Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 28-03-2017 17:52

Thanks - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Thanks for the clarifications! But I passed all the quests and finished the game successfully! The only wish is to warn that quests have been performed, you need to collect certain artifacts. And then I sold them and could not enter the dungeon))) more...

Author: Maygwan , 28-03-2017 17:33

Glad you enjoyed map - A Barbarian Uprising Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Cyclops by eric is a bug ty the garrison troops you are meant to have. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 28-03-2017 17:01

Thanks. - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Thanks for the good rating. I was so angry with the constant glitches I had asked for the game to be removed. Hopefully (since I did not play all the way through it again to be sure) the glitches are repaired. At any rate, the game should be playable even if all the quests don't trigger. As lon more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 28-03-2017 16:56

Quests Fixed - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

The game layout is essentially the same. I needed to fix the quests, and the "mob scene" toward the end. Also added a few more troops to the enemy players to make them more challenging. more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 28-03-2017 13:16

Vote - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Deathlord more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 28-03-2017 13:14

! - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Hello! I agree with your opinion, but still like big and even huge maps))
I choose in the map settings heroic level for opponents. The maximum of resources, for "many neutrals." The increase is average. Then, with this stupid AI at least somehow you can play! more...

Author: Alexander (good old germany), 28-03-2017 12:27

Good map, but to big - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Finished this map as necromancer. U must use allways shaggles of war otherwise AI Heroes flee and you cannot fullfill all tasks, expecially collecting needed artefacts. AI Heroes develope good and deathlord increases up to lvl 37. After reaching the underground map became a little bit boring, to big more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 28-03-2017 11:14

??? - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

This map is basically the same as the previous one? The previous one was just gorgeous! But if the map is the same in structure, I personally will not be interested in it again. more...

Author: Maygwan , 28-03-2017 07:58

thanx - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Well i only ever play impossible otherwise maps are too easy. I have played this map twice now, i will try it again another time to see if the updates have a better effect but i am currently testing my next big map and it's taking many tests lol so will be doing this for quite a few days. more...

Author: Lauri , 28-03-2017 00:23

Updated - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Map's been updated and a few issues causing the enemy to not hire new heroes should be fixed now. more...

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Heroes 3 - hints

BROWNE'S BLIND BLOCKER BLOCKBUSTER! If you find yourself in a situation where your troops are blinded but you do not have Cure or Dispel Magic, you may still have a powerful alternative if you have Teleport. Blinded troops CAN be teleported, and what better place than right next to your opponents shooters? That way the blocked stack has to attack you at half strength (mostly) and "wastes" his own spell. Or he moves his shooters to another spot -- foregoing his attack -- and you can teleport again next turn. You need to Teleport as soon as one of your troops gets to move because the blinded troops won't have a turn. (source: Rich Browne )

ARTIFACT SWITCHAROO! You can make use of more artifacts by changing them around during a turn. Artifacts that increase movement (boots of speed, equestrian's gloves) need only be worn at the beginning of the turn. Before combat you can change the gloves for a ring, or change the boots for something that will help you in combat (holy sandals, necromancer's boots). Similarly, artifacts that provide gold or resources, or increase regeneration of spell points, need only be equipped at the beginning of the turn. Artifacts that increase knowledge need only be worn when you recharge spell points, such as at the end of the turn you spend in a mage guild town, or before you approach a well or fountain. However, you may have to take a step or two with the artifact equipped for the increase in knowledge to take effect. After your spell points have been recharged, you can remove the knowledge-increasing artifact, and even equip artifacts that decrease knowledge (such as the titan's cuirass, which decreases knowledge but greatly increases spell power) with no decrease in spell points. (source: DenverSam )

GET ON THE MAGICAL BALL WITH THE BALLISTICS SKILL Ballistics skill has one tremendous advantage- during the targeting phase of combat (which comes before any creatures go), you can cast a spell! Use this spell to blind/berserk the defender's fastest troop, to do a mass haste, or a mass slow. If you have a squire, give the squire all your troops, and head him back to a friendly town. The main hero can attack, use his largest damage spell, and then flee. He only needs 4 creatures (even level 1st will do) in separate stacks, 3 to absorb tower fire, and one more to survive the round. (source: Qurqirish Dragon )

