Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:42

? - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

No to noticed a long time such a bug. Perhaps because I saved by giving the original names. more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:39

Восхитительная карта! - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

Играл с огромным удовольствием! Редко в какой карте противникисоздают реальное сопротивление!
Но есть одно замечание, в угоду внешней красоты карты вы сделали большие неудобства в игре, многослойные текстуры зачастую вообще не дают возможности взаимодействия с некоторыми объектами. Приходится вращ more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:36

A delightful map! - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

I played with great pleasure! But there is one remark, for the sake of the external beauty of the map you have made great inconveniences in the game, multilayered textures often do not allow interaction with some objects at all. It is necessary to rotate the map in order to somehow interact. Thank y more...

Author: Dan (United Kingdom), 30-03-2017 20:36

start again - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Hi Graxstar!

started the game again, hope now when i meet Deathlord he will be at high levels.

started with necro with hero Lyla , one of my favorite.

will provide a feedback when i'll finish the game.

thanks a lot mate! more...

Author: Sandmean87 (Germany), 30-03-2017 20:10

Saveproblems - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

In the first Version was an dot . In the Filename. It is already fixed here. You must have downloaded it right after I have uplpaded. Sorry more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 30-03-2017 18:50

Thank you - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

I appreciate your comments. Pretty epic army you had there. more...

Author: ntt , 30-03-2017 18:31

saves - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

I can't load any saves from this map? Why does it happen? Did anyone have tha same problem? more...

Author: Nikolay (Burgas), 30-03-2017 18:30

BEST MAP EVER - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

with dipolacy this map is very easy :) more...

Author: Nalandor (Germany), 30-03-2017 17:16

nice work - Samsara - Heroes 5 map

We played this map as a challange on Drachenwald KdM - ( map of the month), everything on heroic.
the North as a Team, we as Dungeon in the middle south and left and right south also teamed up.
Was really good gameplay.
The Devils that guard the keymaster-tents are awesome. But you can fight the more...

Author: Nalandor , 30-03-2017 16:46

Very good map - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

i forgot to vote :-) more...

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Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss

Choose from 7 factions vs 1 ai Each faction as advantages but the mao is fairly balanced, Ai boosted on factions you dont pick. 3 levels of map hard,expert and impossible play based on your skill as a player. Very Detailed with DD and Fly Negated.

Added: 18-01-2017

Heroes 3 maps: Combats | Malkoto Pise | Power of Viox | Friends

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Author: Magnus (Denmark), 19-03-2017 21:07
Great map but stuck close to the end. - This is Legion 9 Hard
Great map with epic fights. The first time I have played it, but don't know how to go to the last places underground (see attached screenshot of map). Please help so I can finish it :)
I have the fly spell but not dimension doors - do I need this?
Great map but stuck close to the end. - This is Legion 9 Hard

  Maygwan writes:
20-03-2017 01:11

Its an island - This is Legion 9 Hard

There is a garrison just before entrance to the castle just fly to a space and walk in or use a boat to get there.

  Magnus (Denmark) writes:
21-03-2017 00:31

The uncharted territory at the bottom left corner - This is Legion 9 Hard

I have gotten that castle, but it is the two uncharted territories at the bottom left corner I can't reach. I played the impossible version, maybe there is a problem with that one?

  Maygwan writes:
21-03-2017 19:55

arrr ok heres what you need to do - This is Legion 9 Hard

You need to take the blue two way portal which you can find using whirlpools its located on the underground near top centre
Once you portal thru that you will reach the one uncharted area you are looking for and in that area is an hidden two way black portal which will take you to the last town.
3 towns in first area and a hidden final town once you use black two way.

