Author: Fawahar (Panagyurishte, BG), 20-02-2017 21:29

Best for strategy Multiplayer - Rise Up - Heroes 3 map

I find this map to be finely crafted and suitable for straight line Multiplayer, where big surprises start to come after week 3+

Not many variables included, which makes it perfect if you want to hone your RoE tactics. more...

Author: Baardhaas , 20-02-2017 19:06

Good map! - Lakeside Brawl - Heroes 3 map

Good map. Feels a bit empty though, especially the water is just the basic tiles; no goodies or even decoration. On the other hand, I like that the map doesn't spoil you with to much loot. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 20-02-2017 17:03

Thank you - Island Madness - Heroes 7 map

The large maps are a risk because the Map Editor crashes so much when creating them. It took numerous times trying to get the lighting to work properly and not crash the Editor. Glad it was worth the effort to help others enjoy the game. more...

Author: Федя (г. Москва, Россия), 20-02-2017 11:06

карты - JRRT's Middle Earth - Heroes 5 map

как скачать карты more...

Author: maygwan , 20-02-2017 07:14

on the snow area - The Ninth Circle - Heroes 3 map

There is a portal red portal two way guarded by troops if you kill troops in the garrison and then some azures you get the angelic.
Snow area right corner of map just below the tower town. more...

Author: SparrowJacek , 20-02-2017 03:28

Any chance for new map? - From the depths of hell - Heroes 3 map

Hi Molski, is there any chance of getting similar map, as you've mentioned 2 years ago? This one was just perfect! Great balance and tactical challenges never before seen in HoMM :D I really loved how I had to calculate all my resources and movement points.

I see that new version doesn' more...

Author: JerryNcoming (France), 20-02-2017 01:51

Unique map - Fool - Heroes 3 map

Hi ! Thank you a lot for this map ! Spent like 12 hours of pure fun on this, awesome. I played it only once yet but it's obvious that you can play it different ways ! It's really a map different than the others map i've played .. really fun

Just a little thing to "improve" more...

Author: SparrowJacek , 20-02-2017 01:04

SparrowJacek - From the depths of hell - Heroes 3 map

This map is doable, in fact I managed to beat it 2 times without too much of an effort, but it's one of the best maps I've played.

Here is a screenshot from 7'th day. I built fort and citadel. image/kmadg6ae5/
Mainly it's like that:
1'st day kill gno more...

Author: Kaludis (Malmö, Sweden), 20-02-2017 00:13

Edit; - The Ninth Circle - Heroes 3 map

I have not defeated any of the red players, but I believe the Inferno castle on the overworld is the first one to be? Is it maybe that simple that I have missed a portal leading me to the legion of arch-angels guarding the angelic alliance? more...

Author: Help (Sweden), 19-02-2017 22:46

Thunderbirds - The Eye of Osiris - Heroes 4 map

Near the start of the game when going east there's a gate requiring 3 thunderbirds, but no matter what amount of thunderbirds I bring it will it stop asking for three. more...

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j1: Elfes de Fondcombe
j2: Les Hommes
j3: Mage de l'lsengard
j4: Elfes de la Lerien
j5: Elfes Noirs de Thmnduil
j6: Orcs du Marder
j7: Orcs de la Moria
j8: L'armee des Morts

Pour les fans du seigneur des anneaux, amusez vous sur cette Terre du Milieu non pas pour l’anneau de pouvoir, mais pour le pouvoir supreme.

Quelle fraction restera en vie parmis les peuples de la Terre du Milieu?
N.B : Cherchez pas les heros du film, je ne pouvais pas le nommer contrairement aux monstres. Et le joueur 1 doit obligatoirement etre joue par un joueur humain (desole pour l'imposition).

Added: 25-08-2016

Heroes 7 maps: Caldera Fun | Titan's Pass | Epiros | The Kontohori Case

Author: Dende (Bucharest, Romania), 26-01-2017 05:21
Funny map - Le Seigneur des Anneaux - Le Seigneur des Anneaux
Interesting land but:
1. As state by Олег (Homiel'), resources are near free.
2. growing monster - not so growing
3. unbalanced, you can take the army from your garrison and grow realy fast, atack openents. If against computer it's too easy. If agaist human, well some players hame multiple garrisons.
4.Just in some land you can walk past garisson with pathfinding

Author: Олег (Homiel'), 06-09-2016 16:05 +6
Map is interesting, but it contains many mistakes - Le Seigneur des Anneaux
I find it difficult to write in English my opinion, so turn on the Russian, who is interested, will translate ...
Ошибки- большинство ресурсов вроде бы защищают нейтральные войска, но на деле почти все они доступны и без сражения. Я в настройке карты выбрал- противникам геройский уровень, а количество нейтралов "много" и прирост "быстро". На деле оказалось нейтралы минимальны, и прирост не помогает. Их там 1-4 монстра стоят. Но самая большая ошибка это то, что в карте "перестрелка&qu ot; ограничен уровень героя 30! Чепуха какая-то! После достижения героем этого уровня игра теряет смысл! Так что моя оценка только 6...
Что еще разочаровывает, так это невозможность выбора начального героя.

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