TURN A BLIND EYE TO ELEMENTAL SUMMONING Summon Elemental is generally not worth it because Elementals have been weakened so much. Damage spells also are less effective because everything has more HP. Spells like Blind are now as good and sometimes better than direct damage spells. (source: Don Wang )

MANDATORY YOUTH PROGRAM Aging can be cured. In fact, that's probably the one condition you want to cure as soon as you can. (source: Don Wang )

ARMAGEDDON REVISITED You can pull more Armageddon combos then before. Efreet and Fire Elementals, and Gold Dragon are all immune to Armageddon, though Efreet and Fire Elementals doesn't have all that much HP to duke it out with the enemy. Diamond Golems are also pretty good for this purpose since they're tough and take only 5% from Armageddon. (source: Don Wang )

NO MAS BOOM BOOM WITH MASS DEFUSION If you cast Mass Dispel while laying siege to a Tower, you'll dispel (eliminate) all of the Tower mines. (source: Dan McGraw )

A POX ON US ALL "When a month of plague occurs, the following happens: All unpurchased creatures are cut in half All dwellings produce 0 creatures Any dwelling which has horde building built is IMMUNE to the effects of plague. Thus a castle with a griffin bastion produces griffins normally. Similarly with dwarves, dendroids, imps, cerberi, skeletons, gnolls, etc." (source: Qurqirish Dragon (Matthew Charlap) )

SACRIFICE ***THIS***, BABY! Sacrifice = Most Powerful Spell in the Game? This is a bug (it could not be otherwise unless there's something I'm overlooking), but contrary to the Sacrifice spell description you can sacrifice enemy troops too and not just your own. You select Sacrifice from your spell book, you drag the icon over the enemy unit you want to sacrifice, it says something to the effect you can't sacrifice that, just click anyway, then click on the unit you want to resurrect. Voila, you killed a complete stack while resurrecting troops in one of your own stacks. In a very extreme case (which I hope isn't possible), you could even sacrifice 30 enemy Archangels to resurrect one Imp. (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude) )

BASIC DEFENSE SENSE! Sometimes Defending makes more sense than Moving or Waiting. Imagine a one-on-one confrontation between Minotaurs (speed 6) and Dread Knights (speed 9). Let's say the opponent is clever enough to stay just out of range of your Minotaurs on the first turn (and the AI at hard is excellent at staying out of range). You could move your Minotaurs closer to them or you could tell the Minotaurs to Defend. If you don't have Slow or Haste, the best option is Defend at the end of turn 1 because on turn 2, the Dread Knights will get the first attack anyway. By defending, your Minotaurs get a better defense rating (+5 in this case!) possibly meaning a few more Minotaurs will survive the first assault that was unavoidable. This is not certain (in fact I'm pretty certain other factors enter into this because it's not constant) but as a general rule I think the defense bonus given by Defend is the same as the creature level (+1 Defense for level-1 creatures, +2 Defense for level-2 creatures, etc). (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude) )

BILLARD ETIQUETTE ON THE BATTLEFIELD (Or... "9 shooter stack in the top-right pocket!") Much less useful than HOMM 2 but still available is the "pocket formation". The objective is to surround your best shooter stack with walkers and flyers so the enemy cannot reach it. That way, your shooter can continue to pick its target each turn and does not have the half-damage penalty. There are many variations on this but here's a simple example. You use tight formation (also called close or grouped formation) in the hero screen, you put your Griffins stack in slot number 2, the Pikemen in slot 3, the Markmen in slot 4 and your Swordsmen in slot 5. On turn 1, you move the Griffins in front of the Marksmen therefore closing off the "pocket". (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude) )

