Author: ..' , 22-04-2017 21:21

Grats man - Sandro's Gambit - Heroes 3 map

Masterpiece. I had so much fun whit this map thank you 10/10 more...

Author: adrian , 22-04-2017 20:57

Ghost Dragon Quest - The Bogmire Brothers - Heroes 3 map

From where can I take a Ghost Dragon? I need it for the Quest at (245, 251, 0). Thanks more...

Author: sj (Chelyabynsk, Russia), 22-04-2017 16:19

Best map i ever played - Surrea: {The Shift} - Heroes 3 map

I agree that it is difficult to defend my cities, but I think this is a kind of interest. But after the entire upper world is captured, you can take your time and study the HoMM universe. And it is amazing!
I have never seen such a successful balance and rational submission of artifacts. 11/10
ps more...

Author: Adrian (Brasov, Romania), 22-04-2017 13:56

Where are the hunters from second castle ? - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

I dont recive any army from second castle... any solution ? :) more...

Author: Martin XVI. (Ostrava, Czech Republic), 22-04-2017 13:44

Amazing Heroes 3 experience - Last portal - Heroes 3 map

One of the most delightful maps I have ever discovered as a downloadable map made by players.
I really like the artifact mass which you play for so you can build the advanced ones, tough monsters, strategically placed castles for immense battles, random dragons recruictment and so.
I found it ve more...

Author: john (London. UK), 21-04-2017 14:32

Power liches - Lord of The Rings 3.0 - Heroes 3 map

How do you get the rest of the liches (1999), i just got the necromancy items but i dont know how to use them, please help me :) ! more...

Author: GV (Prague), 21-04-2017 01:43

Great Map! - Magician, Warrior and Master - Heroes 3 map

Kept wondering how I'm gonna beat those hundreds of rust, azure, crystal and faerie dragons (+4K angels) that Tan had, as well as the 10k devils that red had. Many surprises and very satisfying in the end. more...

Author: Michael (United States), 20-04-2017 23:08

Typo fix... - Slay the Gremlin - Heroes 7 map

Whoops, I meant to say the Gremlin was pretty easy to beat. more...

Author: Michael (United States), 20-04-2017 23:07

Another great Map - Slay the Gremlin - Heroes 7 map

Thank you Graxstar for another great map. I really enjoy this type of play. I finished the game at level 115. Once I got to the underground, I stopped fighting the neutral armies or I probably would have been level 150. Once I got to level 90, it wasn't much of a challenge. The Gremlin was more...

Author: etempco (USA), 20-04-2017 18:04

1 more - Tears of War Part 2 - Heroes 3 map

There's only 1 other map I can remember uploading called Death's Resolve. It's a bit more open ended than Tears of War but still has a decent bit of story to it. more...

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Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods

Play as Dracula rescue a few friends and conquer all.

Added: 12-04-2017

Heroes 3 maps: Adventures in Ancient Greece | Circle of Four | Guardhouse of Earth | Multiverse

Author: maygwan (uk), 05-08-2016 10:15
this was my only wog map - Universal Monster Jam
How did people find it? I never really play wog myself and i made this map a while back. Just wondered if it was enjoyable or not.

  maygwan (uk) writes:
05-08-2016 10:17

also valery - Universal Monster Jam

If you ever want to update this map or make it more balanced or playable feel free to do so. wog is not my thing so i won't ever touch this map or update it ty.

  Valery (Lyon, France) writes:
05-08-2016 14:18

+ - Universal Monster Jam

In the most of wog maps presented here, it consists only in creature experience (ranks), which make battles less predictable and less repetitive, as immunities to mass slow, blind or other spells tend to vary the solutions to seek. So a wog version would only change armies, adding those high level monsters which are hard to defeat.

However testing battles in wog takes months for one map until everything runs without surprises so I won't do it often :)

  maygwan (uk) writes:
06-08-2016 08:32

thanx - Universal Monster Jam

ok no problem, I don't understand wog enough to make any updates or to even think of improving a wog map. Sp if this one has potential feel free to mess around with it.

Author: Richard (Leipzig, Germany), 24-07-2012 13:05
Monster Jam
Its interesting to play as vampire. The living skull must be canceled or it destroys the way, the idea, the quest guards because you can get alot of famous artifacts.

  cth writes:
27-08-2013 19:13


I have some troubles with attack/defence/etc. on some stage they are reduced to zeros... and playing further becomes imposible.

  Richard Scholz (Germany) writes:
29-08-2013 18:09


This is a well known bug in heroes and never to fix. Sorry, you must restart the game.
How it comes to it: The max. limit of attack, defense etc. is 99. If you have it, swords armors etc. show no more effects. Each 1 !!!! point more (maybe lv+) is useless but not dangerous. You get only problems if you find something that give you more as 1 point.
A bottle with 5 points.... over 100... return to more chance in fights. So always check your points without armor, swords etc. and be careful in higher levels.

  Valery writes:
30-08-2013 20:18


Well, not exactly. The stats go back to 0 if you reach 128. Until 127 you are safe, and era (wog 3.59) shows stats until 127. If you play regular game, it is very hard to keep in mind your stats are they show 99 max. Play the map in ERA, with plugin activated and you will see real stats, so you are safe.

  dumi (Romania) writes:
17-09-2013 00:27


Valery can you tell me the exact name of the plugin that you are over 99 attack and defense?

Author: Andris (Latvia), 23-01-2012 17:39
White tent
Hi! Where is white tent? Cannot find... :(

Author: Jani (Finland), 16-10-2011 22:27
Yesterday I downloaded over 600 WoG objects etc.. Thx

Author: maygwan (uk), 16-10-2011 11:18
This is a wog map
Says sod but its wog

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