Author: Nikola (Belgrade), 23-02-2017 13:23

Nidza - When Gods walked the Earth - Heroes 3 map

great map... having probles at very end - to kill Hera.... do not have force field to do old homm3 trick :) more...

Author: david (tbilisi, georgia), 23-02-2017 11:12

tushia - Iillusiones de Grandeza / Delusions of Grandeur - Heroes 4 map

Герои Меча и Магии more...

Author: Synesthesiac , 23-02-2017 07:14

Crashes before start - KING OF WORLD - WAR AND REunion - Heroes 3 map

I can't even start this map. It crashes and I get an access violation error right before the map loads. more...

Author: Oscar , 22-02-2017 19:43

Mods needed. - The Enemy Within - Heroes 3 map

Necesitas tener instalados el WOG 3.58f, ERA2, y los mods graficos de ERA2 (todos aquellos que incluyan nuevos objetos para añadir al mapa), si no lo tienes instalado no funcionará, logicamente. Links:

http://heroescommuni p3?TID=37208

http://heroescommuni more...

Author: Mabe , 22-02-2017 17:26

no funciona - The Enemy Within - Heroes 3 map

The Enemy Within: no funciona!!!! more...

Author: WB , 22-02-2017 14:31

Mr. - World Leade2 - Heroes 4 map

Could anyone please tell me HOW you are supposed to get out of that initial island (in the down left corner) isolated with sea chains from the other world IF you are playing for CHAOS?

Thanks a lot! more...

Author: maygwan , 22-02-2017 09:07

Sometimes less is more - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Bring along a ammo cart ballista and tent to the fight to give them more targets and maybe titans big stack and some archangel small stacks. Most important spell will be blind here. Gorgons use 2 hex of map so you want to blind them to block atks on your titan they don't have to be right next t more...

Author: Oscar (Madrid.), 22-02-2017 07:09

ERA 2 graphic mods needed. - The Enemy Within - Heroes 3 map

ERA 2 graphic mods needed. You know, for the objects to be displayed. if you get all mods "objects" installed, the better. t/na-stiahnutie/#gam eplay more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 21-02-2017 16:47

Rating never registered - Ta Horafia Tu Pappou - Heroes 7 map

I wanted to see if the rating went through this time. Your map is too good to have no rating at all. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 21-02-2017 16:43

Map Updated - Island Quasi - Madness - Heroes 7 map

The map has been updated to reflect the changes you suggested. I also noticed that not all players had the same number of creature dwellings, so that has been balanced out as well. more...

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A long time ago lived eight friends together in harmonie and freedem in a fertile country. Over the last one hundred jears the friends distanced themselves from each other and went their one way. The friends became foreigners. They realized soon that they can not live longer together peacefully, because of mistrust and afraid of each other. They agree that there is in future only one place in this country for one hero.
Let the battle of wills begin!

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Author: mib, 12-09-2014 12:54
The author has corrected the lack of yards, the game has become even more attractive, but, unfortunately, there were errors and the game randomly interrupted! The first version of the game, I walked a few times!

Author: Todor (Bulgaria), 24-09-2013 21:58
I don't like it
I don't like this map. The computer players are weak and they can't pass to the boats. If they do, they lose the whole army.

Author: Chaos (Madrid, Spain), 11-08-2013 20:29
Best map so far
Hi, first of all congrats for the great job you did, this map is awesome, full of details, very well balanced, hard but really fun, have been playing this map over and over for like a year with my gf because the other maps are too easy and short, we did some modifications like shipyards in every reign, changed the phoenix guards (the AI explodes all the times there), we found that the AI almost never go to the underground, maybe this is because there are no areas of control and the undergounrd entrances are too far away that the AI doesnt go to explore so far?, cant figure out how to solve this yet. Thx for the map guys. Chaos & Nadeshiko

  Senthor (Cologne) writes:
13-08-2013 21:05

thank You!

first of all, thank you for ur report, its nice to hear that some guys just change things on their own, if they dont like them :P

We will not support the map any more, but in 1-2 weeks we host a new one. Hope u will enjoiy it too (i like it more then the old one :P)

  Natalka - TOH (Bulgaria) writes:
14-08-2013 11:16

easy map

If you think other maps are easy try Jungle Fever.
Don`t take Enlightment though !

  Chaos (Madrid, Spain) writes:
15-08-2013 15:53

Sounds Great!

Thx guys, can't wait for the new one! keep going with the great work ;)

Author: Knolle (Germany, Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex), 17-07-2013 17:59
Nice map, but...

i like this map. So many to explore, nice details and it's interesting to get a high-level-character .
But at one time the game chrashes. Tried to restart a few times and changed some settings but the game still crashes at one point while the NPC moves.
Guess it's not a problem with my PC - this is the first map where i have these problems. But don't know why other don't have this problem...

With kind regards

Author: Brock (St. Louis, US), 20-06-2013 00:44
Great Map
Great Map

First, you should be thanked because I couldn't begin to imagine the level of detail/time that went into this map. It's beautifully created and well balanced.

Some concerns though:

1. Why no areas of control? this makes many faction abilities useless. Is there some way to include areas of control?

2. We play on hard with strong neutral creature growth but about 3 months into the game the stacks become unmanageable for both the human and AI players. I actually found a stack with 99,999 creatures.

3. Once in awhile the game crashes whenever I try to attack an AI army... so I have to let it attack me instead.. kind of strange.

Those 2 things aside this is the best custom map I've ever played.

Author: Senthor (Germany), 01-01-2013 02:21 +10
So it begins....
It's updated ;)

  Gold Player writes:
02-04-2013 21:50


I play this map with three friends on hotseat mode twice a month for about 6 hours. We started in September. Still two KI enemys. It starts to get boring. But we have to finish it.
This map takes ages to play. And lot of patience.
There is no colored light on this map so it looks a bit grey.

  Senthor writes:
02-04-2013 22:15


What does "no color light" mean?

Author: Senthor (Cologne, Germany), 30-12-2012 19:29
Hey Guys, finally we updated the Map again!
I think the Page owner will upload it in the first week of new Year. Maybe second.

The Patchnotes:

1. We added on every Beach a shipyard for midgame agressions. So u dont have to go throuh underground to atack enemy. Also u have to defend two ways now.

2. we replaced the Guardians of the Stairs in the Underground, because some players had issues with them blocking the stairs.

We hope u guys like the changes. Play the Map and tell us if there is another Bug u want to get fixed.

a good new year to everyone!

Senthor & Leandra

  Evil_Pure writes:
02-04-2013 19:09


hi, map is good, but when i want to go out of my teritory i must fight manualy and allways my computer crash, because i must fight manualy..

Author: Senthor (Cologne, Germany), 20-12-2012 13:24
Well, uhm we don't play HEroes any more, so we dont recognice this feedback here.

I think i will do a little patch on the Map. Adding harbors and try to posite the Monster stacks at the Stairs, so u can use it.
I will release the patched map between christmas and new jear. Thx for ur Feedback.

Mfg Senthor

Author: WidowMaker (Italy), 06-11-2012 16:07 +9
I'm having fun so far...
Yours is the type of map I'm always looking for: big, rich in details, high number of teams...
Keep up the good work!
Hope you create some more maps like this one!

Author: skopasis (Kiev, Ukraine), 06-11-2012 15:31 +7
card is not thought considering race sanctuary

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