Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 24-01-2017 18:45

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Also I see strange creatures in your army, proof that you activated additional wog options. Map has its own dat file, if you change, I don't guarantee is playable. more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 24-01-2017 17:51

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I think you can just disable mod, then press F12 after reloading save, to update scripts. Try this more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 24-01-2017 17:50

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Try to download again the mod from (look in the list for this mod), delete old first, install new then reload your save. I think you have some old version. more...

Author: MnM Workshop (Budapest, Hungary), 24-01-2017 16:00

aaa - Samsara - Heroes 5 map

You sir have found one of the easter eggs we put in the map.

Ps: What exactly do you mean, by "only team mode"? Is there a way to make a map team map and ffa at the same time? more...

Author: D.Cuong (Việt Nam), 24-01-2017 13:05

Link to GoogleDrive - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I upload link again. .com/drive/folders/0 B76oSmwNu7VdY1dzTUFN ZmtweEE more...

Author: D.Cuong (Việt Nam), 24-01-2017 13:01

CRASHLOG !!! - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Hi Mod, please help me this problem:

After I buy the Reduce Defense for Praetorian (by 200 mithril - first special skill), I've got a crash. I upload my save file here. Can U check for me?, thank you! .com/drive/folders/0 B76oSmwNu7VdY1dzTUFN ZmtweEE?usp=sharing more...

Author: Alex (Ukraine), 24-01-2017 11:42

damn - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Damn, it likely happened cause I used secondary skills scrolling. Is there any way to disable this thing and continue the game or should I start over? more...

Author: Alex (Ukraine), 24-01-2017 11:31

Cant learn all skills - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I cannot learn all skills by Maximus. I have 8 primary skills and two hidden and others do not appera with the level increase. I am though on a level 47. Did I do something wrong? more...

Author: koget (Denmark), 23-01-2017 00:37

Skype - The Devil Is In The Detail - Heroes 3 map

Msg "erkoget" more...

Author: Deferatto (Moscow, Russia), 23-01-2017 00:24

HotA Crew - The Devil Is In The Detail - Heroes 3 map

Argh... Still nothing. Did you search me by nickname Deferatto or by e-mail in skype? It can be different e-mail here, so better to search by nickname. more...

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nwcAmbrosia free_materials
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nwcAres win_combat
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nwcHephaestus elven_chainmail
nwcEtTuBrute dagger_of_despair
nwcExcalibur ring_of_greater_negation
nwcNibelungenlied sword_of_the_gods
nwcTristram crusaders
nwcLancelot champions
nwcStMichael angels
nwcSevenLittleGuys dwarves
nwcMerlin magi
nwcCronus titans
nwcBlahBlah vampires
nwcHades devils
nwcUnderTheBridge trolls
nwcKingMinos minotaur
nwcXanthus nightmares
nwcFafnir black_dragons
nwcDoYouSmellBrownies sprites
nwcFenrir wolves
nwcFixMyShoes elves
nwcTheLast unicorn
nwcRa phoenix
nwcValkyries ogre_magi
nwcGrendel behemoth
nwcPoseidon sea_monster
nwcPrometheus shroud_fow
nwcAthena gain_skill
nwcThoth increase_level
nwcIsis learn_spells
nwcRagnarok lose_scenario
nwcHermes unlimited_movement
nwcValhalla win_scenario
nwcSacrificeToTheGods max_luck
nwcSphinx reveal_puzzle_map
nwcAphrodite tatooed_white_trash
nwcImAGod access_cheat_menu
nwcPan max_morale
nwcCityOfTroy build_all_buildings
nwcOldMan old_man_jack
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