Author: Nikola (Belgrade), 23-02-2017 13:23

Nidza - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

great map... having probles at very end - to kill Hera.... do not have force field to do old homm3 trick :) more...

Author: david (tbilisi, georgia), 23-02-2017 11:12

tushia - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur - Heroes 4 map

Герои Меча и Магии more...

Author: Synesthesiac , 23-02-2017 07:14

Crashes before start - KING OF WORLD - WAR AND REunion - Heroes 3 map

I can't even start this map. It crashes and I get an access violation error right before the map loads. more...

Author: Oscar , 22-02-2017 19:43

Mods needed. - The Enemy Within - Heroes 3 map

Necesitas tener instalados el WOG 3.58f, ERA2, y los mods graficos de ERA2 (todos aquellos que incluyan nuevos objetos para añadir al mapa), si no lo tienes instalado no funcionará, logicamente. Links:

http://heroescommuni p3?TID=37208

http://heroescommuni more...

Author: Mabe , 22-02-2017 17:26

no funciona - The Enemy Within - Heroes 3 map

The Enemy Within: no funciona!!!! more...

Author: WB , 22-02-2017 14:31

Mr. - World Leade2 - Heroes 4 map

Could anyone please tell me HOW you are supposed to get out of that initial island (in the down left corner) isolated with sea chains from the other world IF you are playing for CHAOS?

Thanks a lot! more...

Author: maygwan , 22-02-2017 09:07

Sometimes less is more - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Bring along a ammo cart ballista and tent to the fight to give them more targets and maybe titans big stack and some archangel small stacks. Most important spell will be blind here. Gorgons use 2 hex of map so you want to blind them to block atks on your titan they don't have to be right next t more...

Author: Oscar (Madrid.), 22-02-2017 07:09

ERA 2 graphic mods needed. - The Enemy Within - Heroes 3 map

ERA 2 graphic mods needed. You know, for the objects to be displayed. if you get all mods "objects" installed, the better. t/na-stiahnutie/#gam eplay more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 21-02-2017 16:47

Rating never registered - Ta Horafia Tu Pappou - Heroes 7 map

I wanted to see if the rating went through this time. Your map is too good to have no rating at all. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 21-02-2017 16:43

Map Updated - Island Quasi - Madness - Heroes 7 map

The map has been updated to reflect the changes you suggested. I also noticed that not all players had the same number of creature dwellings, so that has been balanced out as well. more...

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Heroes 5: Heroes 5 Tribes of the East

Les gorges de la vallee de Charleroy restent un lieu mytique ou bon nombre d'ambuscades et de batailles y ont fait rage
Le nom de Charleroy fut donne en l'hommage au roi Charles qui lors de la bataille de Ugledard, put retenir les ennemis
dans cet etroit passage ( voir map "Le Pic de la cordee" )


Gorge Valley Charleroy remain a mythical place where many ambushes and battles were raging there
The name of Charleroy was given in tribute to King Charles, who at

Added: 07-10-2016

Heroes 5 maps: Герои Меча и Магии II: Семь озёр | Keymaster | The peasants uprising | Carpe Diem

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Author: Ichthyic (New Zealand), 20-09-2016 00:46
Bug: "Need to get map from wise old man" - Charleroy
First off... great map! very beautifully done from an artistic perspective, and I like all the hidden teleports.

I'm having a problem now that I have started to the mission to free the druid from the dragons. every place I try to go once in the "green" owned area, A message window pops up telling me I need a map so I can know the area.

but... the area it points to to get the map requires the elemental ring in order to pass, and to get that, I have to free the druid.

but it won't let me free the druid, because it stops me from moving every time I try and the message that I "need a map" keeps reappearing.

  Ichthyic (New Zealand) writes:
20-09-2016 01:00

Bug: "Need to get map from wise old man" - Charleroy

ah, nvmnd. what was happening is that I was trying to go in through the opposite side from where I was supposed to. for some reason, the script about the map did not stop me from getting to the other side, but DID stop me once I beat that much bigger garrison and then tried to free the druid.

  michel (France) writes:
21-09-2016 13:36

To answer Ichthyic - Charleroy

hello first you need to fight the dragon ( see picture )
Vous devez combattre un premier temps le dragon ( voir photo )

To answer Ichthyic - Charleroy

Author: Richard (Budapest), 08-03-2016 19:34
Awesome - Charleroy
As i said before, this is a very good map with good scripts. Thank you!

  michel (France) writes:
08-03-2016 22:06

merci - Charleroy

thx !!!!

