Author: Mike , 30-08-2016 03:05

Beautiful but large - Robinson Crusoe! - Heroes 3 map

Really well made map in that it's designed gorgeously. Every item on the landscape looks placed on purpose. Enemies are hard and I had to reload a few times (and additionally, had a few close calls where a much stronger enemy passed me by rather than attacking me with his overwhelming force.

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 29-08-2016 20:53

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Keep that mod installed, for any game. It is compatible with all. more...

Author: nicaze (Zenica,Bosnia and Herzegovina), 29-08-2016 20:40

question? - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

tnx ,working again more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 29-08-2016 20:19

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Download and install [INTERFACE]Overflow fix.exe

After load game, pres F12 to enable scripts from. Then just open Hero screen (army), it will fix experience. more...

Author: Daniel (Ro), 29-08-2016 20:15

AI turn is stucked - UNDERWORLD - Heroes 3 map

Not a bad map at least as long i could play it...Unfortunately i am in a point when the AI turn is stucked :(. Very annoyng!!! more...

Author: nicaze (Zenica,Bosnia and Herzegovina), 29-08-2016 20:08

question? - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

lost all army experience after long fight,try little fight but experiance no back,only come new army what buy in castle.
What to do to get back with experience army? more...

Author: hi , 29-08-2016 19:06

ks - crapcore - Heroes 3 map

Maygwan, this is cos there is limit of boats. I dont know how many, may be 50 or 100, but that is (100%) the problem.
In your map (u remember) I remove 30-40 boats with mapeditor and the problem disappeared 100% more...

Author: Roy (UK), 29-08-2016 01:24

Thanks - KINGDOM - Heroes 5 map

Understood and now see how smart the idea was. more...

Author: Dr.Marsupio , 28-08-2016 21:24

Hi There. - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur - Heroes 4 map

The quest only takes away the scroll of banish, the magic amplifier is needed to proceed, but you are allowed to keep it.

The quest is not bugged, because the "Jump to Exile" is a one way, you must complete Ipaho's quest line before you are allowed to jump. To do this, just telepo more...

Author: henry , 28-08-2016 09:36

kingdom - KINGDOM - Heroes 5 map

hi roy.
i am glad you are liking my maps.yes blue and red tents and guards are suppose to be that have to travel all the way to player 2 to get the blue key so that way when you take player 2 you can open both gards so your towns will be close otherewise it will be difficult to beat player more...

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Return to the Avenger - Winds of War Return to the Avenger
by Jani Aarnio
Type Heroes 4 Winds of War
Added 04-06-2016
Rating : 0.00
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Download : 36
Size : Extra Large
Difficulty : Impossible
Can be Human : 5
Players : 6
Teams : 0
Return to the Avenger - Your opinions [1]
Winds of War - Return to the Avenger underground
Thank heaven for that!! Home journey to Magician, Warrior and Master of land.. Because Avenger is there.. Therefore land is still curse!

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