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Return to the Avenger - Winds of War Return to the Avenger
by Jani Aarnio
Type Winds of War
Added 09-06-2010
Rating : 0.00
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Download : 32
Size : Extra Large
Difficulty : Impossible
Can be Human : 5
Players : 6
Teams : 0
Return to the Avenger - Your opinions [1]
Winds of War - Return to the Avenger underground
Thank heaven for that!! Home journey to Magician, Warrior and Master of land.. Because Avenger is there.. Therefore land is still curse!

Heroes 4 original | Gathering Storm | Winds of War

Author: Moreweathee (Kassa, Hungary), 24-04-2014 13:19

Moreweather - Heroes 3 map

Great map, funny events! more...

Author: Bogdan (Ukraine), 22-04-2014 18:41

Sacred Phoenix - Heroes 3 map

Thank you. Now I have to worry about that overpowered Golden Dragons and how to kill them. Don't have Force Field Spell, so the fight will be tough. more...

Author: Great Ninja (Kyoto, Japan), 21-04-2014 18:27

Supereme - Heroes 5 map

Good work! That's a nice opinion I got from you. I hope I can see more maps by you. more...

Author: Henry (Colombia), 21-04-2014 06:40

hehe - Heroes 5 map

I tried this map. Hero can pass sand land but dont fight Academy troops :)) more...

Author: sol (israel), 21-04-2014 01:03

great map - Heroes 4 map

you should be a desinger! your map is amazing!
had a great time playing it :) more...

Author: Kldyn (Budapest, Hungary), 20-04-2014 15:10

Reply to Martin S. - Heroes 3 map

Thank you for the comment. All player's receive several events, but the deduction is 7000 gold only in case of red. In exchange, they receive extra troops. If you have less than 7000 gold, it will - of course - take all the gold. If you want a Castle with less events, take Purple!

Also,

Author: Martin S. (Prague), 20-04-2014 15:02

Great map - Heroes 3 map

Thank you very much for this map. I started with red, but did not finish with red, because he has a distinct disadvantage (all money deducted at the end of every week). The other players do not seem to be limited in this way.
Then I played with pink and with pink it was much easier. My best hero en more...

Author: Ironfist (Shenzhen), 20-04-2014 07:35

Bug in Version 19.2? - Heroes 3 map

1) The quest guard at (91,11,0) has no quest defined. It used to be defeating Mr. Canoli

2) Tan hero Theophrast at (124,106,0) used to carry Charm of Mana in v18.1, which can be used to open quest guard (130,109,0). But in v19.1 and v19.2 the charm of mana is gone. Thus the only way to kill One E more...

Author: Rya (Academy, Inferno), 19-04-2014 19:10

MY opinion - Heroes 5 map

Total different and unbalanced starting locations :( We will try another map :/ more...

Author: MyName (Academy, Inferno), 19-04-2014 19:10

My Opinion - Heroes 5 map

worst map ever more...

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