  Hortensio Luis (Cordoba, Argentina) writes:
27-05-2016 02:15

Charleroy - Charleroy

je ne parle pa france
That is the reason why I wrote in English
Esa es la razon por lo que escribi en ingles

Author: Michel (France), 19-09-2015 23:19
another map like Charleroy is Mondoubleau - Charleroy
Hello Another map like this map is "Mondoubleau&qu ot; (search keyword " Mondoubleau")
Salut une autre map comme celle de Charleroy est sur le site . elle se nomme "Mondoubleau&qu ot;

Author: andrew (Stężyca,Poland), 10-09-2015 20:20
Heroes scen - Charleroy
very good

Author: Andrew (Stężyca,Poland), 10-09-2015 20:16
Heroes scen - Charleroy

Author: Mike80D (USA - Florida), 25-08-2015 00:50
Great terrain, impressive scripts, and massive battles - Charleroy
As someone who has made scripted and customized icon maps, I was really impressed with the look of this map. Excellent job scripting in various outcomes, etc.

I beat the map on Hard in 5 months, and the last several battles were easy (which is expected then).

I really appreciated the English language added to the text boxes, although some of the write ups were too difficult to decipher so I got lost at times. My only suggestions would be to remove some of the troops that join your side towards the end of the game, and improve the English translation. Other than that, superb job!!

  Michel (FRance) writes:
07-09-2015 21:32

thank you Mike - Charleroy

Thank you Mike for your comment ( sorry for my poor English )
Merci beaucoup Mike pour ce commentaire ( et desole pour mon mauvais Anglais )
I made another map with script (the first map was "la cordee" made in 2012 .. and the new one is "carnac" made in 2015


Author: crazykid (USA), 16-08-2015 07:13
it keep on crashing on me. what should i do - Charleroy
every time i start the map it crashes

  Michel (FRance) writes:
07-09-2015 21:41

To Crazy Kid - Charleroy

Hello , please when you load the game , select option video in mode video low , them start the game
After the game is load select the mode video in hight mode.
( I post a comment about this crash ... in usual mode , the game search the picture loading when the game start, and the picture load is in DDS extension )
please send me a email and i send you the same map without dds picture

salut Crazy Kid !

  Richard writes:
08-03-2016 19:32

Thanks! - Charleroy

This is a very good map, exellent work! And finally, you solved my problem. Couldnt load some maps i'd like to play. Now i changed the video setting and my problem gone. You are the best! Keep going with these great maps! 10/10

  mark (Jacksonville, Florida) writes:
24-08-2016 03:09

Please send copy of Charleroy - Charleroy

would love to play but keeps crashing even in low video mode.

  michel (France) writes:
24-08-2016 10:37

reply - Charleroy

OK Mark I send U the map by mail

Author: Michel (France), 04-05-2015 17:03
map Updated
map updated with the script "DenyGarrisonCr eaturesTakeAway" ;
( thanks to Mar about remove creatures in garrison )
Map Mise a jour avec le script qui empeche de prendre les creatures des garnisons ... merci a Mar pour l information

Author: mar (china), 02-05-2015 13:17
You can remove 1k of Phonix from garrison near second town and from another you can remobve elementels.400 water for example.Since that time the game has no sense

  Michel (France) writes:
04-05-2015 12:55

Re Mar

Oup's maybe a error in my script ... sorry
oup's surement une erreur de script , desole ....

  Michel (FRANCE) writes:
04-05-2015 13:58

to Mar map updated

Ok Mar
I change the script "DenyGarrisonCr eaturesTakeAway" ;

Thank YOU !!
Mar, j'ai modifie le script "DenyGarrisonCr eaturesTakeAway" ;
Merci !


Author: Nikolay (Moscou, Russie), 19-02-2015 13:22 +10
Excellent map!!!
Avec grand plaisir je ai joue dans ce scenario! Grand merci a l`auteur pour ce chef-d`oeuvre!!!

  Michel (france) writes:
19-02-2015 20:18

Re Nicolay

Merci !!

спасибо !!

  mar (china) writes:
01-05-2015 22:45


no to russians on forum!!!!!!!!

  Nikolay (Москва) writes:
02-05-2015 08:25

mar, relax

Judging by the number of exclamation marks, the Russian presence at the forum you nervous. Relax :)

  Michel (FRANCE) writes:
04-05-2015 14:06

player we are !

that one is Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish or native ... the important thing is to participate, play and help resolve errors

que l'on soit Russe, Chinois, Français, Espagnol, ou simplement indigene... l'important est de participer, de jouer et de s'aider à resoudre les erreurs

一个 159;俄罗 斯, 013;国, 法国A 292;西班 牙土 983;金......&# 19968;件࣪ 3;事就&# 26159;参ࡃ 2;,发&# 25381;并५ 0;助解&# 20915;错෾ 3;

что один русский, китайский, французский, испанский самородное золото ... большая вещь, чтобы участие, играть и помочь исправить ошибки

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