  Magnus (Denmark) writes:
21-03-2017 20:39

Thank you! - This is Legion 9 Hard

Can't believe how I missed this. I actually remembered going through this in the beginning of exploring the cave, but quickly loaded autosave as I was no way near good enough to defeat that many crystal dragons :)

Author: someGuy (UK), 13-02-2017 22:51
great map - This is Legion 9 Hard
great map ive finished it after i failed 2 times
1st i was playing as blue and got destroyed by solomyr(red) with fly
2nd same thing ;o

3rd played as tan after 4 months i can say i won xD i defeated every faction's main hero except pink since after i started to clean up got rid of green and orange then at the beggining of month 5 game crashes :(
anyways i loved the map 10/10
even tho bag was always full!!!
and pink's main hero needs a boost in stats. He starts with great stats but my main hero in month 4 has 80-75-90-80 while pink had around 30....
i played the impossible map if you wanna make a rework of the map just make AI stronger the rest is good

great work

  maygwan writes:
14-02-2017 14:13

There is an ultimate version of the map - This is Legion 9 Hard

It's already on here to download and play just search maygwan in keywords for all my maps.

  SomeGuy writes:
14-02-2017 22:42

Mr - This is Legion 9 Hard

Finished the map with 492 points (idk if this is a high score or not xD)
I wasnt able to battle pink's main hero cassiopeia since i wasnt able to find her and she got elimineted since she didnt had a town (probably got stuck somewhere)
Loved the map.
Curently im trying a barbarian joirney( sorry if i didnt get the name right) those bounty hunters are tough and i may have to restart map cuz i made a mistake not taking expert wisdom on atila :|

  someGuy (UK) writes:
14-02-2017 23:54

edit - This is Legion 9 Hard

i was playing the impossible one

  maygwan writes:
15-02-2017 08:52

ok oh you are playin my new map - This is Legion 9 Hard

Ya the impossible map on legion 9 is easier than the ultimate version but if you are playing barbarian uprising you should find it fun and challenging.

Author: Fegrtet (Makó, Hungary), 01-01-2017 14:11
Awesome - This is Legion 9 Hard
It was one of my best best map what I ever played, great map :)
This is my main hero stats beofre the final battle:
Awesome - This is Legion 9 Hard

  maygwan writes:
02-01-2017 00:06

thanx - This is Legion 9 Hard

Glad you liked it just type my name in search bar to check out other maps i have made.

Author: oscar (Seoul), 20-12-2016 14:18
very good map - This is Legion 9 Hard
The best map I have ever played
But sea chests give player many relic items (eg sword of judgement)
Sea chest should be lessen
The degree of difficulty is satisfying

  maygwan writes:
02-01-2017 00:07

thanx - This is Legion 9 Hard

Glad you liked it just type my name in search bar to check out other maps i have made.

Author: Synesthesiac (United States), 12-12-2016 04:46 +10
Fun Map - This is Legion 9 Hard
Just finished this one on impossible, month 6 with Castle. Definitely had a few interesting fights along the way, but mostly I thought it was a little too easy. There were some strong garrisons, and a couple of the AI got very strong, but I spent a lot of the time just cleaning up. I think it would be good to give the AI a little more of a boost on Impossible.

Couple of other things, that others have mentioned already. First, the computer turns take forever the first couple of months of the game. The reason for this is that every single square of water is filled up with chests or driftwood. So when the AI is moving, they pick up everything, and their turns take a very long time. It might be helpful to clear the water up a little's kind of annoying.

There's definitely too many artifacts. Every AI hero I defeated completely filled my backpack with garbage. I spent like half my time playing switching artifacts and hiding heroes in castles. You say that there are alters, but there are not nearly enough. If you're going to have this many artifacts, there should be an alter next to every castle. It as a real pain, because I really wanted Angelic Alliance, so I had to keep emptying my backpack to make sure I didn't miss a piece.

The map was mostly fun though, especially towards the end, going after Pink. There were some good fights down there. Thanks for the work!

  maygwan writes:
02-01-2017 00:10

thanx - This is Legion 9 Hard

Thanx for info on the map, to be honest i will be releasing an Ultimate edit version so the Ai will get a bigger boost in that version.
(COMING SOON). I will also look at making the artifacts that you don't need more easy to get rid off.

