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Return to the Avenger - Winds of War Return to the Avenger
by Jani Aarnio
Type Winds of War
Added 09-06-2010
Rating : 0.00
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Download : 1
Size : Extra Large
Difficulty : Impossible
Can be Human : 5
Players : 6
Teams : 0
Return to the Avenger - Your opinions [1]
Winds of War - Return to the Avenger underground
Thank heaven for that!! Home journey to Magician, Warrior and Master of land.. Because Avenger is there.. Therefore land is still curse!

Heroes 4 original | Gathering Storm | Winds of War

Author: Hadrian (Warsaw, Poland), 02-08-2014 01:42

Marcel - Heroes 4 map

Hi, please help mi with the ending, as I supose. I'm goin to Troskolo's empire, There are borders on my way, where can I find the Key Tents? more...

Author: Rolls (Solihull, UK), 01-08-2014 20:47

A waste of time - Heroes 5 map

It is a waste of time. It expects you to find a castle in a week and there are no cities anywhere near by. Plus, the hero has no army and the road is packed with creatures. Good luck in doing anything. more...

Author: The Edge (nz), 01-08-2014 11:52

Hi - Heroes 3 map

Orange is a more difficult choice to play more...

Author: myth7676 (Canada), 30-07-2014 00:16

The library is at 49:20 in the upper area. - Heroes 3 map

The library is at 49:20 in the upper area. more...

Author: Armin (Sarajevo BiH), 29-07-2014 21:19

not bad - Heroes 5 map

testing map. more...

Author: myth7676 (Canada), 29-07-2014 21:01

I can't find Horace the Seer - Heroes 3 map

Can you please help me find Horace the Seer? more...

Author: Charles (Argentina), 27-07-2014 20:10

Disaster - Heroes 4 map

this map is bad. It gives away 10k when you start and resources just flow towards you. There is no difficulty. I find hard to believe the reviews of this ... more...

Author: corn flakes (Europe), 27-07-2014 19:59

well - Heroes 3 map

I chose Necropolis as faction because of the vampires... I just get so many vampires as possible because they are so overpowered! Literally I just cleared the entire map only with my starting hero and the vampires ;-) I also bought a couple of secondary heroes in order to clear faster than ever! more...

Author: Corn (Bulgaria), 27-07-2014 15:36

brown border - Heroes 3 map

from where did you get the brown borders :) more...

Author: Evil_Pure (Dortmund, Germany), 27-07-2014 13:59

re: - Heroes 6 map

From so many downloads you are the first person who say that this map have problems.... I played this map on multiplay with another players many times without errors... more...

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