Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:42

? - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

No to noticed a long time such a bug. Perhaps because I saved by giving the original names. more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:39

Восхитительная карта! - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

Играл с огромным удовольствием! Редко в какой карте противникисоздают реальное сопротивление!
Но есть одно замечание, в угоду внешней красоты карты вы сделали большие неудобства в игре, многослойные текстуры зачастую вообще не дают возможности взаимодействия с некоторыми объектами. Приходится вращ more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:36

A delightful map! - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

I played with great pleasure! But there is one remark, for the sake of the external beauty of the map you have made great inconveniences in the game, multilayered textures often do not allow interaction with some objects at all. It is necessary to rotate the map in order to somehow interact. Thank y more...

Author: Dan (United Kingdom), 30-03-2017 20:36

start again - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Hi Graxstar!

started the game again, hope now when i meet Deathlord he will be at high levels.

started with necro with hero Lyla , one of my favorite.

will provide a feedback when i'll finish the game.

thanks a lot mate! more...

Author: Sandmean87 (Germany), 30-03-2017 20:10

Saveproblems - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

In the first Version was an dot . In the Filename. It is already fixed here. You must have downloaded it right after I have uplpaded. Sorry more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 30-03-2017 18:50

Thank you - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

I appreciate your comments. Pretty epic army you had there. more...

Author: ntt , 30-03-2017 18:31

saves - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

I can't load any saves from this map? Why does it happen? Did anyone have tha same problem? more...

Author: Nikolay (Burgas), 30-03-2017 18:30

BEST MAP EVER - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

with dipolacy this map is very easy :) more...

Author: Nalandor (Germany), 30-03-2017 17:16

nice work - Samsara - Heroes 5 map

We played this map as a challange on Drachenwald KdM - ( map of the month), everything on heroic.
the North as a Team, we as Dungeon in the middle south and left and right south also teamed up.
Was really good gameplay.
The Devils that guard the keymaster-tents are awesome. But you can fight the more...

Author: Nalandor , 30-03-2017 16:46

Very good map - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

i forgot to vote :-) more...

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Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss

You start with 3 heroes, Kingslayer,Echo and Morten, taking out all opponents. Fortress has been chosen for you as your starting faction. Be prepared to face enemies from the heroes 3 map4heroes game players such as Valery,maygwan,jiraya,Alex,Landslide,Ivana and many more. Very challenging!!!

Added: 10-12-2016

Heroes 3 maps: Asia + Australia | Elemental Symmetry | The Kings torso | Beneath the Lords's Kingdoms

Author: Vladan (Belgrade, Serbia), 29-01-2017 17:44
Anyone won by acquiring Tome of Air Magic? - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

I am experienced player, and I managed to finish the map from 1st attempt in 134 days (5m3w7d) by defeating all enemies.
I defeated Maygwan by depriving him of his towns, while he was on see. Only then did he try to attack one of my towns. He unloaded from the boat on 1 tile from by Conflux town.
I had 2 hereos with 60+ spellpower, and by exchanging Armageddon spell and Orb of fire between my heroes, I was able to fry most of his army (10k+ liches, 30k+ skeleteons...) by hit-and-run strategy (attack with 1 Phoenix, cast Armagedon which does 6k+ damage, surrender, buy hero in tavern, attack again until you have movement points)
I then finished him with Echo.

Here are my impressions:
- Map is very detailed and well designed. Even in later stages of the game there are neutral stacks which require careful battle to be defeated and AI heroes have huge armies.
- In order to finish the map early, one has to expand fast with all heroes, and to prioritize well. There is no time to visit every island.
- AI was very passive throughout the game. It did not try to attack towns I acquired from AI, or to capture my empty neutral towns or my Cove towns although AI had much stronger army then my hero in town.
AI was only attacking me on sea. Also AI was not good with using Admiral's hat. If AI hero is close, if you just unload on nearby island and go in the middle, you are safe. If AI hero choose to chase you, he will disembark on island only and lose his movement points due to having Admiral's hat in backpack.
- Annoying part for me was full backpack on main hero after almost any battle with AI hero. Then I needed to town portal to Cove, and dismiss artifacts from backpack for experience in Grotto in order not to miss some good artifact that next AI hero would have had.

