something else as I don't have anything planed myself.
Best of luck :)

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