Author: Lucian (Romania), 01-04-2015 18:35

catherine 2 - Heroes 3 map

5th round: cast another force field and block the entrance near the ammo cart just like in the image. otherwise, she will teleport her units from the castle that fit through the empty space near ammo cart.
from now on you only cast force field until she is out of spell points ;) more...

Author: Lucian (Romania), 01-04-2015 18:34

catherine 1 - Heroes 3 map

well, finally found the way with her.
with tactics, split your army like this when you start battle.
1st round: cast forgetfulness, defend with angels and shoot griffiths with titans and cyclopes. his angels will resurrect griffiths.
2nd round: cast force field in front of titans and cyclopes. hi more...

Author: Lucian (Romania), 01-04-2015 16:08

catherine - Heroes 3 map

same problem here. stuck at catherine.
tried with titans and cyclopes + ammo cart, all protected by force field. doesnt work.
if you succeed, please share the strategy.
thanks. more...

Author: Nicolas (Nanterre, France), 01-04-2015 02:52

...two more battle won... - Heroes 3 map

...but one new that seems impossible.
I've managed to take care of tasks n° 4 and 5 (that is: without loosing any enchanter! ^^ Cool one as well. Perfectly designed).
But the orange hero, with all his Castle troops (1000 archangels, 2000 knights, etc, etc) really puzzles me. Especially consid more...

Author: Kicferk , 31-03-2015 23:45

Alchemist - Heroes 3 map

Alchemists usually sit in their labs, you meet one such lab on the way to your town. He needs some resources, you will find them near the town, underground afair. more...

Author: Kicferk , 31-03-2015 23:43

Next - Heroes 3 map

You should deliver some proof of you knowing the name to master of elements. Could it be, oh, I don't know, an orb of firmament? ;)
Cheers more...

Author: BAdgeR (Poland), 31-03-2015 23:31

Mr - Heroes 3 map

Say again...Where did you meet the alchemist? I'm missing only vial of Mercury... more...

Author: myth7676 , 31-03-2015 21:15

Air Guard Continuation - Heroes 3 map

I defeated the air guard and went to the air oracle and wrote the name Sandrima and it said that it opened a gate but I cannot find which one. the gate towards the earth guard is still blocked and I cannot find a continuation. Where should I go now?
Thanks. more...

Author: Stifmann (Brno,Czech republic), 31-03-2015 15:56

white tent - Heroes 3 map

Got it .. It's in the area where is cloude temple and library :)) more...

Author: Stifmann (Brno,Czech republic), 31-03-2015 14:53

orange - Heroes 3 map

Where is exactly the white tent ?? I tried to use earth view and map editor and still can´t find it .. There are only cyclop caves and huts in that area .. Maybe I´m blind or I don´t know :D more...

Add a map Heroes 6 (VI) - Maps Heroes 5 (V) - Maps Heroes 4 (IV) - Maps Heroes 3 (III) - Maps

Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods. Download Section

Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods unofficial patch FOR 3.58

Unofficial patch Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods which improves A LOT the editor and brings about 2400 new objects + various creatures in WOG.

You can download Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods unofficial patch FOR 3.58 here:

Install instructions:

  1. This patch will install correctly only on a clean WOG!
  2. Place Patch_ver_1_9.wog in Update folder and run Update.exe or H3wUpd.exe
  3. Decompress MapEdPatch.rar in Heroes folder and run H3WMapEdPatch.exe after specifying the right path to the H3WMAPED.EXE.

What it does:

  • Russian 1.08 patch
  • Chinese-style objects
  • Roman-style objects
  • Stronghold game objects
  • FCst1 (from russian WoG forums) last objects
  • All commanders can be selected in editor and placed on the map.
  • 2400 new objects, some animated, some not.
  • New editor features, check/change/modify passability with Espace bar.
  • New events feature: bind them into an ERM extern file.
  • The box for events was greatly improved
  • Access to ERM help from the editor.
  • Start game from editor.
  • Allow choosing a custom minimap from a bmp;files and import it into the map

You can download Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods unofficial patch FOR 3.58 here:

Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods ver. 3.58f


Heroes 3 WoG is an expansion pack to the Heroes 3 Shadow of Death game. You must have Heroes 3 Shadow of Death or Heroes 3 Complete or Heroes Platinum Edition installed prior to installing the expansion.

This is a full WoG package (3.58f). When you download it, you DO NOT need to install all previous patches (3.51 ... 3.58f), this full WoG package already includes all of them.

You can download "" file (install file for "In the Wake of Gods") here:


1. Download WoG file and run self extracting RAR archives.

2. There is a bug in Windows sort function that may make WoG install incorrectly if your system language is not an English. For sure it happens for Swedish. So we recommend you:
- check your system language and if it is English or Russian, all is fine;
- if not, change your local settings to English (Russian) language and country for Canada, Great Britain, Russia or US.

3. Make sure that you removed all other MODs and other files from all Heroes folders (especially from Data folder). We recommend you:
- make a full copy of your SoD or HC;
- uninstall SoD or HC;
- delete all files in ex-Heroes folder (if any) manually;
- install SoD or HC again to the same folder.


The full path to Heroes (SoD or HC) must contain only ENGLISH letters
(example: must be "C:\Games\Heroes3", must NOT be "C:\???????\Heroes3").

4. Now you are ready to run install.exe file in WoG download package. Follow further instructions. Be patient - installation may take time (up to a half of an hour)!

5. After WoG installation if you changed your system language/country settings, it is time to change them back.

6. You can run WoG (H3WOG.EXE) or SoD/HC (HEROES3.EXE) that you had previously. Both will work.

7. You get WoG map editor (H3WMAPED.EXE) in addition to your SoD/HC map editor.
- WoG map editor can load RoE, AB, SoD or WoG maps and save them as RoE, AB or WoG;
- WoG map editor cannot generate random maps; use SoD map editor for this purpose then load map to WoG map editor;

8. You get WoG campaign editor (H3WCMPED.EXE) in addition to your SoD/HC campaign editor.

9. You get a new Windows menu folder: "New Life of Heroes". Take a look there for other tools and documentation.

10. Good luck!
Rovdyr at 2014-08-16 21:23 wrote:
Hey guys i installed and can run the game but every time i try to start a new game it just crashes

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