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Return to the Avenger - Winds of War Return to the Avenger
by Jani Aarnio
Type Heroes 4 Winds of War
Added 09-06-2010
Rating : 0.00
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Download : 37
Size : Extra Large
Difficulty : Impossible
Can be Human : 5
Players : 6
Teams : 0
Return to the Avenger - Your opinions [1]
Winds of War - Return to the Avenger underground
Thank heaven for that!! Home journey to Magician, Warrior and Master of land.. Because Avenger is there.. Therefore land is still curse!

Heroes 4 original | Gathering Storm | Winds of War | Equilibris

Author: Michel (France), 23-10-2014 12:15

answer - Heroes 5 map

I send U the map ( charleroySV ) by mail more...

Author: mar , 23-10-2014 10:55

. - Heroes 4 map

You can beat any army by killing as much as you can and just before you die use town portal. Then you have to walk a bit to reach enemy again but those you killed are gone so repeat as long as necessary :) more...

Author: Poyet , 23-10-2014 02:41

Nekrotorn lost - Heroes 4 map

Same me, done very good so far without loss of army, but can't manage to win with falkhor alive in army more...

Author: Wicker (Prague), 23-10-2014 00:20

Ok - Heroes 3 map

Ok did it :D i must admit that this is very interesting solution. Well played more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 23-10-2014 00:16

h - Heroes 3 map

I was also confused until Nautilus told me I am aiming the bad target with berserk (was keeping cast on angels).

From then I understood what to do. Is a very interesting battle. more...

Author: Wicker (Prague), 23-10-2014 00:13

Angles - Heroes 3 map

Thats strange because i dont see a reason why stone gaze should help... more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 22-10-2014 23:40

efreet - Heroes 3 map

In fact, you must combine medusas and efreets special abilities to be able to win this. Is a 4 seconds battle once you know what to do. more...

Author: Wicker (Prague), 22-10-2014 22:07

Angles - Heroes 3 map

Looks like im really getting old, gave it few tries and then gave up. I noticed you can combine elixir of life, but efreet cant survive one hit nonetheless. Looks like great map though. more...

Author: Standa (Prague), 22-10-2014 20:15

That would be great - Heroes 5 map

if it doesnt cost too much of your time. And we dont know if it would work. Then when you come to Prague I will invite you for a beer:-). more...

Author: Vlad (Lugansk, Ukraine), 22-10-2014 19:18

Weird - Heroes 5 map

This map is so cool but i am not strong player and this is too hard for me, even playing with AI on Hard difficulty (i use AI mod though). AI doesnt cheat, but he is stronger than my hero anyway. I have no idea where his heroes take gold to purchase so much units. Gold was the main problem for me.

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