Did someone finish the game by actually acquiring Tome of Air magic?
How did you defeat Azure dragons on final gate? I guess frying with Phoenixes and Armageddon can still be used, although it would require many surrenders to decimate huge Azure stacks, and since there is no nearby town it would be boring approach.
On the other side, if I would try to win in a fair battle, I guess I would have to wait for many more months to have huge enough army which could sustain 8k azure dragons attack.

  maygwan writes:
29-01-2017 22:03

Glad you enjoyed - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

Thanx for feedback i have another challenging map coming out in few days, Just tweaking it.

Author: Nicolas, 11-10-2016 01:26 +10
final review of the map - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit
the map is nice and chalanging. there are 2 strong AI heroes: lucian and maygwan (both start with lots of azurre dragons). the first 4 months are tough and you need to run from those 2 AI heroes. all the other AI heroes are much weaker and you can take them basically from the begining (and you need to take them early if you want to win the map).
i finished the map in first try (after i understand that you need to avoid lucian in the beginig), in 6.5 months (month 7, week 2). final hero stats 85,85,99,99.
i think not many will be able to finish this map as you need to play really good to do it.

  maygwan writes:
12-10-2016 07:58

thanx - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

thanx for reviewing the map

  Nicolas writes:
14-10-2016 04:13

one question - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

just one question: why did you put VALERY as a woman and refer him as "she"?

Author: Nicolas, 23-09-2016 03:05 +10
unfair map - is this a joke? - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit
this map is totally unfair. i played it perfectly for 2 months (no way someone can play it better on first try), but it really does not matter how good you play because it just do not depened on you if you win or not. there is this AI hero "LUCIAN" which start the game with 50 azurre dragons and he is free to come and smash you wehenever he wants. it is just depend on luck if he comes or no. for 2 months he was sailing around my castles until in the first day of the third month he decided that enough is enough and smashed me like a bug. in map like this when you almost do not have stats or spells, 50 azurre dragons on start is totally unfair. it is just useless to play like this. you need to play and prayer for luck. how good a player you are just does not matter at all. is this a joke map?

  Nicolas writes:
26-09-2016 22:47

finished the map, but still unfair start and need luck to do it - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

i had a saved game one week before lucian came to my castle and i came back to that save and played again this week and managed to avoid his attack. later i continued the map and managed to complete it (on first try) without any problem. after the fourth month i just became invincible and too strong to the AI and it was very easy, but again the first 3 months you need pure luck to survive as the AI heroes start with too many troops and if they where not imbecil they can just come and wipe you like a bug and no matter how good you play. still a good map and chalanging for HOTA, but not nearly as chalanging as ERA maps.

  maygwan writes:
27-09-2016 07:03

ultimate edit - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

This is the ultimate edit and will clearly be a challenge so yes you may have to run and hide or dodge your opponents.
This was made for the top players and obviously only an handful will complete it.

  maygwan writes:
27-09-2016 07:05

And - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

I am not trying to compete with wog or era maps i am just trying to release a challenging hota map.

  Nicolas writes:
28-09-2016 01:11

reply - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

look, in the first comment i was a little angry and maybe i was a little bit harsh. the map is good and i like playing in HOTA even if it is not as hard as ERA. it just that i am not used to run and hide as i am very very good player and can beat any map just kicking ass. when i did return to the save i still did not run or hide, i just went to explore other areas of the map and then in month 4 i had my sweet revenge and kicked lucian ass. after that i was just invincible and the rest was easy. but again the map was good and i enjoyed playing it. it is the third map of yours that i play (the first was GELU THE NECROMANCER) and they where all good and enjoyable. keep with the good work.

