Author: Graxstar (USA), 23-03-2017 03:37

You're welcome - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Glad you enjoyed it. more...

Author: Dalon , 23-03-2017 00:12

Cool map - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

I enjoy this nice map, thank you sir ! And it's cool to have unlimited level :) more...

Author: sandman (south africa), 22-03-2017 23:47

Will test - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Haha the joys of that editor. I was in the middle of making a map and gave up. Maybe I'll release it one day when I have the strength. Thanks again for being one of the last outposts of map-making... please keep it up. I enjoy your work immensely. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 22-03-2017 23:20

Map Updated....Again - Angel - Heroes 7 map

It should not have done that but the changes I made did not save to the published map. *Sigh* Tried and tested the new least up to week 2. Please try it again and sorry for the inconvenience. I appreciate the feedback. more...

Author: Alexander Gagarin (Moscow, Russia), 22-03-2017 21:22

Samsara - Samsara - Heroes 5 map

Thanks for the awesome map! Was a pleasure to play. :) more...

Author: sandman (south africa), 22-03-2017 18:52

Angel defeated - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Hi now after month 1 week 1 it tells me Angel was defeated, without me ever seeing Angel. Is this supposed to happen? Will it affect the outcome? Thanks for the quick update. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 22-03-2017 15:54

Map Updated - Angel - Heroes 7 map

The map has been updated to bypass this developer glitch. Thanks for the input. more...

Author: Richard , 22-03-2017 13:45

Bro Down - Bro Down - Heroes 5 map

The map is very good, i enjoyed a lot, but i have 2 negatives:
1st the underground map is so dark and boring to get trought and find enemies.
the second is graiul...i couldnt get it, coz i cant reach it. The red border is no entrance, u cant go inside...I give it 10 anyway, maybe i made some mis more...

Author: Wicker , 22-03-2017 13:14

Vlad - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

Hey, how to defeat vlad? i Have 96 titans and 50 Archangels and those hasted vampires are impossible to kill with slow or with block. Any tips? Thanks more...

Author: Lauri , 22-03-2017 05:59

I'm glad - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

I'm glad to hear that. You're not supposed to keep the castles :) more...

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Type your opinion in the space below:
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Heroes 7: Heroes 7 original

Elementals have called upon your hero to help them win the war. Your opponents have been approached with the same offer.
Each area has an elemental conflux to recruit more elementals to your cause. Just a warning though: elementals love their maze of portals and gateways, so your towns can be approached multiple directions at once.
This map was designed so that it could be played in multiplayer mode (up to 8 human players).

Added: 06-05-2016

Heroes 7 maps: Shantiri Ruins | Seamus and Faceless | Battle in the snow | Middle Earth

Author: JP des hauts de France (Paris France), 15-06-2016 22:12
Bravo - War of the Elementals
Very good card alot of fun playing it. Tested in normal mode and I have no bug or real DIFFICULTIES .I am going to try hard mode .I have chosen my héroe and my castle.
Trés bonne carte beaucoups de plaisir a y jouer . Testée en mode normale et je n'ai pas eu de bug ni de réelles difficultées .Je vais la tester en mode difficile .J'ai pu choisir mon héroe et mon chateau .

Author: jibus95 (France), 01-06-2016 00:22
The war of the element challenge - War of the Elementals
This scenari is good. Many ennemies and many challenge in fight.

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
01-06-2016 03:57

Thank you. - War of the Elementals

I appreciate the kind words. Thank you.

Author: project (Estonia), 18-05-2016 01:55
gg - War of the Elementals
Half way through this map and just wanted to ask could you make a small sized map at some point. I enjoy the fast paced maps and constant attacks on my castle etc so you get more action before you are already leveled high up. Anyways, keep up the good and appreciated work.

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
18-05-2016 17:05

Small Skirmish Map - War of the Elementals

I am in the testing stage of another scenario map right now but I will work on a small skirmish map as you suggest afterward.

  project (Estonia) writes:
18-05-2016 23:54

gg - War of the Elementals

alright alright alright :D

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
23-05-2016 20:51

New 8 Player Map - War of the Elementals

I have a new 8 player map up called "Cutthroat" ; that meets your specifications. Action with other players usually starts the second week. Game time is usually less than a month. For some reason, a few of the AI players are not aggressive at all but the map would make for a brief but fast-paced game for human multiplayer matches.

Author: MIB (Gomel), 14-05-2016 12:10 +10
Great job! - War of the Elementals
t is a pity that stupid developers Heroes 7 could not overcome their stupidity and, as a consequence, the stupidity of the AI!
This card can only be played between real people, that is not always possible ...

Отличная работа!
Очень жаль, что тупые разработчики Герои 7 не смогли преодолеть свою тупость и, как следствие, тупость АИ!
Эту карту можно играть только между реальными людьми, что не всегда возможно...

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
15-05-2016 00:55

Map Updated - War of the Elementals

Thank you. Have you tried the latest update where I made it simpler for the computer operated players to be more aggressive? I removed the neutral creatures from some portals and removed the neutral creatures from all magic menageries.

Спасибо. Вы пробовали последнее обновление, где я сделал это проще для компьютеров под управлением игроков быть более агрессивными? Я удалил нейтральных существ из некоторых порталов и удалены нейтральные существа из всех волшебных зверинцев.

Author: Graxstar (USA), 09-05-2016 19:53
Map Updated - War of the Elementals
Map has been updated so that there are no longer neutral creatures guarding each elemental conflux and only one group of neutral creatures guarding each set of portals and gates. This should generate more active and more challenging AI opponents when playing single player.

  Dan (UK) writes:
11-05-2016 16:55

nicely done. - War of the Elementals

played heroic it was a challenge, but as you mentioned since the AI tend no to use portals it gives me some advantages.

thanks a lot on your wonderful work for might and magic community!

Author: Graxstar (USA), 07-05-2016 07:28
Weak Single Player Map - War of the Elementals
This map was designed for those requesting an 8-player multiplayer map. Since the AI is pretty weak (and dumb) it will not be a very challenging single player map. For example, computer controlled heroes tend to not use portals guarded by monsters at both the entrance and the exit. The Ai will also tend not to take advantage of the elemental conflux, which is integral to this map. That's the trade-off and why I would rather create scenario maps than skirmish maps.

  Alexander (Good old Germany) writes:
07-05-2016 23:51

This map is pretty good - War of the Elementals

Playing on heroic this map is quite challenging. Ok, AI don't use guarded teleporters but if you open one AI will hunt you. The AI heroes (at least one) is on a high skill level and has sufficient troops.

Due to the fact that the elemental confluxes are heavily guarded by neutral troops, the possibility to recruit elements is not very important to win this game.

Thank you for this map and please continue your good work.

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