Author: Sasha (Serbia), 27-03-2017 22:00

Invasion - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Hm, I get your point. It was a bit too much for me. I was able to kill them all since had strong army but after grinding 10 of them I felt bored. This is my personal feeling and it might be challenging for other player. Thanks for the map though. It was challenging. more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 18:15

Oh and... - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

I guess it goes without saying the map is supposed to be played on impossible setting. Otherwise the enemy won't hire extra heroes :)

But I guess you always play on impossible so shouldn't be a problem? more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 18:14

My bad - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

The map file was correct, but I'd forgotten to activate spare heroes for them. Therefore the enemy doesn't hire more heroes if you manage to win them in battle without them escaping.

Such a tiny mistake causing such a major headache.

Go me.

Map waiting to be uploaded. I apologize more...

Author: Maygwan , 27-03-2017 18:12

Thats correct - Balance - Heroes 3 map

You can however go in and change the editor to allow solo play on the other factions. i played a few on solo just to test the map based on the multiplay aspect. more...

Author: Cesar (Sweden), 27-03-2017 12:50

Necro - Balance - Heroes 3 map

But at solo challeng i could only pick necro it had boosted ai i said ^^ more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:19

Luck factor - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Oh and some heroes being easy or not is also always about luck. You know how AI can sometimes be stupid and break down their armies and sometimes unite them under one main-hero. Sometimes they come at you with twice the army, sometimes with half of it and then lost both halves due to not being prepa more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:14

Invasion - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Yeah, I understand it can be a bit frustrating at that point, but I'd like you to think of it other way... think of it as a twist in plot.

I know it feels frustrating just when you feel like you're SO close to victory, just when you've taken all the towns that you're quickly l more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:10

TP - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

You get TP when you really need it, which is during the mid/end-game invasion.

Pink hero with 1000 of each dragons is guarding it. You can either defeat it yourself taking some heavy penalties or alternatively you can take over all their castles in which case the hero is banished in 7 days and th more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:02

weird - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

That is most weird, shouldn't happen.

In the original version there was the problem of enemy no longer recruiting more heroes - which apparently you didn't have. I fixed it in this version so that they can hire more... but weird enough, they don't...?

I have to take a look late more...

Author: Shinoshuke (VietNam), 27-03-2017 09:32

MoS- Powerful ! - TEW IV Commodus' Revenge - Heroes 3 map

Hi valery!!! I've just finished TEW IV the second times with MOS, 3 month earlier than MoD (M5W3D1 vs M8W3D6). At first it's harder but later it's more powerful with a lot of super demons. Really enjoyed your art...:D. I'm going Alexander the Great and when i finish i'll inf more...

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Decades ago a young 12 year old Haven boy named Jack Hightower had taken his row boat to Sunray Island in the middle of Lake Hatch. This was a family oriented park island where many locals spent their weekends. It was here that he had picked a four leaf clover and he said, I will seal this clover and keep it the rest of my life and it will bring me good luck. Twenty years later, he would realize his luck by winning the world lottery. He had felt blessed and knew that the clover is what brought him good luck. He decided to purchase Sunray Island with his newly found wealth and rename it Clover Island. A decade later, he had purchased a wealth of treasures and valuables from a trader. These treasures were brought to the island by barge, off loaded and stacked to form a clover. Twelve years later, a major storm hit the area, several hundred people were killed or missing. Many structures were destroyed or badly damaged. Among those who were killed was Mr Jack Hightower. Through many disputes, his fortune on Clover Island was left open. Two years after the storm dangerous monsters over ran the island and claimed the treasures for their own. Today they guard the fortunes with their life.
Four factions fight over an important land where only the strong survive. Valuable treasures await those who venture to Clover Island but beware, they are guarded by the most deadly monsters known in the lands.

Added: 28-02-2017

Heroes 6 maps: Bimini Island | The battle of wills | Former Friends | Der Drachenschatz

Author: Roy (USA), 18-05-2012 03:45
Downloaded it again works fine now. Just that because there are strong armies in front of the mines the map was boring. I was able to take the ore and wood mines but AI did not. So it just became a push over. The Island did not play much in it. Sorry.

Author: fatespinner (USA), 17-05-2012 18:13
File should be v1.1
Verify your file is Clover_Island_v1.1.s cn. I don't think he added it a couple hours after I posted my comment. I got email this morning saying he add my maps. I played several turns without a problem in v1.1. Let me know how it goes and if your scn file is not listed as v1.1 then it's the old one so try to re-download it.

Author: Roy (USA), 17-05-2012 03:52
Downloaded your latest version and still crashes. After turn 2 instead of turn 1 as before.

Author: fatespinner (USA), 17-05-2012 01:42
Version 1.1 uploaded
File should be available when the webmaster posts it.


- Fixed crash (a ship was placed too close to shore and when army boarded, caused crash)

- Added 22 more random resources on mainland

Author: Carter (USA), 16-05-2012 00:02
Crashes for me as well
Usually when the AI is taking an enemy's turn (not during my turn or my ally's).

Author: fatespinner (USA), 15-05-2012 08:12
I will check it out
I and a friend have playtested it through a couple times. Not sure why it's crashing on you we never had that problem. I can take a look to see if something happened with the file during upload. Anyone else having a problem with it crashing please post here.

Author: Steve (Swiss), 14-05-2012 18:00
Des bugs partout

Author: Roy (USA), 14-05-2012 16:12
Sorry the map crashes.

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