Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:42

? - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

No to noticed a long time such a bug. Perhaps because I saved by giving the original names. more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:39

Восхитительная карта! - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

Играл с огромным удовольствием! Редко в какой карте противникисоздают реальное сопротивление!
Но есть одно замечание, в угоду внешней красоты карты вы сделали большие неудобства в игре, многослойные текстуры зачастую вообще не дают возможности взаимодействия с некоторыми объектами. Приходится вращ more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 30-03-2017 20:36

A delightful map! - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

I played with great pleasure! But there is one remark, for the sake of the external beauty of the map you have made great inconveniences in the game, multilayered textures often do not allow interaction with some objects at all. It is necessary to rotate the map in order to somehow interact. Thank y more...

Author: Dan (United Kingdom), 30-03-2017 20:36

start again - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Hi Graxstar!

started the game again, hope now when i meet Deathlord he will be at high levels.

started with necro with hero Lyla , one of my favorite.

will provide a feedback when i'll finish the game.

thanks a lot mate! more...

Author: Sandmean87 (Germany), 30-03-2017 20:10

Saveproblems - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

In the first Version was an dot . In the Filename. It is already fixed here. You must have downloaded it right after I have uplpaded. Sorry more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 30-03-2017 18:50

Thank you - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

I appreciate your comments. Pretty epic army you had there. more...

Author: ntt , 30-03-2017 18:31

saves - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

I can't load any saves from this map? Why does it happen? Did anyone have tha same problem? more...

Author: Nikolay (Burgas), 30-03-2017 18:30

BEST MAP EVER - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

with dipolacy this map is very easy :) more...

Author: Nalandor (Germany), 30-03-2017 17:16

nice work - Samsara - Heroes 5 map

We played this map as a challange on Drachenwald KdM - ( map of the month), everything on heroic.
the North as a Team, we as Dungeon in the middle south and left and right south also teamed up.
Was really good gameplay.
The Devils that guard the keymaster-tents are awesome. But you can fight the more...

Author: Nalandor , 30-03-2017 16:46

Very good map - Dragonpass - Heroes 7 map

i forgot to vote :-) more...

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Author: Biceps (Europe), 18-01-2011 00:24 +9
Good map!
Interesting gameplay. Two worlds are nicely separated by dungeon and portal land. Intersting thing with collecting the Armor of Dwarven Kings. Good work!

Author: Krusso (Minsk, Belarus), 09-09-2010 20:02 +10

Author: SiniSterxx (NYC), 22-04-2010 19:57
Graphically Amazing
The author really went out of his way to make the map look impressive. I also liked the concept of the teleporter and hope something similair is used in future maps.

My only suggestions are the following:
-The teleporter in the middle isn't intuitive. A background explanation would have helped.
-The army in the middle (underground) didn't seem to do anything. I'm still confused about that. I couldn't teleport around him or ever fight him, so I'm not sure of his purpose.
-It was basically one big build up until you fought the opponent at the end. Perhaps making it easier to reach the opponent would provide for some more entertainment.
-The garrisoned armies were a real weird mixture. Perhaps a more dynamic army would be better for strategy, etc.

Those are all just minor suggestions. Again, the map was pretty fun and VERY impressive to see.

Author: Rostislav (Moscow), 15-04-2010 21:00

Author: nam (viet nam), 19-02-2010 15:39

Author: buu, 01-02-2010 17:16 +10
i like this map
good replay value.. the KI rockz !!!

Author: fuzz (Germany), 01-02-2010 12:28 +10
it is a great map!

Author: DaO (Germany), 01-02-2010 12:19 +10
and u can tell us why it is?

Author: Czart (PL), 31-01-2010 19:16 +5
it is good map but far away from great

Author: Czart (PL), 31-01-2010 19:14 +5
it is good map but far away from great

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