Author: sandman (south africa), 26-03-2017 16:31

levelling cap - The Second Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Hi my hero stopped levelling at 31 - any idea what could be wrong? more...

Author: Cesar (Sweden), 26-03-2017 15:52

nice map - Balance - Heroes 3 map

This was really a fun map! i played solo at hardest was kinda a challenge but with necro u kinda just snowball. i won in 10 months . Great work. love to see more maps like this :) it would be much harder to win if u werent playing necro^^ 10/10 more...

Author: sobol , 26-03-2017 12:45

Too slow and nothing to do - FOREST PARTY - Heroes 3 map

LAck of townportal more...

Author: ntt , 26-03-2017 10:27

death lord - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

Thanks for the answer. In that case, I'm waiting for your new maps. They're great :) more...

Author: Maygwan , 26-03-2017 08:52

You do get TP - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

But it is much later in the game there is a pink hero guarding it with 7k dragons. more...

Author: Dalon , 26-03-2017 08:40

Maybe issue about caravan - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

While doing the map I noticed many AI blocking with caravans, and if I take cities I get many caravans from enemy AI. It seems AI is not able to manage caravans, to a point it create traffic jams and make the game very slow: probably what creates my savegame unloadable too. more...

Author: Dalon , 26-03-2017 08:34

Sorry sir blocked after 200/300 turns - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Sorry to say that, the map blocked after I beat the 3rd player too (with a relatively small army on my necromancy hero - 4k skeletons-170 vampires-30 dragons-500 spiders- 200 lamasu), I'm not able to reload a savegame.

My Pc is decent, 8Gb Ram + Radeon HD8750 with addition 2Gb DDR5 Ram.

W more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 26-03-2017 06:25

DeathLord - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

I may rework it at a later date. I couldn't do with it what I originally intended but I may be able to make it something at least challenging. more...

Author: Vladan (Belgrade, Serbia), 26-03-2017 02:44

Good job again - A Barbarian Uprising Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Nice map. I liked the ideas of spell learning and picking secondary skills for 2 main heroes.

I finished in 205 days, using the horn, rushing. Didn't get the Grail, AI found it before, so 442 points this time.
At the very end, I had to cheat a bit, since I could not find black tent needed t more...

Author: Niks (Cologne, Germany), 25-03-2017 23:49

Why not give town portal? - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

I found myself chasing AI until I lost interest... I appreciate the time invested to make and test the map, but it is far from enjoyable (at least for me). I suppose giving town portal,blind and animate dead would make it too easy, but chasing around AI is really not an alternative. more...

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Author: Gabi Herman (Israel), 04-01-2010 08:42
Fixed - V1.1 (just wait that evgeny will post it), i just deleted by mistake the ramp the the boat should be built on cause when the city is partly on water (you place the city and then dig under it) i encountered save issues, anyway this is fixed and sorry for the inconvenience.

i also updated some stacks and added a "fail safe" - 2 hidden shipyards to make sure that you will be able to build that ship.

tested on 3 comps to make sure it will save and load and that it is playable and can be finished this time.

Author: Gabi Herman (Israel), 04-01-2010 00:23
OK this one is quite vierd
in my first game it worked and i built the boat to get to the purple, but you are right in this map it does give that error, i missed it.

red border is in sylvan territory and the purple is in the underground.

OK i checked it and it is my fault, inthe initial test i had a problem with those 2 (the sylvan and the haven) villas near the shore (for some reason i couldn't save properly after taking the haven one) and i created the bug when trying to fix it, give me a day or 2 and i will fix the map and upload again.

thank you and sorry.

Author: Chris (California, USA), 03-01-2010 23:03
How to reach Dungeon faction
Great map, elaborate and thorough. It must have taken a long time to create. Playing Haven, I've fought through and defeated Inferno and Sylvan, and sacked the Fortress cities in the northwest as well.

I can't figure out how to get into the underground to confront the rest of the Dungeon faction, however (they had seized the Fortress cities, but I don't see how to go into the underground itself to attack their cities.)

In short: I can't find the keymaster tents for red or purple, and the one Haven city I possess with a shipyard won't generate ships (the shipyard exists but the game informs me that "no workers are available.")

Gabi: any hints?

Other gamers: you definitely need your main hero to have diplomacy in this one - the only way to proceed is to get the huge stacks of neutrals to join you. Get ready for neutral armies with over 100,000 troops!

Author: Gabi Herman (Israel), 03-01-2010 22:58
save issues
as the save issue is a known problem with impossible maps i fixed all the "warnings" that the editor wrote except the object overlap that is nonsense and tested it on 4 different computers (including my laptop) and it did save and load and was playable (played it trough only on my main comp but i even checked that i can load saves from a different comp).
have no idea how to fix this, i did all i could think of to prevent this.. sorry.

Author: Eric (Avignon France), 03-01-2010 21:50 +8
save problem...
Hello and thank you for your map,
I have a problem with ...
I played for over 2 hours and no way to load the card with the backups, the game does not load.
I do not understand why?
I'll start the party early and tell you what happens

Thank you for your work

Author: Gabi Herman (Israel), 02-01-2010 22:26
hi - i am the author of the map
The map is designed for 2 human players (and the 2 computer players must be present (they both have their purposes).

I recommend playing it on heroic level as there is a lot to do before you get to meet the computer players and the power level is high.

i played it trough once as it is a long map, fixed the bugs i found and i am playing it for the second time.

i will be happy to hear critics and suggestions

i hope you enjoy this map.

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