YOU WATCH MY BACK -- I'LL WATCH YOURS Put tough slower walkers units, such as Dendroids, close to your shooters but not next to them. The enemy will have little choice but to fight them too if he tries to block your shooters (blocking is putting your unit next to an enemy shooter so it does half-damage). The tough walker stack should be close but not next to the shooter because you run the risk of the opponent attacking that walker stack *and* blocking your shooter, especially if it's a strong stack. (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude) )

GUERILLA TACTICS 101: LIGHTNING REHIRE A way to reduce the strength of an approaching enemy army is by hiring a bunch of magic heroes one after the other or the same hero several times in your town about to be invaded. You give 3 very fast units to the hero, leave the rest of the troops in the garrison, make the spellcaster sacrifice himself by attacking the invader, you cast your best offensive damaging spell (such as Lightning or Meteor Shower) and you make your hero flee or surrender right away. If the hero has enough spell points (and now enough movement points with the patch), you can make another run with the same hero. If not, you hire another magic hero. You repeat until you run out of gold. You need 3 split units or more against human players, less against the computer (a faster shooter and a spell could take out 2 units before you can cast the spell). This trick is much less effective in HOMM 3 than HOMM 2 because units have a greater speed range and because of the patch preventing rehired heroes from getting their full movement back on the same turn. On the other hand, starting heroes have much greater starting armies and you could create a decent garrison just by hiring and rehiring them. (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude) )

FLIGHTS OF FANCY (AND SURVIVAL) Some veterans might remember HOMM 1 where you could use a fast flying unit to avoid slower enemy walking units during a castle siege. The indestructible turret could then shoot away for as long as it took to destroy all the enemies. With the tougher castle defenses in HOMM 3 and a much larger battle field, this tactic has surfaced again. As the castle defender, at the end of battles, you could potentially avoid your last stack being killed, even get a win from what was a certain defeat, by making your unit avoid the last enemy stacks for as long as you're able (if you managed to destroy the catapult, you can do this forever because your turrets will stay operational). Try to remember that moats stop the movement of walker units. (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude) )

For the first time in a HOMM game, the catapult can now be destroyed. It has a thousand hit points and you'll likely have to use powerful damaging spells and hit-and-run tactics with your very fast flyers but it is possible. The main benefit of this is that once it is destroyed, the invader cannot take out your walls and turrets anymore who will continue firing until the battle is over. Once the enemy's spell points and flying units are gone, you can stay cozy and safe behind your wall waiting for your turrets to do the dirty work (in fact, let they flying enemy units come to you behind walls). Enemy shooters are unlikely to make a difference (with the wall and distance penalty) unless they're in much bigger numbers than your troops. (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude) )

BUT I WANT IN!... What to do if your opponent is devious enough to destroy your catapult? You have several options : cast multiple Earthquakes, cast Teleport to get your troops inside (you need expert water magic though) or Hypnotize an enemy stack so it opens the main gate for you. (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude) )

GO BALLISTIC! If you got the secondary skill of "Ballistics" and tackle a castle, target the main tower... you'll ALWAYS hit the lower tower. (source: Emmanuel Issaly )

When Magic Plains says all spell is cast at Expert level, they really mean it. Not only do your heroes cast at Expert level, your Master Genies also cast their spells at Expert level, too. So instead of having one stack with every enhancement in the book, you can now have every stack loaded with every enhancement in the book! If possible, get as many Master Genie stacks as you can spare without compromising firepower (after all, if you're having all but one or two stack with Master Genies, it's almost the same anyway because you'd cast all your spell on the one or two powerful stacks). (source: Don Wang )

A BONER OF A TIP -- PART 2! If your Necromancer has skeleton warriors and has the rest of his/her slots full (no normal skeletons) the resurrected skeletons will come back as skeleton warriors. (source: Steve Church )

A BONER OF A TIP! While Titans and ArchAngels seem to only produce skeletons when shoved into the gaping maw of a skeleton transformer, your Hydras and Assorted Dragons are transformed into Bone when sacrificed in the same manner. (source: DarkKittin )

