Author: Andrew (Moscow, Russia), 20-01-2017 21:48

fix - Gelu the Necromancer ult ed - Heroes 3 map

the map seems to be interesting though more...

Author: Andrew (Moscow, Russia), 20-01-2017 21:46

Not yet fixed - Gelu the Necromancer ult ed - Heroes 3 map

I thought this problem with tan player freeze wouldn't touch me, yet I was wrong. Steel freezes as of Jan 20. more...

Author: Don , 20-01-2017 19:08

Enviroment Slave, efforts are much appreciated. - Puritania II - Heroes 4 map

I hear ya Loud and clear, the most time consuming part of creating a world is indeed the enviroment. more...

Author: Zix (Novi Sad, Serbia), 20-01-2017 16:25

game crashing - Under The Griffin's Claw - Heroes 5 map

the game is crashing on month 6 week 1 day 6 , tried to change order of play from 060101 , tried to change a lot of things , tried on other PC , so I can try to play again , on Heroic also , so far it was good , played with Necro more...

Author: Synesthesiac , 20-01-2017 09:11

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I have been trying to figure out a way to beat him on anything but easy all night long. No matter what I do, his stacks are spread out across the board in such a way that in a couple of rounds, I have nowhere to move. And it's not like I can kill an entire stack at once. I have No Retaliation, more...

Author: Lpro , 20-01-2017 01:45

Author - Dragon Lord - Heroes 3 map

Thank you for commenting! Glad you enjoyed the map! more...

Author: michel (France), 19-01-2017 20:45

answer 2 Keµµ - La cordee-haven-2017 - Heroes 5 map

Ok Keµµ, Please can you go to the region ( like the picture ) ( the red region ) with the player 1 ( your player ) This will open the fog of war of the first floor map, so you will be able to see which player triggers this bug
Keµµ peux tu aller sur la zone indiquée sur la photo avec ton joueu more...

Author: Polina (United States), 19-01-2017 18:18

Awesome map! - Dragon Lord - Heroes 3 map

Great map- Thank you! more...

Author: Кецц (Moscow), 19-01-2017 13:45

not ready to play. - La cordee-haven-2017 - Heroes 5 map

On a second week map breaks during the move, fails when trying to load the previous autosave. more...

Author: maygwan , 19-01-2017 09:43

Working with others - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

I have done this before i worked on the Masters of Sighisoara campaigns and it takes a long time to complete maps, Sometimes 2-3 years. Also this map took me 6 months just by itself. I admit my story telling could definitely improve and is my Achilles heal when it comes to maps. I will probably stil more...

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Heroes 4: Winds of War

IMPORTANT: This map is only for professionals. You will face really hard battles and powerful heroes. And unless you are expert in might and magic evil will win!
Recommended playing level: Championship.
Once you decided to play this map - Prince Joseph, then, start reading!
King Arthur - the only son of King Edward, has two sons and a daughter ruling the main cities of the Wizard kingdom. King Arthur is known for his kindness and diplomatic abilities. He is very popular in the kingdom. Lord Hellilious - the chaos Lord is preparing a great army to destroy the wizard kingdom. Prince Joseph - the youngest son of the king, understanding that the kingdom is not strong enough to face Lord Hellilious goes to the far north cold lands to learn the might and magic, the same land where once long ago King Edward with the ancient hero Teodor faced Lord Altair (the father of Lord Hellilious) and his army in Toros battle. In that battle nobody won…, however King Edward was killed, and his body was stolen by a dark druid. Teodor escaped to a cave, where he was cursed by mermaids and sent to the swamp to live there forever.

