Author: tom flanders (fort plain, ny), 22-01-2017 20:53

chirp - Dragon World - Heroes 3 map

looks good more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 22-01-2017 19:48

:) - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

thank you so much.
just took a break after failing 2 times to use the force field in the right position just when i was close to kill mutare.takes too much time -.-'
thanks again! more...

Author: maygwan , 22-01-2017 19:39

Anyone else getting freezes - Gelu the Necromancer ult ed - Heroes 3 map

??? more...

Author: maygwan , 22-01-2017 19:38

hota dl - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map wnload.html more...

Author: maygwan , 22-01-2017 19:37

there are more ways to win - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Than using just berserk, plenty of other spells. more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 22-01-2017 17:21

help please - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

im sorry for asking here i know is not the right place.
i just want to know where i can download horn of the abyss expansion i just cant find it anywhere.
i have the wog expansion tho.
once again im sorry for posting here but i did it bcz here was the last comment/activity more...

Author: Lizzy (New Zealand), 22-01-2017 15:52

A Journey - A Journey - Heroes 3 map

This is a good map took ages more...

Author: lkmurat (Ankara, Turkey), 22-01-2017 14:03

Why man why? - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Good map but a huge mistake. You know why? Because I think you forgot to ban "pendant of dispassion" and that bastard Henry Morgan got it from one of those shipwrecks and now I cannot berserk his army. I know it is not badge of courage because I can blind them but not berserk. Really good more...

Author: Andrew (Moscow, Russia), 22-01-2017 10:59

game freeze - Gelu the Necromancer ult ed - Heroes 3 map

yes, I do use HD mod more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 22-01-2017 06:32

Gauntlet 2 - Angel - Heroes 7 map

If you make it through Gauntlet 2, let me know. Speaking of glitches by the game developers -- once your armies get so large it tends to crash the game. And fighting with large armies and powerful heroes is why I created the game in the first place. more...

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Wer sich schnell und leise, flink und geschickt bewegt, der hat hier die Chance als Maus die Katze zu besiegen.
Du uberlege in Ruhe durch welches Portal du dich bewegen magst, denn eventuell gibt es kein Zurück und du sitzt wie eine Maus in der Falle!

Added: 03-11-2016

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Author: Shal (Torun, Poland), 19-10-2013 22:24

Author: Narxx (Israel), 19-10-2013 01:27
Santuary's hard
I donno, I find this map too hard for me with sanctuary. But maybe it's just me. it looks good and not ordinary.


Author: Hjalmar Norden (Stockholm, Sweden), 03-01-2013 16:09
A million Kirin?!
Just one thing... What's the deal with the million Kirin on the east side of the map?

  Senthor writes:
22-01-2013 03:04


Uhm im not sure about this. But i think this is a "fun" stack... or the Monster is random, so there can also been a stack of for example ... Orcs. Maybe ur just unlucky with Kirins :)

My Sister and me liked some hard fights at the End, so we always put some hard stacks of monsters in our Maps :)

Mfg Senthor

  jhb writes:
19-06-2013 20:32

heroes veteran

I think this map is not balanced for multiplayer

Author: Hjalmar Nordén (Stockholm, Sweden), 03-01-2013 15:25
Excellent for allied play vs AI!
Me and a friend had a great time against for computers on this map! Many unexpected twists, turns and fights! The computer got stuck once or twice, but aside from that, best Heroes 6 game I've had against the computer thus far (and yes, I'd call my self a Heroes veteran).

Author: jt.shmee (CA, USA), 02-01-2013 06:28
Thanks for making the map!

Author: majstor (Serbia), 22-05-2012 19:41

Author: Koellefornia (Cologne, Germany), 20-05-2012 17:48
Geniale Karte !!!
Sehr viel Liebe zum Detail, eine gute Balance, keine Bugs ... vielen Dank dafuer diese tolle Karte!

Author: Senthor (Cologne, Germany), 07-05-2012 22:49 +10
Well its a shame this map is just on page two. I just can say: Play this map!

Author: Senthor (Hoexter, Germany), 09-04-2012 15:57
played once again and its just awesome :)

Author: Senthor (Cologne, Germany), 08-04-2012 04:08
It's very bad that this map is not rated or commented by the guys who download it.

This is just such a nice map!

The AI is very good here, offensive and strong! Common rate this map guys ;)

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