Author: Lauri (Finland), 24-02-2017 20:21

Updated - The Ninth Circle - Heroes 3 map

The map has been updated:
- Fixed a bug where you were able to remove the angels from an garrison.
- Deactivated Orb of Invulnerability
- Activated all heroes allowing you, and your enemies, to hire new heroes
- a few minor things more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 15:25

nice map - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

Ive just completed the map Ive liked it alot even tho its not my type of map where AI dont move at all

Zeus was abit too weak Hades and the other one with black dragons where alot tougher.
the terain in the last fight just about the grail made the last fight easy.

9/10 just bcz of the king&# more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 12:29

thank you - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

got it, thank you.
i kept avoiding those green things in the water xD more...

Author: Nidza (Belgrade), 24-02-2017 10:29

odgovor - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

yes it was hard.. go back to ship and sail little above Hippolyta island.. you will be attacked and after victory pen of death will pop up more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 05:07

pendant of the undead - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

ive defeated Hippolyta but in order to go further i need the pendat of death and i dont have it and i cant find it either.
any tips ? more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:35

Yay - Kingdom of Chaos - Heroes 3 map

Good work, mate! Keep the details up :)) 10/10 more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:31

Rocky seas - Japan's Map - Heroes 3 map

Lots of rock! Ha, but you need not go there. The map is superb, thanx for the efforts. Monsters are very well balanced and even AI can surpirse you(or at least me)10/10 more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:28

Big and chancy - Fighting Kingdoms: The Treason - Heroes 3 map

Like it, must play smart not to slip on high diff-ty. Not much events or topias but thats why you must be smart... ;)) more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:25

Good map - Eat the Orange (Allies) - Heroes 3 map

I find the map nicely balanced(not only because of the Yin Yang symbol incorporated). Also the Underworld looks like big boobs, so I aproove wtih both hands. 10/10 more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 23-02-2017 21:28

hi - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

around what time or how much titans and AA i should have when reaching minoguardlv1 ?
i feel like i dont have enought army to take the minos down before their high morale screws me more...

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Heroes 5: Heroes 5 Tribes of the East

Seize the road of the unknown and let your destiny be revealed...
SAFETY WARNING!!! This map is looong and challenging!!!
Plz download "Twilight World" to get the MOD containing Balrocks
Some practical info to guide you on your journey is crucial:
SOLO vs AI: PL 1 against 3&5. Leave out 2,4,6 & 7. (Or 2 vs 4&5).
For greater challenge: Play as 6 or 7. (6 vs 3 & 5) or (7 vs 4 & 5).
MULTIPLAYER: Same setup (play as 1&2 or 6&7) - for simultanious turns most of the game, only keep PL 5 as AI or none at all.
Looking for a memory mentor? Just keep looking, maybe you'll make it that far, but don't cry if you dont...

Added: 24-02-2017

Heroes 5 maps: Ремайк Герои Меча и Магии II: Семь Озёр | Dark threat | Mythical Places | Forgotten Kingdoms

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Author: 6 (moskava moskva), 18-02-2017 15:53
very well designed HC map - The Road Less Traveled
i just tried it...very good design but seems inpossiblu for me on heroic.. :D

Author: Juan (Cameroun), 03-06-2016 20:12
Need tips! great map - The Road Less Traveled
Hello, first of all, well done for this hard work, this map seems incredible! but playing as player 1 or player 2 in hard with sylvian/necro/warloc k, i can't kill player 3/4, he is always stronger than me :( he destroys the defenses and then kick my ***, if you have any tips to beat him it would be great! thank you very much, good job!!!

Author: Mar (Poland), 31-10-2014 17:23 +1
No way
the Nocromancer become too strong too quickly.

Author: Nalandor (Germany), 24-05-2014 11:01 +10
Hello Mrs. Mouzik
I ve played your maps now for many times and it is never ever boring.
I look nearly every day on this site if you post a new one. ( You or your husband)
In my opinion These are the masterpices of heroes V by far.

Do you build maps or do you post them on other sites??

Are you still in heroes??

Do you build heroes 7 ?? Haha
I would be glad to hear of you or your husband.

Author: dlob, 26-11-2013 23:29
no angels
I don't know about other races nor players,
but as Purple player 7 playing Humans, i cannot build Angels, its disabled building.
Its really cool when just next to you castle you got stack of monster lvl 7 to beat to proceed to map and god knows what else is beyond that point, with what to beat all that, a Cavaliers ?
map looks great, but aint playable, i could probably fix that in editor, but who knows what other crazy misses are there if you were able to miss something like this, so i reckon it aint worth time repairing in editor

Author: Fidanas (Drama,Greece), 16-03-2013 13:16 +10
Reminds me the "Titan Pride" series. I admire your passion and your effort to produce this masterpiece. Still playing it. 2 saves, as a Ranger, and as a Necromancer. Didn't finished it yet, but loooooove it both ways.
Seems to hard with all the factions, i guess these 2, could manage it to the end. Have to try the Barbarian also, it would be a great challenge.
Hooray: First time i enjoy and realize the usefulness of "Imbue Arrow", and "Storm of Arrows". Curse your arrows, and rain them in one turn. All 7 stacks of neutral legions (favourite enemies must be), having mass effect of every spell you poison your arrows with...
Spoils: Whatever faction i choose, i choose the same castle for all others in startup. Build a hugeeeee, homogene army...yes....:-)

Author: nalandor (Germany), 15-05-2012 13:28 +10
Please more
This is one of the best maps i ve ever played.
When do you post a new map?
I know that this is sooo much work, but i love the maps from you and your husband.

Author: jack (Qingdao China), 14-12-2011 19:11
best map
undead, vampire,
4 months is enough,
others, no chance.

Author: Arunu (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 01-09-2011 19:00
great map,
i'd not suggest playing undead with malkor though , it's fun once but every undead on the map will join you.
takes the challenge out of it when you are sporting armies with 60k archers , 4k banshees and 4k rest

Author: Ricardo (Caxias, Brazil), 05-07-2011 05:57
After month 10, it crashes. Already happende twice to me. A shame, really, i was enjoying it

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