Author: sandman (south africa), 23-03-2017 22:44

Angel defeated - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Not to worry - defeated Orna in month 2. Interesting battle. Was regarded by AI as deadly but dark magic on necro is OP :) more...

Author: Andreas (Munich), 23-03-2017 21:47

good map - Dragons meridian - Heroes 3 map

please continue making maps more...

Author: quasi-modo (moscow,russia), 23-03-2017 21:35

porque habeis quitado el ultimo mapa - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

pusisteis un mapa y lo habeis borrado pronto, me apetecia descargarlo more...

Author: Олег , 23-03-2017 20:23

I admire your work! - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

but where did the map DeathLord_50

I wanted to leave a review, but did not find it on the site (((
I went through it. Remained in complete ecstasy!
Impression of the game spoil the morons of developers. broke dozens of times! Thank you very much! more...

Author: sandman (south africa), 23-03-2017 18:52

Angel again - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Now Orna/Angel appears in month 1, week 3 as a level 1 (??) deadly enemy from the bridge at the bottom right. I was on my way to defeat the 3rd castle of the first quest. more...

Author: Ghost (Finland), 23-03-2017 18:31

MWM - Magician, Warrior and Master - Heroes 3 map

I won a map without pandora, prison, and bonus. Original map was been RoE, and I gave a few new HotA, for easy. If you are MWM, play MWM2 in H4 then more...

Author: Maygwan , 23-03-2017 17:47

Feedback - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

So i played again once you added the updates.

Firstly the castles cannot be held this is true but to be honest i think i enjoyed the original more where it was intense trying to hold them.

Anyway once i had left the castles to the teal and started my journey with necro i found the teal to stil more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 23-03-2017 03:37

You're welcome - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Glad you enjoyed it. more...

Author: Dalon , 23-03-2017 00:12

Cool map - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

I enjoy this nice map, thank you sir ! And it's cool to have unlimited level :) more...

Author: sandman (south africa), 22-03-2017 23:47

Will test - Angel - Heroes 7 map

Haha the joys of that editor. I was in the middle of making a map and gave up. Maybe I'll release it one day when I have the strength. Thanks again for being one of the last outposts of map-making... please keep it up. I enjoy your work immensely. more...

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Heroes 4: Winds of War

This is the war of Marcius.A true barbarian in heart and mind.

Added: 28-01-2017

Heroes 4 maps: The Last Day | Pandemonia (or Run Bettys Coming!) | Поверь в легенды | Forgotten War

| 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | ... | 81-90 |

Author: Koni, 28-09-2010 11:27
Sorry for trouble
I feel sorry for the troubles you had. You could try the edited version which you find here on the third page, with some "new" features and I hope without bugs. You will like it (maybe on champion level)!

Author: Pentti (Finland), 26-09-2010 20:13
several things
Great map. Very beautifull and complicated...alltho ugh sometimes pretty frustraiting because of all the extra stuff in the background, but i guess thats to make it harder to find things. Found at least one bug. The quest which makes you "learn the pirate way" and gives you some 4 or 3 lvl ups. well i could go there over and over again, and it gave me the lvl ups. again and again

Its a great pitty that i couldnt complete it...for some reason after killing the lord dark i didnt get any artifacts, maybe i had already so many or something, i dodnt know, it just bugged in this stupid way...i dodnt know if its the game or the map... and i was one turn too late, to use the previus turn autosave, and my last save is days and days ago, so my game ended here :(

Suggest to play this one on Champion difficulty, because on expert after some time it became pretty boring.

Author: Max (Germany,Osnabrueck), 13-09-2010 14:41 +10
Thank you for this beautiful gaming experience =)
Finally, i could win the last battle. It was just really fun to play this map, took me a few days and its just pure fun :) thx for editing this map.
Es dann auch noch in deutsch zu spielen war die Krönung, besten Dank!!

Author: Koni, 05-09-2010 13:17
Visit huts
Olegh: you have to visit 2 huts (one gives you the Marantheas Mug, which you need to open the northern paths by the second hut owner).
Sorry for unchallenging fights - in your case. :)

Max: The German version is titled: Der Grosse Krieg der Lords. You find it at the bottom of page 2.

Author: Olegh (StPetersburg, Russia), 04-09-2010 04:37 +10
Anduran's labyrinth
Could you tell me how can i get to the northen part of Labyrynth. i've conquered all the map, had a battle with Green lord but i can't reach this land. There bombs in the map but how can i destroy them

what about map? it's great and i've got a lot of pleasure living there. but some sad moment was ...from once i could defeat any army on the map and it wasn't quite interesting to play further :(
thank you for pleasure!

Author: Max (Germany,Osnabrueck), 04-09-2010 02:40 +10
german version?
Hey, is the edited Version in german available now?

Author: , 03-09-2010 10:04

Author: Koni, 24-08-2010 14:19
Edited map now available
You find it on page 2 (11-20). The German version will follow soon.

Author: Max (Germany,Osnabrueck), 23-08-2010 18:48 +10
dont have
i dont have a save BEFORE i opened the gate..stupid -.-
well i now wait for new version+german then i play it again, cause it was just pure fun :)

Author: Koni, 23-08-2010 11:10
email address
You could send me your save before the fight. If you want to contact me: lewikon(at)t-online. de

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