Author: Nikola (Belgrade), 23-02-2017 13:23

Nidza - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

great map... having probles at very end - to kill Hera.... do not have force field to do old homm3 trick :) more...

Author: david (tbilisi, georgia), 23-02-2017 11:12

tushia - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur - Heroes 4 map

Герои Меча и Магии more...

Author: Synesthesiac , 23-02-2017 07:14

Crashes before start - KING OF WORLD - WAR AND REunion - Heroes 3 map

I can't even start this map. It crashes and I get an access violation error right before the map loads. more...

Author: Oscar , 22-02-2017 19:43

Mods needed. - The Enemy Within - Heroes 3 map

Necesitas tener instalados el WOG 3.58f, ERA2, y los mods graficos de ERA2 (todos aquellos que incluyan nuevos objetos para añadir al mapa), si no lo tienes instalado no funcionará, logicamente. Links:

http://heroescommuni p3?TID=37208

http://heroescommuni more...

Author: Mabe , 22-02-2017 17:26

no funciona - The Enemy Within - Heroes 3 map

The Enemy Within: no funciona!!!! more...

Author: WB , 22-02-2017 14:31

Mr. - World Leade2 - Heroes 4 map

Could anyone please tell me HOW you are supposed to get out of that initial island (in the down left corner) isolated with sea chains from the other world IF you are playing for CHAOS?

Thanks a lot! more...

Author: maygwan , 22-02-2017 09:07

Sometimes less is more - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Bring along a ammo cart ballista and tent to the fight to give them more targets and maybe titans big stack and some archangel small stacks. Most important spell will be blind here. Gorgons use 2 hex of map so you want to blind them to block atks on your titan they don't have to be right next t more...

Author: Oscar (Madrid.), 22-02-2017 07:09

ERA 2 graphic mods needed. - The Enemy Within - Heroes 3 map

ERA 2 graphic mods needed. You know, for the objects to be displayed. if you get all mods "objects" installed, the better. t/na-stiahnutie/#gam eplay more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 21-02-2017 16:47

Rating never registered - Ta Horafia Tu Pappou - Heroes 7 map

I wanted to see if the rating went through this time. Your map is too good to have no rating at all. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 21-02-2017 16:43

Map Updated - Island Quasi - Madness - Heroes 7 map

The map has been updated to reflect the changes you suggested. I also noticed that not all players had the same number of creature dwellings, so that has been balanced out as well. more...

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In the mountains of Glimoire the famed proving grounds of Samsara hosts the bloody game of ascension. The weak and pitiful may not enter. Only the proven hero is worthy of glory.

Added: 25-01-2017

Heroes 5 maps: BattleZone | Судный день | В поисках хаоса | Two Against Nature

Author: Vasily (Moscow, Russia), 05-01-2017 20:39
aaa - Samsara
This map allows you to choose any town hero you want. Somehow it is very rare among other maps. That's a big plus.
I don't know why this map have only team mode, doesn't make any sense to me. Fortunately, it is very easy to fix in map editor.

And, BTW, have you noticed a TANK on the hillside about one screen south of the passage between northern and southern parts of the map? (it is hidden under a couple of palms)

  MnM Workshop (Budapest, Hungary) writes:
24-01-2017 16:00

aaa - Samsara

You sir have found one of the easter eggs we put in the map.

Ps: What exactly do you mean, by "only team mode"? Is there a way to make a map team map and ffa at the same time?

  Milos Gajic (Nish, Serbia) writes:
25-01-2017 16:36

Saw the comment, had to reply - Samsara

You can create two map files, one with teams and the other ffa and then pack them together and upload to maps4heroes. Just save the ffa map under another name like Samsara-ffa.h5m.

  MnM Workshop (Budapest, Hungary) writes:
26-01-2017 05:22

team-ffa - Samsara

Thanks for the tip, we'll use it for our next map!

Author: Horst (Karls-Marx-Stadt, ger), 11-12-2016 00:39
cool map - Samsara
nice design, good pathing and areas

Author: Roy (UK), 24-05-2016 13:03
Great Map - Samsara
Well done a most enjoyable map and I found no bugs. My only problem is I do not go for team maps. After finishing it I changed it with no teams and started again. It makes the earlier stages of the map a little more difficult but I find it rewarding. Certainly a 10. Thanks

Author: Kirk, 24-05-2016 06:40
Amazing - Samsara

Author: MnM Workshop (Budapest, Hungary), 03-05-2016 20:36
hint - Samsara
Also I would reccomend to use Heroes 5 3.0 version for this map, not the (unofficial) 5.5 patch, because we designed it with the vanilla textures.

Author: MnM Workshop (Budapest, Hungary), 02-05-2016 17:03
Update - Samsara
Thank you for your feedback! we included the corrections in the latest version.
What we did:
-2nd cities changed to be the same race as main
-Tear of Asha added (6 part puzzle)
-Corrected the uneven count of mana wells, windmills, and other structures
-Corrected the orange city lvl
-Orange to teal player territory two way portal added.
-Added some more decorations as well.

Hope you'll enjoy!

Author: Michael (London, UK), 20-04-2016 01:20
Uber - Samsara
Good map, playing 1 on 1 against friend. Orange colour city starts with 1 lvl, when all other cities got lvl 3 and fort. Also would be good to have 2nd town to be the same race as your main and adding a mana well for teal player. Still my rating is 10, well done guys ;)

Author: MnM Workshop (Budapest, Hungary), 15-04-2016 12:55
Samsara - Samsara
Hi guys!
We plan to create a few more maps, so we are looking for feedback. How did you like this map? Do you have any tips for us?

  kir (Russia) writes:
15-04-2016 22:11

This is a good map - Samsara

This is a good map. In my opinion, it makes sense to add a tear of Asha.

Author: Yukitifu (Biatorbágy), 01-04-2016 14:15 +10
Nice map - Samsara
It is a great map if you want to play aginst harder ai or other players. The map is well made.

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