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Return to the Avenger - Winds of War Return to the Avenger
by Jani Aarnio
Type Winds of War
Added 09-06-2010
Rating : 0.00
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Download : 37
Size : Extra Large
Difficulty : Impossible
Can be Human : 5
Players : 6
Teams : 0
Return to the Avenger - Your opinions [1]
Winds of War - Return to the Avenger underground
Thank heaven for that!! Home journey to Magician, Warrior and Master of land.. Because Avenger is there.. Therefore land is still curse!

Heroes 4 original | Gathering Storm | Winds of War

Author: Valery , 21-08-2014 15:01

Josephine - Heroes 3 map

Open map in editor and check for details. There are tens of ways when you take the white tent. But map is 252x252 so is easy to get lost. more...

Author: Chris (Sofia, Bulgaria), 21-08-2014 14:32

Josephine - Heroes 3 map

I'm stuck after defeating Josephine, every
roads are closed to me, anybody help? more...

Author: Valery , 20-08-2014 17:32

There is a solution to it - Heroes 3 map

SoD mod from Era will remove any creatures plague, growth and much more. 100% safe for SoD maps, and no scripts. more...

Author: Gyuri (Hungary), 20-08-2014 17:19

I was wrong! - Heroes 3 map

yeah, I better like maps where you just either find the only solution or not.. but! I was wrong, there is a 3rd path to land, it's hidden ;)

now I started to like the map. another thing I hate tho is double populations. random monsters can ruin some maps, like empire of the world 1 and 2 :/ more...

Author: Valery , 20-08-2014 16:28

heh - Heroes 3 map

Now you know why I almost never play chinese maps. They are great, but take weeks of reloads.

In capitalism environment I don't have that time. ;) more...

Author: Gyuri (Hungary), 20-08-2014 09:21

walktrough fails - Heroes 3 map

that walkthrough fails at the very beginning. if i dont get the gold and proceed with advanced pathfinding, then i will have to have no army to get through the island in one day, but in that case i cant get to the fortress, because theres no way to go ashore (either the orcs or 1 peasant in the wate more...

Author: Tiago (Garibaldi, Brazil), 18-08-2014 23:44

Very nice! - Heroes 5 map

One of the best maps I've ever played, besides being challenging (neutral armies are huge!), Is a great arena for dueling high level in the hot seat ... You can leave your hero to level 40 easily and exactly way you want, with all the skills and artifacts required for the desired buid.
Esser ma more...

Author: Kicferk , 18-08-2014 00:34

Draconis - Heroes 3 map

Bring a lot of fodder, 1 fast unit and some ghost dragons(like 500). Cast prayer first round and hope op won't kill ghosts. Protect sharpshooters and bones with forcefield second round. Cast antimagic on ghost dragons third round. And that is basically it, then follow the strategy provided by O more...

Author: michel , 17-08-2014 19:32

pas compris le commentaire - Heroes 6 map

desole mais j ai pas compris le sens du commentaire .. perdu les elfes noirs ? more...

Author: Danny (Somewhere, Earth), 17-08-2014 06:11

Forget the vote - Heroes 3 map

Forget to vote it, lol. more...

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