Author: ..' , 22-04-2017 21:21

Grats man - Sandro's Gambit - Heroes 3 map

Masterpiece. I had so much fun whit this map thank you 10/10 more...

Author: adrian , 22-04-2017 20:57

Ghost Dragon Quest - The Bogmire Brothers - Heroes 3 map

From where can I take a Ghost Dragon? I need it for the Quest at (245, 251, 0). Thanks more...

Author: sj (Chelyabynsk, Russia), 22-04-2017 16:19

Best map i ever played - Surrea: {The Shift} - Heroes 3 map

I agree that it is difficult to defend my cities, but I think this is a kind of interest. But after the entire upper world is captured, you can take your time and study the HoMM universe. And it is amazing!
I have never seen such a successful balance and rational submission of artifacts. 11/10
ps more...

Author: Adrian (Brasov, Romania), 22-04-2017 13:56

Where are the hunters from second castle ? - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

I dont recive any army from second castle... any solution ? :) more...

Author: Martin XVI. (Ostrava, Czech Republic), 22-04-2017 13:44

Amazing Heroes 3 experience - Last portal - Heroes 3 map

One of the most delightful maps I have ever discovered as a downloadable map made by players.
I really like the artifact mass which you play for so you can build the advanced ones, tough monsters, strategically placed castles for immense battles, random dragons recruictment and so.
I found it ve more...

Author: john (London. UK), 21-04-2017 14:32

Power liches - Lord of The Rings 3.0 - Heroes 3 map

How do you get the rest of the liches (1999), i just got the necromancy items but i dont know how to use them, please help me :) ! more...

Author: GV (Prague), 21-04-2017 01:43

Great Map! - Magician, Warrior and Master - Heroes 3 map

Kept wondering how I'm gonna beat those hundreds of rust, azure, crystal and faerie dragons (+4K angels) that Tan had, as well as the 10k devils that red had. Many surprises and very satisfying in the end. more...

Author: Michael (United States), 20-04-2017 23:08

Typo fix... - Slay the Gremlin - Heroes 7 map

Whoops, I meant to say the Gremlin was pretty easy to beat. more...

Author: Michael (United States), 20-04-2017 23:07

Another great Map - Slay the Gremlin - Heroes 7 map

Thank you Graxstar for another great map. I really enjoy this type of play. I finished the game at level 115. Once I got to the underground, I stopped fighting the neutral armies or I probably would have been level 150. Once I got to level 90, it wasn't much of a challenge. The Gremlin was more...

Author: etempco (USA), 20-04-2017 18:04

1 more - Tears of War Part 2 - Heroes 3 map

There's only 1 other map I can remember uploading called Death's Resolve. It's a bit more open ended than Tears of War but still has a decent bit of story to it. more...

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Added: 23-07-2016

Heroes 6 maps: The Great Canyon | MagicienTemeraire (Reckless Magician) | The valley of secrets | Gothic

Author: Eagle, 22-09-2016 20:01
Bugged - wasted my time - Divided country
September 22, 2016
was good until Map crashes and is unplayable, tried reload still crashed.

Author: michel (France), 19-12-2014 23:11
Bravo bonne carte ( Good Map )
Excellente carte ( un peu difficile au debut ) mais beaucoup de challenge ! Deco parfaite et strategie bien etudiee Merci pour ce bon moment de jeu
Excellent Map (little difficult at first) but a lot of challenge! Good graphic and good strategy
Thanks !! for a great time playing

Author: Heroes 360 (Germany), 17-02-2014 13:22
Please more like this!
sehr gute karte!! bitte mehr davon super durchdacht und super umgesetzt!!

mehr davon!!! please

Awesome map! please keep them coming! very nice idea and very nicely set!!

  Heroes 360 (Germany) writes:
17-02-2014 13:23

Please more like this!

