Author: michel (France), 19-01-2017 20:45

answer 2 Keµµ - La cordee-haven-2017 - Heroes 5 map

Ok Keµµ, Please can you go to the region ( like the picture ) ( the red region ) with the player 1 ( your player ) This will open the fog of war of the first floor map, so you will be able to see which player triggers this bug
Keµµ peux tu aller sur la zone indiquée sur la photo avec ton joueu more...

Author: Polina (United States), 19-01-2017 18:18

Awesome map! - Dragon Lord - Heroes 3 map

Great map- Thank you! more...

Author: Кецц (Moscow), 19-01-2017 13:45

not ready to play. - La cordee-haven-2017 - Heroes 5 map

On a second week map breaks during the move, fails when trying to load the previous autosave. more...

Author: maygwan , 19-01-2017 09:43

Working with others - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

I have done this before i worked on the Masters of Sighisoara campaigns and it takes a long time to complete maps, Sometimes 2-3 years. Also this map took me 6 months just by itself. I admit my story telling could definitely improve and is my Achilles heal when it comes to maps. I will probably stil more...

Author: maygwan , 19-01-2017 09:34

Also part 2 - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

2nd part of the map i never stacked litches above 30k with the fights i had so it was much more challenging for me lol. Anyway each player is unique in there play style so it varies on the strategies they use. I will release the ultimate version soon without litches and it should offer more of a cha more...

Author: maygwan , 19-01-2017 09:29

other ways - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

There are other ways to beat a lot of the bosses i did fight them many times to try and figure out strategies. For example i never used phoenixes once in my play through. Also never used force field or berserk in the game. On another play through i did use phoenixes ect so there are different strate more...

Author: Andreas (Munich), 19-01-2017 09:23

Thank you very much ! - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

Thank you very much ! more...

Author: maygwan , 19-01-2017 09:20

thanx - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

The ultimate version will address a few of the things you mentioned. I had a feeling the litches would make the map too easy so they are taken out of the 2nd part. Also the last bosses are much harder. I did try and mix the quests up ie kill a certain stack, acquire a certain artifact or kill a cert more...

Author: maygwan , 19-01-2017 09:07

look for fire - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

Try looking in the area for a little bit of fire and you will find clovers, there are clovers all thru the map. more...

Author: Andreas (Munich), 19-01-2017 07:58

Clover of Fortune ? Where ? - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

Where is the clover of furtune ?
I can not find it. I would be very thankful for hints ! more...

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Heroes 7: Heroes 7 original

Just another map generated with the Heroes 7 Map Generator. It's quite big and the enemies are a bit far away so you can choose to get to them on foot or use the portal south of your castle to cut the milage. Map is also quite rich in resources and neutrals are a bit stronger. Played it from the start to the end and didn't find any bugs and didn't crash once. Hope you enjoy! Also, patch your Heroes to the latest 1.7 version if not done already.

Added: 24-03-2016

Heroes 7 maps: Big Boss Bongo | War of the Elementals | Dungeon vs Stronghold | Doppelganger

Author: MIB (Gomel), 26-03-2016 11:31
Попытки устанения проблем - Random map 2
I set up a PC specifically for this game as follows: on a separate HDD created a section at its onset, formatted in NTFS and placed there pagefile, configure Windows to pagefile is cleared when you restart Windows, Reloaded was extended to 5 minutes (((But the game is no longer crash at work ! But autosave on large maps still not loaded. Trying to treat this problem manually save.
Trying to treat this problem manually save. Sometimes on the big map in the final part of the game makes this method!
But what kind of freaks developers of this version HMM!

Я настроил PC специально для этой игры так: на отдельном HDD создал раздел в самом его начале, отформатировал в NTFS и разместил там pagefile, настроил Windows чтобы pagefile очищался при перезагрузке Windows, Перезагрузка удлинилась до 5 минут((( Но игра перестала вылетать при работе! Но автосохранения на больших картах все равно не загружаются. Пробую лечить эту проблему ручным сохранением.
Но какие же уроды разработчики этой версии HMM!

Author: Alexander (Good old Germany), 26-03-2016 00:48
This map is challenging - Random map 2
but the game becomes unstable. MIB stated this analog in Random map 1. There is not only the problem of corrupted savegames the game crashes when starting to build up new buildings.
I came in touch with this crucial problem while playing big or huge maps.

Hope your random map 2 runs stable.

  project (Estonia) writes:
26-03-2016 02:27

lets.. - Random map 2

..hope so. all the random generated maps have worked for me without a crash. but i guess they have been medium size, not large.

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