ADVANCED MATHEMATICS 110! Staight from Maranthea on the message board, this is the formula to calculate scores in HOMM 3 stand-alone scenarios. Base Score = 200 - (days+10)/(Towns+5) + 25 (if you defeated all enemies) + 25 (if you got the grail)                                 Final Score = (Base Score)(Difficulty level map was played on) In English, it gives us this: 1. Start with a score of 200 2. Add 25 points if you beat all enemies 3. Add another 25 points if you get the grail 4. Subtract an inefficiency penalty: The number of days to complete - 10, divided by the number of towns on the map plus 5 (in other words, the more towns to beat, the more time you can take without being majorly penalized) This will give you a score up to 250. Multiply this by the difficulty rating (0.8, 1, 1.3, 1.6 or 2) to get final score. Theoretically, the max score would be 500 (defeat any map in 10 days on impossible while killing all enemies and getting the grail). Map difficulty (easy normal hard, expert) seems to be irrelevant. (source: Maranthea on the 3DO Message Board and submitted here by Quebec Dragon and Angela )

KNOCK, KNOCK. WHO'S THERE? When visiting locations that are protected by guardians, locations such as Dwarven Treasuries, Naga Banks, Griffin Conservatories and several others, it's often a risk because you don't know how many troops you'll face exactly. A way to make taking this decision easier is by always saying no when the prompt asks you to fight. You can then right-click on the structure and you will get a rough estimate of the number and types of creatures you'll have to fight. You'll lose a couple of steps but in the long run it's a good way to avoid foolish battles. (source: Quebec Dragon )

SPY vs SPY In multiplayer, when it's your opponent's turn, click in the bottom-right corner box where you see his flag. You'll see how many towns he has and of what hall type (village hall, town hall, city hall, capitol). (source: Quebec Dragon )

WRAITH BOMB Split up the Wraiths in your army. For each wraith stack you have, the adversary will lose 2 spell points each turn. (source: Quebec Dragon )

BOVINE PERSONS BOMB Split up your Mighty Gorgons in several stacks. Several with single units and one with the rest, or all stacks of equal numbers. Each stack, even if it contains only 1 Mighty Gorgon, has a chance of using death stare on the target killing its top unit outright, no matter how powerful it is. If you have more than 10 Gorgons in one stack, you could even kill 2. See strategy for Spoils of War 3 (Greed) at the Rally Flag for more details on how the Mighty Gorgon death stare works. (source: Quebec Dragon )

WHY MAKE ONE WISH WHEN YOU CAN MAKE THREE? Split up the Master Genies in your army. Each Master Genie stack you have can cast one beneficial random spell each turn. Keep in mind that although only 3 spells are shown at one time, more than 3 spells can affect the unit. Only the 3 most recent effects are shown. (source: Quebec Dragon )

WAR MACHINES AS DECOYS There is an additional, unforeseen benefit to actually buying those ammo carts, healing tents and ballistas. It will soak up damage from Chain Lightning ! The war machines are considered suitable targets as far as that spell is concerned. You'll also see quite regularly that the powerful enemy stacks will ignore your own living troops to take cheap shots at those war machines in order to destroy them. Therefore that enemy stack who could have hurt you badly wastes its attack on something that you can easily replace. It will often happen when the retaliation of your stack would have inflicted losses on the attacker. (source: Quebec Dragon )

BAITING THE LAME AI TIP #42! HOMM 2 veterans had learned that the AI always targeted their strongest shooter stack first. Even if you had one Halfling and 50 Ogre Lords next to it, that stack of enemy Dragons would attack that lone Halfling who could never have hurt it in a million years. The HOMM 3 AI is smarter and won't always target your shooters anymore. However, it's still not that brilliant and you can use a variation of the old shooter bait trick to cut your losses significantly. Use split-up low-level units (doesn't matter if it's shooter, walker or flyer but levels 1 are better) in small numbers alongside one, two or three really strong higher-level stacks. The enemies on the other side are likely to target those low-level units first because the retaliation of the higher-level stacks would hurt them too much. It won't always happen like that but it can. For example, I was attacking an opponent who had six Black Dragons (split in two or three stacks) with four Black Dragons of my own and my 6 other slots taken by single-units Troglodytes. The enemy Black Dragons attacked my Troglodytes instead of my Black Dragons! (source: Quebec Dragon )

