Author: tom flanders (fort plain, ny), 22-01-2017 20:53

chirp - Dragon World - Heroes 3 map

looks good more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 22-01-2017 19:48

:) - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

thank you so much.
just took a break after failing 2 times to use the force field in the right position just when i was close to kill mutare.takes too much time -.-'
thanks again! more...

Author: maygwan , 22-01-2017 19:39

Anyone else getting freezes - Gelu the Necromancer ult ed - Heroes 3 map

??? more...

Author: maygwan , 22-01-2017 19:38

hota dl - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map wnload.html more...

Author: maygwan , 22-01-2017 19:37

there are more ways to win - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Than using just berserk, plenty of other spells. more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 22-01-2017 17:21

help please - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

im sorry for asking here i know is not the right place.
i just want to know where i can download horn of the abyss expansion i just cant find it anywhere.
i have the wog expansion tho.
once again im sorry for posting here but i did it bcz here was the last comment/activity more...

Author: Lizzy (New Zealand), 22-01-2017 15:52

A Journey - A Journey - Heroes 3 map

This is a good map took ages more...

Author: lkmurat (Ankara, Turkey), 22-01-2017 14:03

Why man why? - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Good map but a huge mistake. You know why? Because I think you forgot to ban "pendant of dispassion" and that bastard Henry Morgan got it from one of those shipwrecks and now I cannot berserk his army. I know it is not badge of courage because I can blind them but not berserk. Really good more...

Author: Andrew (Moscow, Russia), 22-01-2017 10:59

game freeze - Gelu the Necromancer ult ed - Heroes 3 map

yes, I do use HD mod more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 22-01-2017 06:32

Gauntlet 2 - Angel - Heroes 7 map

If you make it through Gauntlet 2, let me know. Speaking of glitches by the game developers -- once your armies get so large it tends to crash the game. And fighting with large armies and powerful heroes is why I created the game in the first place. more...

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Heroes 7: Heroes 7 original

Work your way through a gauntlet of progressively tougher opponents. The good news is there is no limit on hero leveling. The bad news is the same goes for your opponents.

Added: 06-03-2016

Heroes 7 maps: Angel | The Hunger Games | Island Madness | Island Quasi - Madness

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Author: JerryNcoming (France), 22-12-2016 02:23
Virus ? - The Gauntlet
I tried to dl this map... i downloaded over 100 maps from this website and never had any problem ... But that's the first time it'sa link like this, i tried it, and i've been warned it surely was a virus. Isn't there a way to downloaded it safely ?

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
22-12-2016 06:11

No Virus - The Gauntlet

I noticed that sometimes certain browsers are finicky about downloading from the site. I have tried a different browser and had no problem. There is no virus in the file. It is a cooked umap file and so is not readily recognized by some browsers.

Author: Jaagoppi (Finland), 10-05-2016 11:16
This works - The Gauntlet
This map is one of the greatest heroes maps ever. Ty alot Graxstar, your great map maker!!

Put cpus always to hardest so game dont crash so often. cpus fool with caravans so much so it will crash game eventyally at normal game. mostly map works thru with heroic challenge.

dont ever stop map making Graxstar, you have it what it takes =)

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
10-05-2016 16:18

Thank you - The Gauntlet

If you liked The Gauntlet you will probably enjoy Big Boss Bongo as well.

  Aragorn (Austria) writes:
25-07-2016 16:45

I Need Support Work! - The Gauntlet


I'm looking for someone of my really good 1: 1 the island contours
and the mountains and hills can implement in MMH7 Editor according to my sketch map.

I'm not so good at cards outline looming, I need only the outlines.

How it looks hättes you time take me to work from, or do you know someone who can make me there.

All important details project can be found here: com/communities/1011 92257764826054792

And here is the link to the island outline work: com/1055099860572684 47347/posts/Lz3GCPtG Vp7

I would be glad if me this work would someone lose weight.

Please let me know.



  Graxstar (USA) writes:
25-07-2016 23:22

Support - The Gauntlet

Aragorn, it is hard for me to understand what it is that you are asking. If you use Google Translate like I did for this translation, it will be easier for me to understand. I used Google Translate to translate my English into German.

Aragorn, es ist schwer für mich zu verstehen, was es ist, dass Sie fragen. Wenn Sie Google Übersetzen wie ich für diese Übersetzung tat, wird es einfacher für mich zu verstehen. Früher habe ich Google übersetzen, um mein Englisch ins Deutsche übersetzen.

  Aragorn (Austria) writes:
26-07-2016 00:02

I Need help for me Mmh7 Map Projekt! - The Gauntlet

I Need some big help for Mmh7 Map Projekt!!
I am Looking for someone how can 1:1 creat THe Insel Outlines and THe Mountains and THe hills
like it looks on my Map Picture on
My Google Page.

Here THe Link: com/communities/1011 92257764826054792

Author: Fhen, 24-04-2016 01:02
Crash - The Gauntlet
Not working for me, the map crash on loading.

