Author: Lauri (Finland), 24-02-2017 20:21

Updated - The Ninth Circle - Heroes 3 map

The map has been updated:
- Fixed a bug where you were able to remove the angels from an garrison.
- Deactivated Orb of Invulnerability
- Activated all heroes allowing you, and your enemies, to hire new heroes
- a few minor things more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 15:25

nice map - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

Ive just completed the map Ive liked it alot even tho its not my type of map where AI dont move at all

Zeus was abit too weak Hades and the other one with black dragons where alot tougher.
the terain in the last fight just about the grail made the last fight easy.

9/10 just bcz of the king&# more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 12:29

thank you - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

got it, thank you.
i kept avoiding those green things in the water xD more...

Author: Nidza (Belgrade), 24-02-2017 10:29

odgovor - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

yes it was hard.. go back to ship and sail little above Hippolyta island.. you will be attacked and after victory pen of death will pop up more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 05:07

pendant of the undead - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

ive defeated Hippolyta but in order to go further i need the pendat of death and i dont have it and i cant find it either.
any tips ? more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:35

Yay - Kingdom of Chaos - Heroes 3 map

Good work, mate! Keep the details up :)) 10/10 more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:31

Rocky seas - Japan's Map - Heroes 3 map

Lots of rock! Ha, but you need not go there. The map is superb, thanx for the efforts. Monsters are very well balanced and even AI can surpirse you(or at least me)10/10 more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:28

Big and chancy - Fighting Kingdoms: The Treason - Heroes 3 map

Like it, must play smart not to slip on high diff-ty. Not much events or topias but thats why you must be smart... ;)) more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:25

Good map - Eat the Orange (Allies) - Heroes 3 map

I find the map nicely balanced(not only because of the Yin Yang symbol incorporated). Also the Underworld looks like big boobs, so I aproove wtih both hands. 10/10 more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 23-02-2017 21:28

hi - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

around what time or how much titans and AA i should have when reaching minoguardlv1 ?
i feel like i dont have enought army to take the minos down before their high morale screws me more...

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Explore rich and diverse lands swarming with treasures and blood thirsty monsters, find what is submersed inside the ever-white mountain, walk along the fragments of a long lost Shantiri civilization. However, be aware that you are not alone, your foes are working hard to seize these lands and vanquish any competition once and for all.

Added: 07-11-2016

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Author: Graxstar (USA), 20-11-2016 04:35 +10
Outstanding Craftsmanship - Hollow Mountain
Wonderfully crafted map. Really makes use of the 3-D effects of the map design -- and all from scratch. I can only imagine the time that it took to create.

I did notice that Player 3 (green) never came off the mountain and the strongest hero did not get beyond level 12, even though that was my last hero to defeat.

The pathway for the heroes does something funky at the northeastern bridge (near the seal altar) since the heroes went under the bridge and into the water to get past.

Again, great use of landscaping, textures, and richness in variety, Keep up the good work.

  Random. (Donetck) writes:
20-11-2016 09:14

Yes, - Hollow Mountain

- same problem with the player 3.

  Nalrin (Prague) writes:
20-11-2016 14:52

Re: Outstanding Craftsmanship - Hollow Mountain - Hollow Mountain

Hey, man, I delivered as I promised some time ago when commenting on one of your maps (as Vojta). :-) I am glad you like my map. You sort of inspired me with your great maps.

Northeast bridge - I know about this one, I tried to fix it several times even by injecting the bridge structure with several flat and walkable collision pieces inside. Nothing really worked...

As for player 3 - it happened 1 of 2 times I played the map. I am wondering what could fix that, I dont have really clue as the player has two ways to get out of there. Maybe a portal...

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
21-11-2016 07:14

Some Possible Explanations - Hollow Mountain

Wow. There is no greater honor than to think I inspired someone. Thanks for the compliment. I had some thoughts on the bridge and the less active Player 3 mentioned above.

There may be too many possible paths for your hero to take to get over the northeastern bridge. If you make all but one path one grid wide impassable, especially the water part, it would hopefully force the hero to take the path you want.

On Player 3: The AI seems to be very picky about traveling snow covered pathways (don't ask me why). Perhaps if the part of the pathways covered with snow were made into dirt pathways instead it would make them more passable for the AI. Otherwise, as you were saying, there is no reason why any of the AI players could not travel the otherwise unblocked pathways.

Anyway, just some thoughts (more like shots in the dark) that may not make any difference at all. Take it for what it's worth. And, I have to add, that your 3-D work has inspired me.

Author: Random. (Donetck), 14-11-2016 10:25
One of the best! - Hollow Mountain
Perfect gameplay and balance. Great design and attention to detail. The landscape is magnificent. Thank a lot for your work! And please, - don't stop.

Это нечто созерцательное! Рассматривать локации этой карты - сплошное удовольствие. Антураж великолепен, и крайне детализирован. Волшебное елочка в лесу, или светлячки среди обычных деревьев. Или просто древняя упавшая колонна, сдержавшая оползень, благодаря чему образовался проходимый спуск с плато. Обычно на такие карты приятно смотреть, но играются они так себе, но в этом случае и геймплей великолепен! По крайней мере в соло на героике. Впрочем, есть мнение что мульт тоже пойдет с интересом. Спасибо автору!

Author: rgreen (Norway), 12-11-2016 22:36
Nice one! - Hollow Mountain
Very fun with lots of great stuff. Really enjoyed this map! Thank you

Author: Dan (United Kingdom), 10-11-2016 20:09
Awesome! - Hollow Mountain
Great map!

little easy, only on heroic if you want to enjoy this great map.


  Nalrin (Prague) writes:
11-11-2016 10:18

Re: Awesome! - Hollow Mountain - Hollow Mountain

Hope you enjoyed it on your convenient difficult settings. I am happy to hear you liked the map.

Author: Олег (Homiel'), 09-11-2016 11:48 +10
Excellent work! - Hollow Mountain
Your map is one of the best this year! Play should be at the level of heroic, if AI becomes aggressive and has at least some resistance!

Ваша карта одна из лучших за этот год! Играть ее следует на геройском уровне, тогда АИ становится агрессивным и оказывает хоть какое-то сопротивление!

  Nalrin (Prague (CZ)) writes:
09-11-2016 14:04

Happy to hear that - Hollow Mountain

Hi, really glad to hear that, I really tried to do my best here. :-) Maybe it is wise to set AI to harder difficulty for more challenge (and even general difficulty settings), thank you for the tip.

Hollow Mountain walkthrough

Special thanks to Lord Graa for his help with cooking the map and great tips on map editor. This is a 100% custom made map (no pre-generated content).

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