WAITING FOR MR. BADBAR! When fighting wandering stacks composed of walkers and flyers that cannot reach your side in one turn, it's almost always better to make all your units wait. This gives you a double advantage. Your units have the first strike and some of your shooters will not have the broken-arrow range penalty (shooters have a 10 hex range, beyond that, they inflict half damage). (source: Quebec Dragon )

LUCKY NUMBER SEVEN! This has been true since HOMM 1 and it hasn't changed for HOMM 3. It's always better to attack on day 7 and day 1 of each week before the enemy has a chance to buy more troops. It works on day 1, too, because your day 1 turn is before the computer's day 1 turn; so its troops are unbought when you attack. You can sometimes capture lightly defended or empty castles that way. Most importantly, you can hire all those troops yourself while preventing the enemy from getting those reinforcements. It's also quite possible that the enemy will buy new structures for you during that week from which he'll not really be able to benefit from. Letting the computer build stuff for you will save you a lot of gold and resources. Against human players, this is different, it's not always the host who goes first each turn anymore, it's now the player picking the color that's higher in the advanced options list. On smaller maps, this is a tredendous advantage as you can bring day 1 reinforcements from your own town (by hero chain) and attack the enemy's town before he has the change to buy day 1 troops of his own. (source: Quebec Dragon )

JUST ADD BEER AND GOLD! Hiring more heroes on day 1 from your tavern is something that most players should do. Players will often start exploring with only their starting hero, possibly buying just one more, and staying with only 1 or 2 heroes for the rest of the week, sometimes longer. Learn that often more heroes sooner are better. As a general rule of thumb, hiring 2 or 3 additional heroes on day 1 is a good idea at hard difficulty. At normal difficulty, hire 3 or 4 extra heroes. It's not an exact science though, so go with your instincts and particularly what you see of the immediate area around your town. If you see lots of gold piles and chests, hire more heroes. If it looks pretty barren, hire less. Combine practically all troops (don't forget to buy troops from your starting town) on the same hero who will become your main hero, fighting the majority of battles, and who will climb levels quicker than the rest of your heroes. If possible, try to hire heroes associated with your main town so you have less problems with morale. (source: Quebec Dragon )

A GHOST (DRAGON) OF A CHANCE! If you have Ghost Dragons, fill your open slots with one single Ghost Dragon in each. Make sure they attack before your main stack. Let them attack the opponent's main stack (for instance, Titans). You have a good chance (20% for each Ghost Dragon stack you use) of aging them (halving the hit points of all members in the stack), making it considerably easier for your main stack of Ghost Dragons to finish them off. The first single Ghost Dragon who attacks also takes up the retaliation. (source: Jaxe )

WAR MACHINES DON'T FIGHT BACK! Troops with multiple grid attacks (dragons for instance) should be positioned when attacking to angle their attack down (or up) through a first aid tent, ammo cart, or ballista. This way, they can hit the enemy troop on the other side of the war machine and not suffer a retaliation! (source: Paramjot Oberoi )

GENIE BOMBS OUT -- GENIE POWERUPS IN If you like high level units (6 or 7), a good way to go is to form one or two stacks of those guys and as many stacks of Master Genies as there is space left. The Genies can cast a lot of magic -- just about all of them useful except for Frenzy, which is sort of a double-edged sword. (source: Don Wang )

THE HILL FORT'S A SWELL FORT! The cost of upgrading troops at a Hill Fort: Level 1: Free Level 2: 25% of normal cost Level 3: 50% of normal cost Level 4: 75% of normal cost Level 5: normal cost Level 6: normal cost Level 7: normal cost (source: Quebec Dragon )

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