Edit: wie ich sehe habt ihr bosse kämpfe hinzugefügt! sehr geile idee nur ist es möglich gegen den phÖnix einen baum einzufügen wegen den blitzstrahl?

Author: Anon Hero (Rochester, NH), 22-12-2013 13:25
Very good map
Beautifully done map with a lot attention to detail. Fun exploring and great layout. I played it co-op with my GF (team vs team.)

However, the size of the guardian creatures is astounding. Before long, zounds and even legions! Late game the performance became very slow (and I have a decent PC.)

  MichealOi (Iran) writes:
27-12-2013 05:53

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas every one Hope you have a great year in 2014
This was posted on behalf of Steve Baily my father that has recently passed.
God Bless

Author: Luke (Paderborn, Germany), 29-09-2013 04:33 +10
Very beautiful, entertaining map!
I played the map several times and really enjoyed it! It is well designed and the combats with the Guards and the AI are challenging but fun!
Very nice map.

Keep up the good work!

Author: Senthor (Cologne, Germany), 23-09-2013 02:42
New Version! Bugfix!
Hello everyone! :)

A new Version of the Map is online, few bugs were fixed in this version:

- Display bug at the starting area of player 8 (the Lava there had black holes)

- the neutral town under player 8 got a watchtower so u can see the little lava lake on top of the town.

- The Arena with the Thunderbird(Boss) in the down left should be playable now [we forgot to disable the grow of the stack, so it became more bossbirds and the game crashed then the birds used their special abilities]

- The Islands in the River got some fighting grounds, so u can fight for Ashas Tear!

We hope u enjoy the map and we will keep updating it and maybe it all runs i will include some more trigger by time.. so stay tuned! :)

If u find some more Bugs please send us a note!

Best regards

Senthor & Leandra

  Senthor (Cologne, Germany) writes:
23-09-2013 02:46

Just a Note

Ah i totally forgot to say:

If u want to play this map, the best result for some good, but playable fights u get, if u choose "normal" kreature groth/strengh and "hard" AI. The "normal" AI isnt good enough some times to fight the guardians, so it becomes a little bit boring if all enemy are "normal" but "hard" gives u some good and challangening fights :)

Good Luck! ;)

  sandman (south africa) writes:
04-10-2013 01:43


awesome map but it crashes on the opponent's turn in month 3... a great pity

  Senthor (Cologne, Germany) writes:
04-10-2013 21:01


Sometimes it crashes, just restart the game and try again. Its not the fault of the map.
I had two games without any crashes now.

My sister had a game there the game crashed sometimes, she had to reload and could play further to another point, i think (but i dont know the reason) sometimes the save-slot gets kinda... damaged.. and then the game starts to crash randomly.

As i told, i didnt have any issues, and we cant help with gamecrashes during the game, but thanks for your respond.

  sandman (south africa) writes:
06-10-2013 00:27


Thanks for the reply Senthor and keep up the good work - it is really appreciated. Good HOMM6 maps are really scarce and I'm looking forward to your next one!

  Senthor (Cologne, Germany) writes:
06-10-2013 13:23


hehe, thank you very much too.

Im not the designer of the map, just the brother :)
But i will try to motivate my sister to work on the next map! ;) (the next one is really fun, but i think it will need some months to finish it.)

Author: Thanatoeil (ArchangelCastle), 22-09-2013 20:11
Promising map, but crashing if 4 players
We play this map in hotseat coop mode :
team 1 : 3 human players (blue, green, yellow) + AI player red
team 2 : orange, azur, purple, burgundy all AI players.
The map runs well and looks promising.

But before that, I made several tries in hotseat mode and 4 human players. Whatever the players distribution was, the game crashed always at the same point : during the loading screen, when the progress bar reached approximatively half of its way, the game crashed (and returned to desktop).
But as soon as we set the map for 3 human players, no more crash.
We play HeroesVI SoD (ver.2.1.1).

