Author: ..' , 22-04-2017 21:21

Grats man - Sandro's Gambit - Heroes 3 map

Masterpiece. I had so much fun whit this map thank you 10/10 more...

Author: adrian , 22-04-2017 20:57

Ghost Dragon Quest - The Bogmire Brothers - Heroes 3 map

From where can I take a Ghost Dragon? I need it for the Quest at (245, 251, 0). Thanks more...

Author: sj (Chelyabynsk, Russia), 22-04-2017 16:19

Best map i ever played - Surrea: {The Shift} - Heroes 3 map

I agree that it is difficult to defend my cities, but I think this is a kind of interest. But after the entire upper world is captured, you can take your time and study the HoMM universe. And it is amazing!
I have never seen such a successful balance and rational submission of artifacts. 11/10
ps more...

Author: Adrian (Brasov, Romania), 22-04-2017 13:56

Where are the hunters from second castle ? - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

I dont recive any army from second castle... any solution ? :) more...

Author: Martin XVI. (Ostrava, Czech Republic), 22-04-2017 13:44

Amazing Heroes 3 experience - Last portal - Heroes 3 map

One of the most delightful maps I have ever discovered as a downloadable map made by players.
I really like the artifact mass which you play for so you can build the advanced ones, tough monsters, strategically placed castles for immense battles, random dragons recruictment and so.
I found it ve more...

Author: john (London. UK), 21-04-2017 14:32

Power liches - Lord of The Rings 3.0 - Heroes 3 map

How do you get the rest of the liches (1999), i just got the necromancy items but i dont know how to use them, please help me :) ! more...

Author: GV (Prague), 21-04-2017 01:43

Great Map! - Magician, Warrior and Master - Heroes 3 map

Kept wondering how I'm gonna beat those hundreds of rust, azure, crystal and faerie dragons (+4K angels) that Tan had, as well as the 10k devils that red had. Many surprises and very satisfying in the end. more...

Author: Michael (United States), 20-04-2017 23:08

Typo fix... - Slay the Gremlin - Heroes 7 map

Whoops, I meant to say the Gremlin was pretty easy to beat. more...

Author: Michael (United States), 20-04-2017 23:07

Another great Map - Slay the Gremlin - Heroes 7 map

Thank you Graxstar for another great map. I really enjoy this type of play. I finished the game at level 115. Once I got to the underground, I stopped fighting the neutral armies or I probably would have been level 150. Once I got to level 90, it wasn't much of a challenge. The Gremlin was more...

Author: etempco (USA), 20-04-2017 18:04

1 more - Tears of War Part 2 - Heroes 3 map

There's only 1 other map I can remember uploading called Death's Resolve. It's a bit more open ended than Tears of War but still has a decent bit of story to it. more...

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Heroes5 - Your opinions about Fate of Ashan - map rating = 8.00 (10 - The best)

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Heroes 5: Heroes 5 Tribes of the East

The Lands of Ashan was once a peaceful place to live. The Dwarfes in the north was a busy folk digging for gold and other risches. the elves lived in peace with nature, and the mages and the humans was allies. But then something happend. Urgash came and corrupted the world. Death came with the hell on earth, and with the corruption from urgash some elves turned evil, and some weird offspring of the demons settled down...alliances were broken and Ashan went to war.. NOW IT IS UP TO YOU.. Will You Bring Peace again or Destruction to ASHAN...

Added: 01-04-2017

Heroes 5 maps: Samsara | ALIENS | SHANGRILA | Sanctum of the Devout

Author: ggrrg (Germany), 09-04-2013 22:12
Epic map
I loved this map. It's really well made. There are tons of details that make it very pleasant to play and show that the maker made a great effort. Furthermore, all starting positions give about equal opportunities, so you can easily play with any race you want.
If you want to develop an epic level 30+ hero, this map is the right thing for you. Actually, I'd say that it can easily support several lvl 30+ heroes. This and it's balanced starting areas would make it a great map for LAN, too.
There really isn't anything bad about the map. The only reason you might dislike the map is its rather big size, which means that it takes rather long until you have killed everybody. But it obviously was never meant to be a rush map, so just enjoy the epicness it offers!

Author: Chris (California, USA), 03-01-2010 23:06
One of the Best
One of my favorite maps to play single-player; all of the factions have well designed areas and there's a good difficulty curve for casual gamers like myself. Well done!

Author: Mr Molette (france), 28-11-2009 09:38
Again and again...
i played this map several times, tried all factions... i really enjoy it !! you can bild very strong hero and army and untill you'll be ready to fight opponents, you get pleasure only riding around on a "non-symetrical " map !!! i love that !... it's only pleasure ! and find no bugs. well, the IA is sometimes stupid but factions are balanced, each with its specificities in its area. well done Dark Raider !!!... hm !?... and if i gonna play one more...again !

Author: Roy (USA), 27-09-2009 19:01
Really Good Map
Well done for such an enjoyable map. I would have given this map a 10 but it does have a minor bug. Yellow does not appear to do anything but stay in the castle. Saying that it does not stop you enjoying the map with so much around. I so like the idea of having the mentor so close to the castle. There is nothing more frustrating I find in picking up a skill I do not want. Keep up the good work and look forward to your next map.

Author: M Baker (Thailand), 26-09-2009 19:30 +8
My thanks too. A nice map. I look forward to more.

Author: dark raider (Denmark), 24-09-2009 18:59
thank you
thank you for your fine description of my map..i really try to make an effort in making they are getting pretty detailed...I will mention that I am currently making a map based on The LOTR: Middle Earth Universe, wich is also very detailed,and very big. I am about halfway done with this map. Hope you guys are going to like it.

Author: elion (russia), 18-09-2009 21:34 +8
Very nice - go on!
A very nice map, reasonably thought of. I would especially emphasize the author's efforts concerning the underground - enough resources and objects for development, as compared to many other maps in which underground is something awful and usually races situated there have less chances than those on the surface. Thank you, and please, go on with new maps!

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