Author: tom flanders (fort plain, ny), 22-01-2017 20:53

chirp - Dragon World - Heroes 3 map

looks good more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 22-01-2017 19:48

:) - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

thank you so much.
just took a break after failing 2 times to use the force field in the right position just when i was close to kill mutare.takes too much time -.-'
thanks again! more...

Author: maygwan , 22-01-2017 19:39

Anyone else getting freezes - Gelu the Necromancer ult ed - Heroes 3 map

??? more...

Author: maygwan , 22-01-2017 19:38

hota dl - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map wnload.html more...

Author: maygwan , 22-01-2017 19:37

there are more ways to win - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Than using just berserk, plenty of other spells. more...

Author: someGuy (UK), 22-01-2017 17:21

help please - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

im sorry for asking here i know is not the right place.
i just want to know where i can download horn of the abyss expansion i just cant find it anywhere.
i have the wog expansion tho.
once again im sorry for posting here but i did it bcz here was the last comment/activity more...

Author: Lizzy (New Zealand), 22-01-2017 15:52

A Journey - A Journey - Heroes 3 map

This is a good map took ages more...

Author: lkmurat (Ankara, Turkey), 22-01-2017 14:03

Why man why? - Fantasy Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Good map but a huge mistake. You know why? Because I think you forgot to ban "pendant of dispassion" and that bastard Henry Morgan got it from one of those shipwrecks and now I cannot berserk his army. I know it is not badge of courage because I can blind them but not berserk. Really good more...

Author: Andrew (Moscow, Russia), 22-01-2017 10:59

game freeze - Gelu the Necromancer ult ed - Heroes 3 map

yes, I do use HD mod more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 22-01-2017 06:32

Gauntlet 2 - Angel - Heroes 7 map

If you make it through Gauntlet 2, let me know. Speaking of glitches by the game developers -- once your armies get so large it tends to crash the game. And fighting with large armies and powerful heroes is why I created the game in the first place. more...

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Heroes 4: Winds of War

IMPORTANT: This map is only for professionals. You will face really hard battles and powerful heroes. And unless you are expert in might and magic evil will win!
Recommended playing level: Championship.
Once you decided to play this map - Prince Joseph, then, start reading!
King Arthur - the only son of King Edward, has two sons and a daughter ruling the main cities of the Wizard kingdom. King Arthur is known for his kindness and diplomatic abilities. He is very popular in the kingdom. Lord Hellilious - the chaos Lord is preparing a great army to destroy the wizard kingdom. Prince Joseph - the youngest son of the king, understanding that the kingdom is not strong enough to face Lord Hellilious goes to the far north cold lands to learn the might and magic, the same land where once long ago King Edward with the ancient hero Teodor faced Lord Altair (the father of Lord Hellilious) and his army in Toros battle. In that battle nobody won…, however King Edward was killed, and his body was stolen by a dark druid. Teodor escaped to a cave, where he was cursed by mermaids and sent to the swamp to live there forever.

OBJECTIVES (you can read later while playing):
1- Prince Joseph must meet the Delphi Oracle and learn the might and magic in the Land of Two Rivers- Tigris and Euphrates.
2- King Arthur with his daughter and eldest son shall prepare the kingdom for a great war.
3- Prince Joseph shall finish his mission during the third month and be back to the kingdom as a powerful hero to face the strong armies send by Lord Hellilious, and especially Lord Venom's army.
4- During Prince Joseph's mission, retreating or loosing the hero means to lose the game.
5- Part of the Royal Family heroes including Prince Joseph and some other heroes (Life and order mages are very important) start a long journey to the Hell where Lord Hellilious is living. In the way, the Royal heroes will find some special individual treasuries. Prince Joseph will fight great creatures in a duel battles to read the red oracles which leads to the ring of light.
6- Find the cave where Teodor escaped after Toros battle, enter the Magical Garden, and destroy the Mermaids who cursed the ancient Hero.
7- Meet Teodor in the swamp, and make him join you. Best heroes without army enter the Hell and defeat Lord Hellilious.
8- Find the prison of King Edward where he is resurrected, King Edward opens the path to the treasury of the Black Forest where he hide a great ring without which it is impossible to defeat the Hell.

Added: 01-09-2016

Heroes 4 maps: mapa pro 3 | Against Ajwar | RPG MAP for 2 Players (Ally) | Law of the jungle

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Author: Lex, 15-01-2014 04:24
Awesome Map
Just finished the map on Champ level. Was able to complete pretty much all quests except not able to find the 2 white obelisk. There are 3 Teal keymasters so not sure only the last one on the small island works or need to get all 3.

Awesome map and no issues with any of the quests.

  Sandro writes:
17-03-2014 11:01

From the author

Congratulations! Happy to hear it.

Author: Todor (Bulgaria), 06-03-2013 22:49
How can I get The Crown Of The Supreme Magi?
I've defeated all players except the purple and I can't go further, because I can't take the crown of the magi. I know where it is, but how can I get it, when the way to it is blocked from the green border guard, and to get the key for it I need the crown?

  Lex writes:
15-01-2014 04:34

How to get into the Green Gate

I actually already got the crown of the supreme magi before the one blocked by the green gate; however, I don't remember where.

To open the green gate, visit the orange keymaster (208,101) next to the town The Hell. You will need to kill Lord Hellilious before you can get to the orange keymaster.

You can enter the magnificent land with the orange key. It will also open up the path to the green keymaster after you open the orange gate.

Hope this help. Enjoy.

Author: Erlend (Norway), 08-11-2012 17:33 +9
Well done!
A well drawn and scripted map. I like the underground mission and the progressively tougher enemy heroes being released. The last mission is too easy with the Ring of Greater Negation, though. All in all, I like this map!

Author: h4fan (Romania), 28-09-2012 11:11 +10
great map
I enjoy playing it but I need indications to find Daemons book, please.

Author: Kroso34 (uk), 26-06-2012 17:15
Nice map
fine map i done it with geen tent but without ring of negation ( so easy with it )
373 days 1076 score. great fun

Author: Denis (Sofia, Bulgaria), 10-09-2011 17:25
credit to the autor!!!
This is the best map map i have ever played. Lot of quests, strong enemies, original story!
The green tent was out of reach because of the bush standing rigth in front.
Finally I manage to destroy the Hell without King's Edward treasury, but it was Hell-a-hard!!!
I'm looking forward to play more maps like this!

Author: Sandro, 16-06-2011 05:20 +10
Sandro (the author)
Lucky guy. Use the unique power if Theodor to kill Lord Hellilious.

Author: Xiong (China), 15-06-2011 10:52
Just at the moment I want to restart the game, my city, in which I prisoned Teator, was captured by the enemy. When I recaptured the city, I freed Teodor and then he joined me. Haha!
This map can always give me surprise when i was playing. Pretty cool!

Author: Xiong (China), 15-06-2011 10:19
The map is pretty good!
But I could not finish it cause I killed Teodor carelessly in my game ...
So I have to restart it from the very beginning.
What a pity! 1o1

Author: cyril (france), 07-10-2010 23:50
félicitation pour cette magnifique carte
tres bien éxpliquer
le probleme c'est que j'ai beaucoup de mal en anglais
je n'est pas trouvé un trésor celui de la glace avec les 2 oracles
le dernier combat était pour moi impossible sans l'anneau
par contre trop facile avec
si cette troupe n'était pas d'en un chateau j'aurais eut beaucoup plus de mal
merci encore
chapeau bas
je n'ai pas put envoyer la sauvegarde du dernier tour car l'adresse mail n'est pas valide

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