  Senthor (Cologne, Germany) writes:
23-09-2013 02:35


Hey :)

Did u played the newest version? The first version of the map (about 1 1/2 Weeks ago) had a bug, there the game crashed. But we fixed it at the next day already.
Yesterday i played the map (ended it without any problems, my sister with played it on a diffrent pc too.)

Today i tested the map again, with 8 Player Human and i worked fine.

I think u got the oldest version, very sorry for this. Now the Map runs!

  Thanatoeil (ArchangelCastle) writes:
24-09-2013 01:53

Some more tests

Leandra and Senthor,

I made some more tests with your maps "Divided country".

My first tests (reported previously) were made on a map I downloaded on 14september ; in the zip file, the date of the scn file is 10september. I will call this version "map1".
Today, I downloaded your new version : in the zip file, the date of the scn file is 22september. I will call this version "map2".

And here are the results of my last tests :

- map1 in hotseat with 8 players : works fine
- map1 in hotseat with 6 players : works fine
- map1 in hotseat with 4 players (various combinations) : crash to desktop as described previously.

- map2 in hotseat with 8 players : works fine
- map2 in hotseat with 6 players : works fine
- map2 in hotseat with 4 players : works fine

By the way, I saw that you used scripts in this map ; on the heroescommunity forum, there are several threads dealing with scripts and triggers (question & answers, tips, ...). Maybe this can be of some interest for you.

  Senthor (Cologne, Germany) writes:
25-09-2013 00:53


Thank you for your Post. :)

Kinda strange that the game crashed with 4 ppl.
I dont have an answer for this problem.
But i hope it will work better fo now... Some crashes can randomly happen, my sister had several, while playing with her friend, me had non crashes, while i played till the end.

And yeah we tried some triggers for this map. If i have to be honest, alot more were planned, like respawning monsterstacks, which give the slayer some gold/ep. But it didn't workt as expected for 8 players its alot of work to write all the triggers, so we decided to use only simple ones.

I created the triggers all by myself, with just a small tutorial, and randomly some trigger wont work (at my last game some triggers didnt work). But i reall hope, you guys like this triggers, we have implemented.

If i got some time and the motivation, maybe i will add one/two new triggers, we had many ideas in that direction.... :)

Well after all: Thanks again for the Post! We try to optimice the map, but sadly we cant do a thing to the crash problems, sometimes it happens, sometimes not (i think its the fault of the Game itself, course it is poorly programmed and crashes very fast without a reason.... :P )

Author: Senthor (Cologne, Germany), 10-09-2013 21:36
New version
Hey, guys!
The Bug should be fixed!
Now u can start the Map, please send feedback :)

Author: Senthor (Cologne, Germany), 09-09-2013 12:25
Hey Guys
Hope u guys will enjoy the new Map, please report Bugs u see, so we can fix it to make the map better! :)

In this Map u can explore a lot of nice places end.... you will see the Rest, good luck :)

Best Regards,

Senthor & Leandra

  fane (tl RO) writes:
09-09-2013 18:25


Map download is not working

  Senthor (Cologne, Germany) writes:
09-09-2013 19:07

Dowload issue

Hm i can download it. Maybe restart your browser or refresh the site. :)

  Fly writes:
09-09-2013 20:08

Don't work

The map doesn't work ((

  Senthor (Cologne, Germany) writes:
10-09-2013 04:05


What do you mean doesnt work?
We played the map about 6 times on three diffrent Pc/Notebooks. Im pretty sure the map does work.

Do u have Shades of Darkness? Patch 2.1?
If not, this may be the reason why.

  Senthor (Cologne, Germany) writes:
10-09-2013 13:48

Map problem

Ok, even if u got the Add-on the map wont work, tested it on my Pc.
But i found the Bug and gave the new map to the Host of the Site, i think if u guys download it tomorrow (or today in the evening) u get the version which works! :) Thanks for ur report, and my apologize!

Keep telling if u find something bad/buggy. I will comment again if the map is reuploaded!

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