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
24-04-2016 04:31

Game Crashes - The Gauntlet

The maps on this site are "cooked" maps. You could always try going to and download my "uncooked" map (larger file yet). The uncooked map you can open it up in the map editor and then either play it as is or "publish" it into your own AdventureMaps file.

  J writes:
24-04-2016 21:34

Uncooked map(s)? - The Gauntlet

Wanted you uncooked version of the map to tinker a bit with the editor, but somehow on your site (hommdb) there is just the cooked version as well.. or is it me who is to blind to find it there? =:D

  Graxstar writes:
25-04-2016 17:21

Uncooked maps - The Gauntlet must have updated their site to the cooked version as well. The cooked versions are only a fraction of the size of the uncooked versions so it is understandable why they only publish those. Game crashes are beyond my control and seem to be worse since the 1.8 update. The Map Editor crashes much more frequently now. It's small wonder not many people are creating maps for the game.

  J writes:
25-04-2016 21:16

Grrr! - The Gauntlet

Aye, tried to do something on my own several times but if the editor crashes every time you try to save your progress, it is... very frustrating =:(
Hopefully they will do something about it in the next patch..

Author: Alexander (Good old Germany), 18-04-2016 21:17
Game crashes after defeating 4th opponent - The Gauntlet
This is a very challenging map with strong opponents (at least one per fraction). I tried a few times to play this map, now with patch 1.8. The game crashes not only when reloading, it crashes during fights or going into a town as well.

Is there any possibility to avoid these crashes? Again, I really appreciate your maps, but in most of those huge maps game crashes appear.

Best regards!

Author: Nymis (Prague), 12-04-2016 21:53
I am pissed!! - The Gauntlet
We played this map with my friend. I was happy with this map because i was sure it is the best map ive played. But when i was on my best i found out that i can not continue playing cuz i can not move over the baricade, just somebody can move to me, but i cant cuz theres something like a key which is outside of the baricade so i cant get it.

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
13-04-2016 05:11

Look for the Seal Altar - The Gauntlet

There is a seal altar in the lower left section on the surface which opens all the barricades (seals). It is the same color as the seal.

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
13-04-2016 20:16

Not A Multiplayer Game - The Gauntlet

Also, "The Gauntlet"was purposefully designed not to be multiplayer. Try "The Fall of the Lich" if you want to team together with someone or "A Tale of Fire and Ice" if you want to PvP with someone.

Author: Graxstar (USA), 11-04-2016 19:30
Map Updated - The Gauntlet
The map has now been updated to "cooked" (published) which means that it will not be able to be opened in Map Editor but hopefully will prevent game crashes between saves.

Author: Roy (UK), 10-04-2016 13:29
Map editor - The Gauntlet
At least you had a go and I praise you for the effort. My map editor is just a mess. I cannot open any map or generate a random map. How Heroes V RMG was so good and the map editor worked. Ubisoft have got to realise how important it is for the continue play of the game. I am amazed some map makers have had success in making maps.

Author: Roy (UK), 08-04-2016 21:52
I was enjoying it - The Gauntlet
Well the game was running smoothly with no problems until after taking out the third army and towns then it would not reload. Looking at other comments this is a major issue with the map. Shame I was enjoying the map and its unique play with the seals.

  Graxstar writes:
10-04-2016 04:42

Glitches in the game - The Gauntlet

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have decided to give up creating more games until when (or if) Ubisoft fixes their Map Editor. There are so many glitches it has become more frustrating than fun. For example, if you plan on using any portals or gateways in the game, you need to create them before you save your map for the first time. Trying to create dialogue is about impossible, since the editor does not "remember" what you type after you close the dialogue box. There are so many things that don't work even though you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. And that's just the beginning. A few players have successfully made very complex games (check out for example) but they tend not to have English as their first language, which makes me wonder if the Map Editor is different for other countries. I also wonder if many others have had the same problems with the Map Editor and that's why there are so few player-created games in circulation.

Author: Ram, 28-03-2016 20:53
what's the trick to open the seals? - The Gauntlet
what's the trick to open the seals?
I'm paying this with a friend in an hot seat mode and I don't have any way to open them...

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
30-03-2016 19:20

Opening the seals - The Gauntlet

There is a shrine on the surface level of the same color as the seals, lower left hand corner. Visit it and you will be able to touch the seals and open them. You will need to clear out the monsters guarding it first.

  zdenal writes:
03-10-2016 14:40

Cant pass to yellow player - The Gauntlet

Hi, i cant pass to 3rd (yellow) army. Seal cannot be broken, because its guarding by army behind seal.... :( Any idea?

  Graxstar (USA) writes:
04-10-2016 05:24

Seal - The Gauntlet

All seals are able to be opened by visiting the seal altar in lower left hand corner of the surface. If you opened one seal, you should be able to open them all as they are all the same color.

  zdenal writes:
04-10-2016 11:41

:) - The Gauntlet

After upgrading to 1.5 its possible ;)

Author: Luiz Carlos da Silva (Brasil), 27-03-2016 17:39
Otimo mapa - The Gauntlet
gostei muito do mapa o problema que ele trava quando faço load do save, tem como resolver isso??????????

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