Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:42

? - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

No to noticed a long time such a bug. Perhaps because I saved by giving the original names. more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:39

Восхитительная карта! - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

Играл с огромным удовольствием! Редко в какой карте противникисоздают реальное сопротивление!
Но есть одно замечание, в угоду внешней красоты карты вы сделали большие неудобства в игре, многослойные текстуры зачастую вообще не дают возможности взаимодействия с некоторыми объектами. Приходится вращ more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:36

A delightful map! - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

I played with great pleasure! But there is one remark, for the sake of the external beauty of the map you have made great inconveniences in the game, multilayered textures often do not allow interaction with some objects at all. It is necessary to rotate the map in order to somehow interact. Thank y more...

Author: Dan (United Kingdom), 30-03-2017 20:36

start again - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Hi Graxstar!

started the game again, hope now when i meet Deathlord he will be at high levels.

started with necro with hero Lyla , one of my favorite.

will provide a feedback when i'll finish the game.

thanks a lot mate! more...

Author: Sandmean87 (Germany), 30-03-2017 20:10

Saveproblems - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

In the first Version was an dot . In the Filename. It is already fixed here. You must have downloaded it right after I have uplpaded. Sorry more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 30-03-2017 18:50

Thank you - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

I appreciate your comments. Pretty epic army you had there. more...

Author: ntt , 30-03-2017 18:31

saves - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

I can't load any saves from this map? Why does it happen? Did anyone have tha same problem? more...

Author: Nikolay (Burgas), 30-03-2017 18:30

BEST MAP EVER - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

with dipolacy this map is very easy :) more...

Author: Nalandor (Germany), 30-03-2017 17:16

nice work - Samsara - Heroes 5 map

We played this map as a challange on Drachenwald KdM - ( map of the month), everything on heroic.
the North as a Team, we as Dungeon in the middle south and left and right south also teamed up.
Was really good gameplay.
The Devils that guard the keymaster-tents are awesome. But you can fight the more...

Author: Nalandor , 30-03-2017 16:46

Very good map - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

i forgot to vote :-) more...

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Heroes 7: Heroes 7 original

Haven has declared war on the Sylvan people while you were away and you now find yourself behind enemy lines.
Unlimited hero leveling.

Added: 19-07-2016

Heroes 7 maps: Ta Horafia Tu Pappou | The Gauntlet | Argithea | A Tale of Fire and Ice

Author: Graxstar (USA), 13-08-2016 04:11
Map Updated - The Elf Haven War
Map has been updated and the "Recruit All" glitch for the elven troops has been fixed.

Author: Graxstar (USA), 22-07-2016 16:56
Map Updated - The Elf Haven War
The map was updated a few days ago since the one troop portal was not accessible. The old version of the game was still playable but I like everything to work as intended.

Author: MIB (Gomel), 22-07-2016 13:01
rating - The Elf Haven War

Author: Dan (UK), 21-07-2016 19:17
Hard level - The Elf Haven War
Started the game on Hard level, wiped out red player hired hero "Gem" which can mastered prime magic, around the town i had summon element spell so everything is peachy so far.

in terms of design and balance the map its just perfect!

still in the middle of the game, but since is Graxstar's map surely i will enjoy it.

thanks a lot for your work!

Author: Graxstar (USA), 19-07-2016 16:09
Disclaimer - The Elf Haven War
Just a disclaimer on this map. At the time of publishing the AI is having problems with its caravan system. It is not unusual to see the towns with a long line of caravans outside of them. For some reason, beyond my control, the AI players create caravans that they in turn will not integrate in with their towns. Hopefully, in time the game developers will fix that problem.

  MIB (Gomel) writes:
19-07-2016 20:52

IMHO - The Elf Haven War

This phenomenon is observed in the maps from the manufacturer this stupid game!
Very much doubt that they are generally able to somehow fix a huge number of glitches in the game. They have no proper qualifications ((( Yes, and what you can expect from the student dropouts in outsourcing?

Очень сильно сомневаюсь что они вообще способны хоть как-то исправить огромное количество глюков в этой игре. Нет у них должной квалификации ((( Да и что можно ожидать от недоучек студентов на аутсорсинге?

  Alexander (Good old Germany) writes:
20-07-2016 00:06

caravans - The Elf Haven War

Playing an other map I downloaded your file - sure a new Graxstar map.

Then I was a little bit disapointed because I cannot play this map on heroic. Playing heroic you need at the beginning an hero equiped with a balliste and war maschine skills e.g. Ivor. Without magic or war maschines there is no chance to beat neutral troops on heroic level.

Then I stopped your game to switch to the map I was playing before. When reaching the first enemy town I found a lot of caravans waiting in front of. Now I assume that this phenomenon arises from something coming out of your map design.

On the other hand do you think that one can win your map on heroic. What difficulty level do you recommand?

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
20-07-2016 06:12

Heroic level - The Elf Haven War

Once you get to your first town you should be able to hire a hero that you would like. It takes about four turns to get to your fist town. The game has been having troubles with the "Recruit All" option as well. This has been since the latest patch.

  MIB (Gomel) writes:
22-07-2016 13:00

I play and I swear the last words! - The Elf Haven War

After "Recruit All" game collapsed and is not loaded!
I despise the crowd of fools who suddenly decided that they are able to create such a complicated game like Heroes of 7.
I have no hope that these idiots are able to correct it patches!
My conclusion - Ubi just crooks!
I do not ever buy a game from these fools!

Никогда больше не куплю игру от этих тупиц!

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
22-07-2016 16:54

"Recruit All" - The Elf Haven War

Yes, I don't recommend using the "Recruit All" button at all. It tends to crash the game and I also believe that is what is causing the caravan line buildup for the sylvan towns. Doesn't seem to be a problem with the haven towns. Not sure why. I have also deleted all my autosaves and disabled autosave as that tends to make the game crash as well.

  MIB (Gomel) writes:
22-07-2016 20:14

Recruit All - The Elf Haven War

Whether these know Idits of Limbug about all these problems? They are on the site did not respond to comments on the game! Here's how AI could have an interesting strategy, if such a situation "the caravan line"?
After all, his troops are frozen around the cities!

Знают ли эти идиты из Лимбик про все эти проблемы? Они на сайте вообще не отвечают на замечания по игре! Вот как может АИ обладать интересной стратегией, если такое положение с "the caravan line" ?
Ведь все его войска заморожены около городов!

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