Author: maygwan , 25-02-2017 18:06

did you use dracula or other hero - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Also did you amass plenty of skeletons. Ironfist will also cast haste if you need it. Gorgons will make mincemeat of ghosts but you need to block litches with either archs or phoenixes. There are plenty of ways to beat hades but sometimes it takes a few tries to figure it all out. more...

Author: huy , 25-02-2017 17:39

sutck after kill geryon - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

after kill him and a lot of yellow dragon, i can't find way to continue
Pls help more...

Author: Koni , 25-02-2017 16:22

dwelling condition - The Eye of Osiris - Heroes 4 map

only if you approach the nearby dwelling, there is a condition triggered and set to true. That means that you have to fetch the 3 birds out of thies nest. more...

Author: Novik (PL), 25-02-2017 15:21

Hades - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Did anyone kill Hades? For me he is unbeatable with 20k Ghosts Dragons, Vampire Lords, Dread Knights and 10k Power Liches on cursed ground. Any tips? more...

Author: Novik (PL), 25-02-2017 00:53

Minoguard - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

M9,W1,D1 - I played quite slowly.
600 Titans and 310 AA more...

Author: Alissa , 24-02-2017 23:02

Alissa the Wise Wolf - Catastrophe - Heroes 3 map

I wonder if it's possible to mod the brush so that you can choose what obstacle it places. Like if you want to place mountains, you select mountains. more...

Author: Lauri (Finland), 24-02-2017 20:21

Updated - The Ninth Circle - Heroes 3 map

The map has been updated:
- Fixed a bug where you were able to remove the angels from an garrison.
- Deactivated Orb of Invulnerability
- Activated all heroes allowing you, and your enemies, to hire new heroes
- a few minor things more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 15:25

nice map - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

Ive just completed the map Ive liked it alot even tho its not my type of map where AI dont move at all

Zeus was abit too weak Hades and the other one with black dragons where alot tougher.
the terain in the last fight just about the grail made the last fight easy.

9/10 just bcz of the king&# more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 24-02-2017 12:29

thank you - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

got it, thank you.
i kept avoiding those green things in the water xD more...

Author: Nidza (Belgrade), 24-02-2017 10:29

odgovor - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

yes it was hard.. go back to ship and sail little above Hippolyta island.. you will be attacked and after victory pen of death will pop up more...

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Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss

"To defeat evil, all you need is to conjure a more sinister evil"

The king has been assassinated.The northern lords each have declared the crown and the throne for themselves. You are the Queen's last hope. Defeat the northern lords, unite the realm and find out who is behind the king's death.

Added: 14-02-2017

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Author: Lauri (Finland), 24-02-2017 20:21
Updated - The Ninth Circle
The map has been updated:
- Fixed a bug where you were able to remove the angels from an garrison.
- Deactivated Orb of Invulnerability
- Activated all heroes allowing you, and your enemies, to hire new heroes
- a few minor things

Author: Artanis, 21-02-2017 12:10
more issues 1 - The Ninth Circle
1) seer giving admirals hat is saying he needs 300 wood, but actually gives for free
2) I can hire KingSlayer hero after eliminating green player. Feel strange about having king slayer in my team... Also some barbarian heroes can be hired after defeating, but this looks logical
3) orb of inhibition, orb of vulnerability, ressurect spell are enabled -- not critical but helpfull

Author: Kaludis (Malmö, Sweden), 19-02-2017 21:26
Help - The Ninth Circle
Hi! Very nice map, I've realy enjoyed it so far, though my progress has come to a halt. I just can't find a way to get the angelic alliance-artifact that is needed to get past the quest guard to the Inferno-town on the overworld. I have defeated all other heroes. How do I proceed?

  Kaludis (Malmö, Sweden) writes:
20-02-2017 00:13

Edit; - The Ninth Circle

I have not defeated any of the red players, but I believe the Inferno castle on the overworld is the first one to be? Is it maybe that simple that I have missed a portal leading me to the legion of arch-angels guarding the angelic alliance?

  maygwan writes:
20-02-2017 07:14

on the snow area - The Ninth Circle

There is a portal red portal two way guarded by troops if you kill troops in the garrison and then some azures you get the angelic.
Snow area right corner of map just below the tower town.

  Kaludis (Malmö, Sweden) writes:
21-02-2017 01:18

Thank you! - The Ninth Circle

Thank you so much for your quick reply! I will come back when I have finished the map :)

Author: Timo, 17-02-2017 15:32
Great Map - The Ninth Circle
Great Map. Finished in 155 days though I reloaded a lot, especially the final battles with red. Still trying to figure out how you timed the events in the map editor concerning the red invasion....regardle ss good job ! Also, probably spent around 1M trying to get the clone spell...turns out it was removed :) I figured I would mention it here again just so people dont waste there time upgrading 20 mage guilds to level 4.

  maygwan writes:
17-02-2017 18:03

Timing events - The Ninth Circle

There are a few ways to do this in the editor.
One way is to have a dwelling by a hero with a quest guard asking for a certain amount of creatures. The other is to set up prisons in a row with one hero to open them as a space comes available. You then set up the map so each hero the player kills based on the story line, the one hero will open a prison and once all the prisons are open they can then all come through at the same time.

