Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 24-01-2017 18:45

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Also I see strange creatures in your army, proof that you activated additional wog options. Map has its own dat file, if you change, I don't guarantee is playable. more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 24-01-2017 17:51

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I think you can just disable mod, then press F12 after reloading save, to update scripts. Try this more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 24-01-2017 17:50

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Try to download again the mod from (look in the list for this mod), delete old first, install new then reload your save. I think you have some old version. more...

Author: MnM Workshop (Budapest, Hungary), 24-01-2017 16:00

aaa - Samsara - Heroes 5 map

You sir have found one of the easter eggs we put in the map.

Ps: What exactly do you mean, by "only team mode"? Is there a way to make a map team map and ffa at the same time? more...

Author: D.Cuong (Việt Nam), 24-01-2017 13:05

Link to GoogleDrive - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I upload link again. .com/drive/folders/0 B76oSmwNu7VdY1dzTUFN ZmtweEE more...

Author: D.Cuong (Việt Nam), 24-01-2017 13:01

CRASHLOG !!! - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Hi Mod, please help me this problem:

After I buy the Reduce Defense for Praetorian (by 200 mithril - first special skill), I've got a crash. I upload my save file here. Can U check for me?, thank you! .com/drive/folders/0 B76oSmwNu7VdY1dzTUFN ZmtweEE?usp=sharing more...

Author: Alex (Ukraine), 24-01-2017 11:42

damn - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Damn, it likely happened cause I used secondary skills scrolling. Is there any way to disable this thing and continue the game or should I start over? more...

Author: Alex (Ukraine), 24-01-2017 11:31

Cant learn all skills - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I cannot learn all skills by Maximus. I have 8 primary skills and two hidden and others do not appera with the level increase. I am though on a level 47. Did I do something wrong? more...

Author: koget (Denmark), 23-01-2017 00:37

Skype - The Devil Is In The Detail - Heroes 3 map

Msg "erkoget" more...

Author: Deferatto (Moscow, Russia), 23-01-2017 00:24

HotA Crew - The Devil Is In The Detail - Heroes 3 map

Argh... Still nothing. Did you search me by nickname Deferatto or by e-mail in skype? It can be different e-mail here, so better to search by nickname. more...

Heroes 7 (VII) - Maps Heroes 6 (VI) - Maps Heroes 5 (V) - Maps Heroes 4 (IV) - Maps Heroes 3 (III) - Maps

Heroes 6 preview

The connection between strategy game and role-playing game is not clear even further in Might and Magic Heroes 6, carrying the eternal conflict closer to the Blizzard standard.

Might and Magic is a sequence of role-playing games for computer. Heroes of Might and Magic is some kind of strategy games. What is the kind of Might and Magic Heroes 6?

I saw a shot demonstration of the game at GamesCom yesterday and to my mind this is the classic strategy game that focuses on role-playing that is why the name is changed in some way.

Might & Magic: Heroes 6 screenshotThe main change is an end to predetermined skills and power of a hero. Players choose their own paths in Might and Magic Heroes 6. It is your duty to determine the skills and powers you will be using to prevail during the competition. You also have the opportunity to choose the advanced class and define your role in the fight. Such an addition as racial abilities allows the players to choose the preferable character. There is no need to be constrained to a definite path.

The events during the game took place 400 years before the situations shown in the other Heroes titles, concentrated on the life of one family. The king has passed away, leaving five sisters and brothers to fight for control of the throne. Each of them wants to rule over all the rest. One looks for holy power, becoming a sacred knight. Another decides to choose the necromancer path. Another fabricates contracts with demons to achieve the goals. When you start playing you create the character, choose its sex and decide whether it concerns to magic or might.

Might & Magic: Heroes 6 screenshotEach group includes their own unparallel units with unparallel play styles, aiming to what the presenter named "The Blizzard standard". For example, in StarCraft 3 the Terrants play in a different way than the Zerg, whose playing differs from the Protoss. Just the same we can observe in Might and Magic Heroes 6.

I bore the Necromancer in acts. Units and characters of the Necromancer siphon life force and power away from their competitors. The number of their powers depends on the duration of a battle. Visually the process of the game can give you a real enjoyment. There are many details on the overland maps that will make players explore every corner, searching for secrets.

One main change in the overland map is the changing of the way cities appear after upgrading them. There is no necessity to click on the town to see its fortifications; you can see it on the map. The other new peculiarity is if a player catches an opponent's city, he can convert it into one of his own.

There are a lot of differences in the battles. Flows will slowly rise during some battles, choosing another area. The players will be impressed by a variety of goals, killing units, defending objects. We prepared fights for bosses in the game. At the end of the demonstrative example we saw a tremendous blue water snake that attacked via a cut scene. The fans of course will like this version as the previous games Might and Magic Heroes. But now Ubisoft has not enough time for making the next Heroes of Might and Magic RPG.

Jeann'e at 2011-01-08 02:01 wrote:
I am so pleased to hear M&M Heros 6 is being released. I have been playing Hero's since the first one....Windows 3.1 I believe it was. Since I got a new computer with vista I haven't been able to play. So been missing it a lot. So thanks again.
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