Author: Lauri (Finland), 24-02-2017 20:21

Updated - The Ninth Circle - Heroes 3 map

The map has been updated:
- Fixed a bug where you were able to remove the angels from an garrison.
- Deactivated Orb of Invulnerability
- Activated all heroes allowing you, and your enemies, to hire new heroes
- a few minor things more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 15:25

nice map - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

Ive just completed the map Ive liked it alot even tho its not my type of map where AI dont move at all

Zeus was abit too weak Hades and the other one with black dragons where alot tougher.
the terain in the last fight just about the grail made the last fight easy.

9/10 just bcz of the king&# more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 12:29

thank you - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

got it, thank you.
i kept avoiding those green things in the water xD more...

Author: Nidza (Belgrade), 24-02-2017 10:29

odgovor - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

yes it was hard.. go back to ship and sail little above Hippolyta island.. you will be attacked and after victory pen of death will pop up more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 05:07

pendant of the undead - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

ive defeated Hippolyta but in order to go further i need the pendat of death and i dont have it and i cant find it either.
any tips ? more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:35

Yay - Kingdom of Chaos - Heroes 3 map

Good work, mate! Keep the details up :)) 10/10 more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:31

Rocky seas - Japan's Map - Heroes 3 map

Lots of rock! Ha, but you need not go there. The map is superb, thanx for the efforts. Monsters are very well balanced and even AI can surpirse you(or at least me)10/10 more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:28

Big and chancy - Fighting Kingdoms: The Treason - Heroes 3 map

Like it, must play smart not to slip on high diff-ty. Not much events or topias but thats why you must be smart... ;)) more...

Author: Fawahar (Varna, BG), 24-02-2017 01:25

Good map - Eat the Orange (Allies) - Heroes 3 map

I find the map nicely balanced(not only because of the Yin Yang symbol incorporated). Also the Underworld looks like big boobs, so I aproove wtih both hands. 10/10 more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 23-02-2017 21:28

hi - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

around what time or how much titans and AA i should have when reaching minoguardlv1 ?
i feel like i dont have enought army to take the minos down before their high morale screws me more...

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Heroes 5: Heroes 5 Tribes of the East

The Bane dynasty enjoyed wealth, power and rank.Unsatisfied, what the Bane family deeply desired was immortality. Centuries of searching paid off when Bane found Sandro's Heart an obscure legendary artifact that told of eternal youth. What Bane found was an ancient evil that consumed him and in turn his people. The ensuing undead scourge almost destroyed all of Illuria. A Sirian' captains sword slayed Bane in the last stand battle later named Torin's Blade. 500 years later, the Council of 7 forsaw a great war and, pulling upon the power of Sandro's Heart, created immortal guardians that no army could pass.This both released the evil undead blight once again, but also caused the guardians immortality to falter. War is coming.

Added: 09-02-2016

Heroes 5 maps: New master | Dead Man's Lake (night version) | The Inevitable | In Zeiten des Krieges

Author: elion (Russia), 06-11-2010 14:27
Couldn't Find It
Couldn't find the normal version at Celestial Heavens. Is it still not ready?

Author: Matthew Baker (Thailand), 05-11-2010 12:00
Easy as
Hi, creature dwellings didn't produce gold for me, so I think that needs to be fixed? However, I didn't need it.

Once I broke through the guardian Phoenix's it was easy to kill the opponents, as they didn't have any gold to build up forces either.

Finished it within 5 months.

Thanks for the map and your efforts.

I hope you can make adjustments and perhaps add an underground to increase the fun.

Author: SM (DK), 29-10-2010 21:21
Hey Madaxe...
I have had the same problem as Prairie... It is pretty difficult with only 1000 gold a day... Can you correct it?

Author: Madaxe (USA), 29-10-2010 00:14
Author Comments
Hi PrairiePlayer. Towns are restricted because the creature dwellings produce Gold. So, in order to build your economy, you have to go and capture the dwellings. Was that not working? At the start of each turn, you will see a floating text on the dwelling indicating the gold amount produced. This was a design point. Of course, feel free to do what makes you happy :-).

Author: PrairiePlayer (Minnesota, USA), 28-10-2010 22:35
Why restrict towns?
I am mystified by the restriction on town levels to only level 1. What purpose does keeping income to 1,000 gold a day serve other than dragging the game out because no one has any income? I changed all towns to normal level 5 and have been enjoying the map much more.

Author: Madaxe (USA), 28-10-2010 02:31
Author comments
Hi r juck and others. Sadly, this map is still in testing (Celestial Heavens), but somehow released here? Same happend to my Dust2Dust map. They still have the D2D "beta" here. Ahh well. I would greatly appreciate feedback!

Author: r juck (usa), 28-10-2010 00:45
could not finish but great map
i enjoyed this map. it did not allow me to finish as it said i had not captured all places. it was still a excellent map

Illuria-SP walkthrough

Welcome, gentle readers. For those of you old enough to remember SSG's classic Warlords game, you will find the land of Illuria very similar to the layout of that gem of yesteryear. Occasionally I get hit by the map making bug in that I think it would be fun to design and play a certain map. Being kind of old (in gamer years at least), one of my favorite gaming memories was Steven Fawkner's Warlords. One of my first fantasy/strategy games. I thought it would be fun to re-create the Illuria map and that it somewhat fit Heroes 5. Both have Eight races, 5 of which fit pretty well into the original's races. Using some poorly written fan fiction and a few ideas I set off to make Illuria. I tried to create some of the original games' feel and strategy, while keeping it Heroes. The original Warlords had 80 cities. All of these cities had some strategic value in that they all produced troops and Gold. So, I wanted to make the map have many sites that were of strategic value to all players. In addition, I loved the Heroes and searching temples, ruins, etc, for gold, artifacts and especially Allies! With those two things being focus points, I came up with the following:

1) Dwellings were to act like the non-capital cities. They would produce troops (like normal H5 dwellings), but would also produce Gold. Thus, all races would be interested in claiming these, even other races dwellings.

2) Dwellings would also be necessary to have any kind of real economy. Without them, you would be severely financially crippled.

3) Quests that, when completed, would give you allies.

For those who, for some reason, enjoy poorly written, unimaginative fan fiction, each race's recent background is told via their town's descriptions.

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