Author: ..' , 22-04-2017 21:21

Grats man - Sandro's Gambit - Heroes 3 map

Masterpiece. I had so much fun whit this map thank you 10/10 more...

Author: adrian , 22-04-2017 20:57

Ghost Dragon Quest - The Bogmire Brothers - Heroes 3 map

From where can I take a Ghost Dragon? I need it for the Quest at (245, 251, 0). Thanks more...

Author: sj (Chelyabynsk, Russia), 22-04-2017 16:19

Best map i ever played - Surrea: {The Shift} - Heroes 3 map

I agree that it is difficult to defend my cities, but I think this is a kind of interest. But after the entire upper world is captured, you can take your time and study the HoMM universe. And it is amazing!
I have never seen such a successful balance and rational submission of artifacts. 11/10
ps more...

Author: Adrian (Brasov, Romania), 22-04-2017 13:56

Where are the hunters from second castle ? - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

I dont recive any army from second castle... any solution ? :) more...

Author: Martin XVI. (Ostrava, Czech Republic), 22-04-2017 13:44

Amazing Heroes 3 experience - Last portal - Heroes 3 map

One of the most delightful maps I have ever discovered as a downloadable map made by players.
I really like the artifact mass which you play for so you can build the advanced ones, tough monsters, strategically placed castles for immense battles, random dragons recruictment and so.
I found it ve more...

Author: john (London. UK), 21-04-2017 14:32

Power liches - Lord of The Rings 3.0 - Heroes 3 map

How do you get the rest of the liches (1999), i just got the necromancy items but i dont know how to use them, please help me :) ! more...

Author: GV (Prague), 21-04-2017 01:43

Great Map! - Magician, Warrior and Master - Heroes 3 map

Kept wondering how I'm gonna beat those hundreds of rust, azure, crystal and faerie dragons (+4K angels) that Tan had, as well as the 10k devils that red had. Many surprises and very satisfying in the end. more...

Author: Michael (United States), 20-04-2017 23:08

Typo fix... - Slay the Gremlin - Heroes 7 map

Whoops, I meant to say the Gremlin was pretty easy to beat. more...

Author: Michael (United States), 20-04-2017 23:07

Another great Map - Slay the Gremlin - Heroes 7 map

Thank you Graxstar for another great map. I really enjoy this type of play. I finished the game at level 115. Once I got to the underground, I stopped fighting the neutral armies or I probably would have been level 150. Once I got to level 90, it wasn't much of a challenge. The Gremlin was more...

Author: etempco (USA), 20-04-2017 18:04

1 more - Tears of War Part 2 - Heroes 3 map

There's only 1 other map I can remember uploading called Death's Resolve. It's a bit more open ended than Tears of War but still has a decent bit of story to it. more...

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Heroes6 - Your opinions about MagicienTemeraire (Reckless Magician) - map rating = 9.33 (10 - The best)

Type your opinion in the space below:
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Download map MagicienTemeraire (Reckless Magician) - heroes 6 mapsDownload map MagicienTemeraire (Reckless Magician) - heroes 6 maps
Download map -> MagicienTemeraire (Reckless Magician)

Heroes 6: Heroes 6 original

*** long time ago, a reckless magician kept the tear of Asha in a prosperous world, but now the new is widespread and many heroes want to keep this artifact. Beware ! this reckless magician hidden.. .the tear of Asha!
***Jadis, Un magicien Temeraire gardait la larme d'Asha dans un monde prospere, depuis la nouvelle s'est repandue dans toute la countree et nombreux sont les heroes venus querir cet artefact. Prenez garde ! ce magicien temeraire a fait preuve de ruse pour cacher larme d'Asha !

Added: 04-03-2017

Heroes 6 maps: Orbis | Spain is Different baby | 2014 Crisis In Necro Kingdom | Russia

Author: hachbé (Brussels, Belgium), 15-10-2013 17:49 +9
Chouette map
Je rejoind l'avis de "Thanatoeil&quo t; sur les distances qui sont trop longue sans avoir quelques choses sur la dent en chemin.
Les textures donnent effectivement parfois un effet papier peint (surtout pour le point de chute 1).
A part ces deux éléments, la carte est vraiment bien et il y a beaucoup d'idées intéressantes. En tout cas je me suis laissé embarqué dans le scénario et j'ai vraiment aimé. GG ;)

Author: pascal (France loire atlantique), 05-10-2013 19:07
Merci de nous faire une autre carte avec faction ombres noires
merci !!!!!!
le magicien temeraire est genial !!!!
( 10/10 )

Author: Thanatoeil ( (France)), 05-06-2013 01:36
Nice and challenging map
We played the map in coop mode (human blue & human red vs ai gold & ai green) and we really enjoyed it. The fight was challenging : we had to cooperate to defend against ai heroes. When time came for the attack, we had to unite our forces to trap our ennemies.
Landscape is nicely designed and the hidden gates are an excellent idea. The only defect : the distances on the map are too great, it happened too often that our heroes travelled several days to reach their target (without fighting).
(And as I am french as is MJ-farwest, some comments in french)
Nous avons joue la carte en mode cooperation (joueurs bleu & rouge contre ia jaune et vert) et elle nous a bien plu. La bataille etait acharnee. Nous avons du nous entraider pour contrer les attaques de l'ia. Et nous avons du mener des attaques combinees pour abattre les heros de l'ia.
La paysage de la carte est reussi, avec une utilisation astucieuse des elements de decor. L'idee des portes cachees est excellente.
Seul defaut : les distances sur la carte sont trop grandes. Les heros se deplacent trop souvent pendant plusieurs jours (en direction de cibles) sans avoir rien a faire.
Petite remarque sur la texture des terrains : le choix de certaines textures donnent une apparence de "papier peint avec motif repetitif" qui n'est pas tres reussie.

Author: andres (argentina), 28-05-2013 21:07
Very Good!
It's a good map, only left the buildings to recruit elementals and update your units

Author: bruno (Poitiers), 01-04-2013 19:18
yes !!!!!!!!!
super map bravo encore !! encore !!!

Author: michel (France), 01-02-2013 13:38 +10
Michel to Pendragon
Thank's for your comment ! Grazie per tuo commento !

Author: Pendragon (Rome, Italy), 31-01-2013 20:26
Very nice map
Done! I used Anastasia to win the game.
Weapon of dinasty: Thunder staff.
A very strong weapon that blocks all flying creatures on the ground permanently

Author: Merv (Toronto, Canada), 26-01-2013 01:47 +9
Nice map
Not sure if this was intentional, but one of the "tunnels" needs to be clicked on to travel underground. The game won't create a shortest path using one of the tunnels.

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