Author: Peter (Varna, Bulgaria), 11-08-2016 02:24
Good one - This is Legion 9 Hard
135d 494p

Nice map, won with Inferno.

One note, I had to cheat to reach my devil dwellings because I didn't have fly to get the resource behind the idol. (it's unreachable otherwise). Other than that, no flaws except for the infinite amount of artifacts (I had like 10 heroes with full backpacks)

  maygwan writes:
14-09-2016 09:54

Artifacts - This is Legion 9 Hard

There were plenty of altars to sacrifice artifacts too to clear the bk pks but glad you enjoyed the map.

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 30-07-2016 20:47
+ - This is Legion 9 Hard
Is there any square not occupied by a resource or a monster in this map, lol?

gave it a try with Rampart, I am week 2, 4 gold dragons/170 sharps, Kyree with town portal expert, navigation expert, trying to land in Castle area, but as long as he doesn't pick his resources, there is no place to land. ^^

I opened map and look at others, same situation, so if we want to rush them, there is no way.

  maygwan (uk) writes:
31-07-2016 08:02

map designed that way - This is Legion 9 Hard

The map is designed for no immediate rush, Rampart can actually rush pretty quick if needed by whirlpools one will lead to the tower area. Rampart can also land in dungeon area as well as get to all over map with whirlpool. A lot of the area landings are guarded by resource or a boat but you can pretty much get everywhere with links to the whirlpools. Play it some more you will find ways young padawan.

  Valery (Lyon, France) writes:
31-07-2016 10:52

+ - This is Legion 9 Hard

oh come on, you remove one resource in all lands and now is designed for rush. Rush doesn't mean go fast but go when you are ready, access to others areas should be prohibited by difficulty, not by "must wait until dumb AI picks the pile so I can land".

And btw for sure is not designed for rush, as crystal mine is inaccessible for rampart. Hopefully there are crystals around but you may want to add a terrain patch under.

  maygwan (uk) writes:
31-07-2016 14:46

You can rush - This is Legion 9 Hard

The whirlpools will allow any rush and like i said you can get to tower superfast via whirlpool and also rampart can get to dungeon fast but you can also get to numerous places via the whirpool including more towns. The green two way will also allow invasion of castle area. There are multiple ways to invade all areas you just have to find them. I never said it would be easy.

  Valery (Lyon, France) writes:
31-07-2016 14:49

+ - This is Legion 9 Hard

ok, thanks.

  maygwan (uk) writes:
31-07-2016 14:51

Comments - This is Legion 9 Hard

Any comments, criticism, fixes ect please let me know and i will sort them out when i update thanx.

Author: jiraya (Mordor, Germany), 23-07-2016 21:47
easy - This is Legion 9 Hard
Personally, I think you are among the 3 best maps makers ever. Thanks for your work!!!

This map was nice with a lot of stuff, however I found it a bit too easy...

  maygwan (uk) writes:
24-07-2016 07:32

Thank you - This is Legion 9 Hard

Thank you for playing the map and the comments. Did you find the impossible map easy?
I would like to know for future updates ty.

Author: Pipilu (Xian,China), 18-07-2016 10:30
SOD version map! - This is Legion 9 Hard
Dear,I have played all series of your Legion maps.I like SOD Heroes.Can you have made this map of SOD version?

  maygwan (uk) writes:
18-07-2016 15:32

This version can only be played with hota sorry - This is Legion 9 Hard

I cant change it to sod except i could maybe ban all heroes that are not sod but would take some time. Hota is pretty close to the way sod is played. Have you got hota?

  Pipilu (Xian,China) writes:
19-07-2016 06:06

I will try it. - This is Legion 9 Hard

Oh, For little HOA map, I download the HOA, but never played.I like your map .Now I will try HOA with this map.

Author: Karl (Berlin), 18-07-2016 10:23 +10
Another Superb map - This is Legion 9 Hard
Yet another great map from this mapmaker, Very detailed and challenging.
232d 424p on impossible

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