There are other ways ie having heroes wait behind a quest that requires lets say 1000 of each resource then on a certain day or few days give that player the resources and he will open the quest and come through.

I myself have a couple maps coming out that utilize what i quoted above.

Author: V., 15-02-2017 01:43
Great! - The Ninth Circle
A very nice map, I enjoyed it a lot! It was a much too easy for me, so next time I think I'll play without Orb of Vulnerability. Cloak of the Undead King should have been disabled, it's extremely easy with it.

Took me 148 days, score 496.

Author: Artanis (Moscow), 06-02-2017 17:41
Probably bug - The Ninth Circle
Player can pick 120 archangels from his garrison in the very early game -- I consider this is a bug

The map is wonderful, I'm in the middle of the way for now

  maygwan writes:
07-02-2017 08:28

it's not a bug - The Ninth Circle

You will need them to defend and to push forward, They just make the start of the map a little easier it's the end of the map that's tough.

  Lauri writes:
07-02-2017 14:00

What? - The Ninth Circle

What do you mean? Pick them from where?

  Lauri writes:
07-02-2017 14:02

Oh crap - The Ninth Circle

Oh my, oh my. I just realized.

Yes, that is -definitely- a bug making the map way too easy.

I've now fixed it, but won't upload the map before further changes.

  maygwan writes:
07-02-2017 20:24

OH it was a bug lol - The Ninth Circle

I Think maybe it wasn't noticed because it only happens if you are a fast rusher on the map. If yo go slowly i think yog comes and kills them. Either way i wondered why the map was so easy at the start.

  Lauri writes:
12-02-2017 20:46

Mistake - The Ninth Circle

Yeah, it was a mistake by my part. The angels were always there in the older versions also, but in these newer versions I gave the ownership of the garrison to the player instead of being none. I did this so that the player has some better control to fight the barbarian and, for example, choose to focus on killing his ranged troops with the angels before facing him with the main-hero.

I simply forgot to tag the troops are remoable option off.

Author: maygwan, 30-01-2017 08:34
Very good map - The Ninth Circle
This was a well Designed map that was enjoyable. You need to rush the map from the start which i did and to be honest the start of the map is extremely easy. There are small invasions early game but nothing i could not handle. The key is utilizing multiple heroes.
Main hero advances while i had gelu defend and 3rd hero take care of water area. You can pretty much clear your area with a few champions easily upgraded with stables for free and plenty of dwellings. I only had to bring my main hero back for a fight with yog as he was a little too hard for gelu. Most of the enemies were easy with a few teal fights a challenge.

Now to the red onslaught, This was tough for me because i couldn't capture and kill one of the Fallen and all the others came through and united giving me a foe with a massive army of 20k pit lords 12k efreet sultans and 3500 arch devils. It's down to luck i guess lol and i was unlucky. Anyway it took me 3 weeks longer than i wanted. I would of done the map around 200 days but took me 222 days score 496pts.

Now because of the onslaught uniting i had to take the secret area which i wasn't going to do but to get there for players who couldn't you need after killing Selena take the hidden portals but the main portal is behind a one way portal so take 2 heroes through there to block the exits then it wont work for your third hero allowing the secret area.

You can also make the red onslaught super easy if you sit on all the exits so they cant come through and in 7 days you win.

Another note is you can hire all the red heroes from taverns giving you 80 stat heroes with Fly and DD. I tested this theory by not using shackles on some and next day they were mine muhaaaaaaaa.

You can also hire them all and sit them in your castles so opponent can't hire them.

Anyway great map and some tough fights, very well made and thought out map.

Author: Gorol (Poland), 15-01-2017 11:17
Score - The Ninth Circle
Hi, great map, red player was very challenging for me, but I beat him eventually:)

I finished it on day 191 and for the score of 444 on impossible. You Guys wrtie that your score was much better, why's taht?

  Voy (Polska) writes:
28-01-2017 16:19

Score - The Ninth Circle:re - The Ninth Circle

You probably didn't find the grail which would get you +50 points right off the bat

  Gorol (Polska) writes:
31-01-2017 13:54

Score - The Ninth Circle:re - The Ninth Circle - The Ninth Circle

Dzięki. Rzeczywiście grala nie znalazłem:)

Author: Arecki (Frankfurt, Germany), 09-01-2017 21:53 +10
Sercet Portal - The Ninth Circle
How can I get into yellow Portal with Archangels and 2 Pandora Box?
Sercet Portal - The Ninth Circle

  Lauri writes:
12-01-2017 15:30

Secret! - The Ninth Circle

That's a secret for you to find out ;)

There are several secrets in the map, which all make the map a lot easier should you find them. You're not supposed to use them if you want to enjoy the full challenge of the map. That particular secret is the hardest to find, that's why the teaser of showing it to you. It's also the most powerful making the map pretty much instant victory. You can walk over any enemy after acquiring that secret.

Author: Voy (Polska), 08-01-2017 16:41
10 - The Ninth Circle
Easily one of the best maps I've played so far, 10/10
My score was 494@199 days
Also there's a cartographer on Green's territory, dunno if that's intended or not :/

  Lauri writes:
12-01-2017 15:50

Thanks - The Ninth Circle


What are you saying? You mean paying 10.000 gold just to see my name written underground isn't worth it?! Whaaaaat! That sounds more than a fair deal to me!

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