Author: jiraya (Germany), 15-09-2016 22:26
Even better - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit
Very nice improvement maygwan. Apparently it wouldn´t be easy to improve such nice original version. But this map is even better, more challenging and it is worth to play from the start to the end. A must for all players. One of the very best maps of H3 in my opinion!!

  maygwan writes:
16-09-2016 07:14

thanx - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

Glad you enjoyed the map and ty for the comments.

Author: ks, 07-09-2016 12:16 +10
pleasure - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit
Was real pleasure for me man, real fan, very hard.. and new record for me haha
https://s9.pos v/image.jpg
You must emphasize more in some tactics, some tricks, more strategy, quests.. and I think yr become one of the best mapmakers :)))
10x again

  maygwan writes:
08-09-2016 06:53

thanx - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

Glad you liked it. I have a lot of maps that have tricks ect in them just try my fantasy conquest or dragon riders unite.
Most of the maps i do i try and make them so they have more replay ability to them. Allowing for different outcomes depending on how you play.

Author: Landslide (France), 04-09-2016 17:08
A Real Challange - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit
The action is early and intense. Week 6 had Ivana with 39 Rust Dragons on the East and "you" Maygwan appeared in the North. Did a do or die and took out Ivana (luckily no mana) Week 7 who had good artifacts and above all my first Town Portal. spell. "You" went away. Now starting month 5 and have started taking out the big AI guns. Leaving Necros alone though, most seem to have Oblivion rings. Only conquered Castle AI, seems more wise to build up stats,visit Islands, get Cove towns. Scouting top priority ( Miriam rocks) Use Kingslayer as main hero (endless mana)and up to now fought all battles only with Fortress creatures (personal challange) though obviously won't work to kill "you". Tricky part then seems to be the second month. Once got the TP spell and 1 or 2 towns outside hit and run strategy should keep you going. This is 100% my kind of map.

  maygwan writes:
05-09-2016 07:21

I had a feeling - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

You would love this map. Its insanely intense very early and you cant just run in willy nilly fighting everything, you have to run and hide while building your army and stats. Like i said it took me 7 tries and i barely won. I However could not beat the map with only fortress i had to use the pirate towns and the lv 7 towns but good luck in your personal conquest.

  Landslide (France) writes:
07-09-2016 02:42

Finished - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

End of Month 5. The Ultimate month playing with 12 L20-50 heroes. One week of turns was running 4-5 hours. Had magywan without a city. Landed by the central cove and just imploded him for 2 turns with all my heroes as he got off an on the boat. Still about 6K liches and wraiths but only lost 10 creatures. Maybe try to play it out in a "fair fight" but I was rather insulted: fought myself "landslide" ; the mighty hero: A5 D4, 1 skeleton. What does this mean? That my character is apt to fight a peasant???

Finished - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

  maygwan writes:
07-09-2016 07:24

lol - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

I guess your character transferred his troops to another. Good job completing the map, leave any comments where you might think of improvements ty.

  Landslide (France) writes:
07-09-2016 13:17

Available spells - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

Question I forgot to ask. I found only 1 blind spell scroll and didn't get it as a standard spell. Had several examples of basically everything else; TP, Res, Clone. Was this the limit? Having only one did slow things down a lot as needed it for the large monster stacks and the big heroes

  maygwan writes:
08-09-2016 06:44

ya - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

I think i added 2 on the map in total to really make it a challenge.

Author: ks, 03-09-2016 13:44 +10
hard - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit
Much more difficult than original version :) Even I left it after several months and will try again when I have more time and feel greater condition :)

  maygwan writes:
04-09-2016 07:14

ultimate edit - Trillion Isle's Ultimate Edit

Ya it took me 7 tries to beat the map but it is the ultimate edit version and i don't expect many players will complete it.

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