OBJECTIVES (you can read later while playing):
1- Prince Joseph must meet the Delphi Oracle and learn the might and magic in the Land of Two Rivers- Tigris and Euphrates.
2- King Arthur with his daughter and eldest son shall prepare the kingdom for a great war.
3- Prince Joseph shall finish his mission during the third month and be back to the kingdom as a powerful hero to face the strong armies send by Lord Hellilious, and especially Lord Venom's army.
4- During Prince Joseph's mission, retreating or loosing the hero means to lose the game.
5- Part of the Royal Family heroes including Prince Joseph and some other heroes (Life and order mages are very important) start a long journey to the Hell where Lord Hellilious is living. In the way, the Royal heroes will find some special individual treasuries. Prince Joseph will fight great creatures in a duel battles to read the red oracles which leads to the ring of light.
6- Find the cave where Teodor escaped after Toros battle, enter the Magical Garden, and destroy the Mermaids who cursed the ancient Hero.
7- Meet Teodor in the swamp, and make him join you. Best heroes without army enter the Hell and defeat Lord Hellilious.
8- Find the prison of King Edward where he is resurrected, King Edward opens the path to the treasury of the Black Forest where he hide a great ring without which it is impossible to defeat the Hell.

Added: 01-09-2016

Heroes 4 maps: Necropolis Growth | Taiga | Tei Tenga | Tropical Heaven

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Author: Pentti (Finland), 28-09-2010 06:24
Some interesting things happened when i played this one, and im not sure was it suppose to happen in this way...

When you go to Theodor, or what his name, this wacky guy at the end of the bridge, are you supposed to kill him? Because in my game, when i approached him, he came to me and his flag changed from teal to blue, but still there was a fight, and (this is very weird) i could controll him and my own troops...then i killed him and he went to prison. is it supposed to go this way?:))

Because then i tried to go to Hell and it said that joseph would go only with theodor, and its pretty impossible for me because in my game theodor is in prison:)

I played the russian version by the way.

Congrats on the map...the most interesting map i have ever played, i think you really know this game. Bravo. Thouh its a pitty if my game bugs in this way

P.S How do you kill 15k of frenzied gnashers?

Author: Vladimir (Bulgaria) (Sofia), 26-09-2010 12:17 +10
Green Tent
It is really a great map, but I could not finish it, because I could not reach to the green tent? Any help?
I played the map a year ago, and I remember that I tried everything to get to the Green Tent, but it was impossible! Thanks in advance

Author: Lovely Venus, 05-02-2010 00:17
Thank you for this amazing map, I enjoyed every minute of it! Congratulation to the intelligent map-maker. We are waiting for more maps from you :-)

Author: Alexander (England), 07-10-2009 06:21
Good Job
Any new maps for Heroes V?

Author: Vasili (Moscow), 25-08-2009 18:16
Greatest hero
I enjoyed this map a lot. The most powerful hero I ever seen

Author: Sandro (Japan), 09-01-2009 16:56 +10
2 Catalinn
Well, Getting a boat from Teodor's place should be impossible to do. You must had found a bug.
It is great job that you destroyed the Hell without King's Edward treasury. That makes the battle really difficult.

Author: catalinn (Romania), 27-09-2008 02:13
2 sandro
I dont play second time,is no use coz i finished on hardest possible>>cham pion game.And i reached on magnificend land to all that mines using a boat from place where Teodor was.And for green key,like sign say" Green tent,no path",so is imposible to reach to that sign.And i dont need that ring when i have 5 wizards and a good tactic:).Yes is easy with that ring,but i dont like easy,i like hard^^

Author: Sandro (Japan), 25-09-2008 20:59 +10
2 Cantalin
Thank you for the comments. You did really really tough job. Congratulations for destroying the Hell. However, with green tent you could reach the magnificent land and eventually come to the great treasury of King Edward and get the ring of greater negation which could make your battle much easier. I advise you to try it again, there is still a lot to experience. Try getting to the green tent. Ask me if you need to.

Author: catalinn (Romania), 25-09-2008 20:41
nice map:)
Nice map,it was awsome!!!I finished from first time on champion game^^,but i dont get green key,i cant get to earth elements to kill them:(.And for last battle i used only 400 titans,but with all 4 heroes from beginning and Teodor with all skills on grandmaster,all wizards^^.Score 969, in 440 days.

Author: tolga (izmir), 26-07-2008 17:06
about the green tent
green tent no path it says .. how can I reach that

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