Author: Johny Logan (Canada), 06-07-2015 19:46

Question - Robinson Crusoe! - Heroes 3 map

It looks promising. Is Robinson supposed to conquer this city on the island? more...

Author: marc (Germany), 06-07-2015 12:53

Finally finished the map!! - Wayfarer (E) - Heroes 3 map

it took me 10 months, with a lot of hints , but i finally beat finneas and finished this awsome map! great design, great gameplay , strongly recommend this map :DDDD more...

Author: Constantine (Larisa,Greece), 06-07-2015 11:23

Great map - Taken - Heroes 3 map

I enjoy playing this map.
Era 2.43, Rampart - Gelu, Hard, Days 117, Score 279

Thanks Ron more...

Author: MK (Finland), 06-07-2015 09:31

Where to? - Davids story part 1 - Heroes 3 map

After i beat air guard and David says something like "lets get the next one" i dont know where to go? The gate (below air guard) to earth guard is not passable so what should i do? Also gate below black towers/orbs is not passable? more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 05-07-2015 23:01

era - Game of Thrones and Dragons - Heroes 3 map

And if game was for Era and not 3.58, this would have been a few minutes bug fix, directly in the game scripts. more...

Author: Victarion , 05-07-2015 21:53

why those massive troops? - Game of Thrones and Dragons - Heroes 3 map

Hey Andros,

congratulations on a superb map which I enjoyed playing so much. As HOMM3 is the only computer game I play (sometimes) I have seen all kinds of maps and the experience of this one easily ranks in the top ten (maybe because I am also a huge fan of ASOIAF;).
Sadly, I can only say that more...

Author: Baron , 05-07-2015 21:30

OK - Davids story part 1 - Heroes 3 map

No problem.
Take care more...

Author: Pho3niX (Budapest), 05-07-2015 20:53

sorry - Davids story part 1 - Heroes 3 map

I'm really sorry, you're right, wrong map, didn't pay attention. Sorry again :( more...

Author: mar (Poland), 05-07-2015 17:22

boring - Heroes 5 map

too much have to chase enemy all the time it is stupid more...

Author: Maygwan , 05-07-2015 17:21

thanx - Heroes 3 map

When i get time i will look at the bug that folk are saying is in the map. I played it and finished it but i did it fast so never saw the bug but i have been sorting out some of my maps and revamping them so i will look into this now i have more time. more...

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Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods. Download Section

Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods unofficial patch FOR 3.58

Unofficial patch Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods which improves A LOT the editor and brings about 2400 new objects + various creatures in WOG.

You can download Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods unofficial patch FOR 3.58 here:

Install instructions:

  1. This patch will install correctly only on a clean WOG!
  2. Place Patch_ver_1_9.wog in Update folder and run Update.exe or H3wUpd.exe
  3. Decompress MapEdPatch.rar in Heroes folder and run H3WMapEdPatch.exe after specifying the right path to the H3WMAPED.EXE.

What it does:

  • Russian 1.08 patch
  • Chinese-style objects
  • Roman-style objects
  • Stronghold game objects
  • FCst1 (from russian WoG forums) last objects
  • All commanders can be selected in editor and placed on the map.
  • 2400 new objects, some animated, some not.
  • New editor features, check/change/modify passability with Espace bar.
  • New events feature: bind them into an ERM extern file.
  • The box for events was greatly improved
  • Access to ERM help from the editor.
  • Start game from editor.
  • Allow choosing a custom minimap from a bmp;files and import it into the map

You can download Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods unofficial patch FOR 3.58 here:

Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods ver. 3.58f


Heroes 3 WoG is an expansion pack to the Heroes 3 Shadow of Death game. You must have Heroes 3 Shadow of Death or Heroes 3 Complete or Heroes Platinum Edition installed prior to installing the expansion.

This is a full WoG package (3.58f). When you download it, you DO NOT need to install all previous patches (3.51 ... 3.58f), this full WoG package already includes all of them.

You can download "" file (install file for "In the Wake of Gods") here:


1. Download WoG file and run self extracting RAR archives.

2. There is a bug in Windows sort function that may make WoG install incorrectly if your system language is not an English. For sure it happens for Swedish. So we recommend you:
- check your system language and if it is English or Russian, all is fine;
- if not, change your local settings to English (Russian) language and country for Canada, Great Britain, Russia or US.

3. Make sure that you removed all other MODs and other files from all Heroes folders (especially from Data folder). We recommend you:
- make a full copy of your SoD or HC;
- uninstall SoD or HC;
- delete all files in ex-Heroes folder (if any) manually;
- install SoD or HC again to the same folder.


The full path to Heroes (SoD or HC) must contain only ENGLISH letters
(example: must be "C:\Games\Heroes3", must NOT be "C:\???????\Heroes3").

4. Now you are ready to run install.exe file in WoG download package. Follow further instructions. Be patient - installation may take time (up to a half of an hour)!

5. After WoG installation if you changed your system language/country settings, it is time to change them back.

6. You can run WoG (H3WOG.EXE) or SoD/HC (HEROES3.EXE) that you had previously. Both will work.

7. You get WoG map editor (H3WMAPED.EXE) in addition to your SoD/HC map editor.
- WoG map editor can load RoE, AB, SoD or WoG maps and save them as RoE, AB or WoG;
- WoG map editor cannot generate random maps; use SoD map editor for this purpose then load map to WoG map editor;

8. You get WoG campaign editor (H3WCMPED.EXE) in addition to your SoD/HC campaign editor.

9. You get a new Windows menu folder: "New Life of Heroes". Take a look there for other tools and documentation.

10. Good luck!
didi at 2015-05-10 23:43 wrote:
can someone tell me where can i download homm3 complete or SOD?
didi at 2015-05-10 22:03 wrote:
can someone tell me where can i download homm3 complete or SOD?
Rovdyr at 2014-08-16 21:23 wrote:
Hey guys i installed and can run the game but every time i try to start a new game it just crashes

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