Author: Sasha (Serbia), 27-03-2017 22:00

Invasion - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Hm, I get your point. It was a bit too much for me. I was able to kill them all since had strong army but after grinding 10 of them I felt bored. This is my personal feeling and it might be challenging for other player. Thanks for the map though. It was challenging. more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 18:15

Oh and... - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

I guess it goes without saying the map is supposed to be played on impossible setting. Otherwise the enemy won't hire extra heroes :)

But I guess you always play on impossible so shouldn't be a problem? more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 18:14

My bad - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

The map file was correct, but I'd forgotten to activate spare heroes for them. Therefore the enemy doesn't hire more heroes if you manage to win them in battle without them escaping.

Such a tiny mistake causing such a major headache.

Go me.

Map waiting to be uploaded. I apologize more...

Author: Maygwan , 27-03-2017 18:12

Thats correct - Balance - Heroes 3 map

You can however go in and change the editor to allow solo play on the other factions. i played a few on solo just to test the map based on the multiplay aspect. more...

Author: Cesar (Sweden), 27-03-2017 12:50

Necro - Balance - Heroes 3 map

But at solo challeng i could only pick necro it had boosted ai i said ^^ more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:19

Luck factor - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Oh and some heroes being easy or not is also always about luck. You know how AI can sometimes be stupid and break down their armies and sometimes unite them under one main-hero. Sometimes they come at you with twice the army, sometimes with half of it and then lost both halves due to not being prepa more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:14

Invasion - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Yeah, I understand it can be a bit frustrating at that point, but I'd like you to think of it other way... think of it as a twist in plot.

I know it feels frustrating just when you feel like you're SO close to victory, just when you've taken all the towns that you're quickly l more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:10

TP - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

You get TP when you really need it, which is during the mid/end-game invasion.

Pink hero with 1000 of each dragons is guarding it. You can either defeat it yourself taking some heavy penalties or alternatively you can take over all their castles in which case the hero is banished in 7 days and th more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:02

weird - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

That is most weird, shouldn't happen.

In the original version there was the problem of enemy no longer recruiting more heroes - which apparently you didn't have. I fixed it in this version so that they can hire more... but weird enough, they don't...?

I have to take a look late more...

Author: Shinoshuke (VietNam), 27-03-2017 09:32

MoS- Powerful ! - TEW IV Commodus' Revenge - Heroes 3 map

Hi valery!!! I've just finished TEW IV the second times with MOS, 3 month earlier than MoD (M5W3D1 vs M8W3D6). At first it's harder but later it's more powerful with a lot of super demons. Really enjoyed your art...:D. I'm going Alexander the Great and when i finish i'll inf more...

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Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss

The Devils Is In The Detail is supposed to be a good multiplayer/hot seat map, but can also be a challenge for a solo game. You can find two versions, easy (hotseat) and impossible (vs AI)


- 6 balanced starting positions
- All castles available on the map
- All possible game objects on the map
- Game designed to lead to the late game / "no rush start"
- Even bigger AI significant boosts for vs AI map
- DD, Fly, Water Walk and Town Portal spells can only be obtained from the map (cannot get in any castle)

Added: 02-12-2016

Heroes 3 maps: Hungary | Wojna o wolnosc | Nation War | Winds of War

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Author: Mikk (Estonia), 20-12-2016 23:12
Damnit AI, dont get me mad - The Devil Is In The Detail
Basically this AI focuses on Human players and follows them everywhere. And others can just freely take their towns. Darkstorn will just follow you every turn and prevent taking all stat bonuses. I dont want to lower the difficulty but I dont like this AI behavior.
It is really cool map tho

  Mikk (Estonia) writes:
21-12-2016 16:44

Fly too - The Devil Is In The Detail

Also they get fly when its banned somehow

  koget (Denmark) writes:
21-12-2016 16:49

Fly - The Devil Is In The Detail

Fly is water walk spell bug when AI uses it.

As for the AI behavior, I cannot comment on that as this is not something map specific.

Author: koget (Denmark), 20-12-2016 00:24
Thank you - The Devil Is In The Detail
Thank you all for feedback. I've decided to make one more update..


- Additional AI boosts (gold)
- Resurrection spell can only be obtained when solving a quest
- Pathing improvements here and there
- Minor fixes

This will be even more difficult than previous versions if anyone dares..

Map should be soon uploaded to the site.

Author: Jon (Herzeliya, Israel), 19-12-2016 23:15 +10
Awesome map!! good work! - The Devil Is In The Detail
Awesome map, started 1st time with Rampart 200% but got ran over month 4-5 by Teal.
Then restarted as Barbarian 200%, exhausted all my resources in order to get the the center pre month 4 and steal the TP and the artifacts, after that point was a very long grind to keep conquering as much as i can until i collected enough army to defeat the pink hero.

I have noticed that at least for me Pink had a big resources issues and had hardly any ghosts (Won the game at month 13, beaten the main pink hero ~month 10)

All in all awesome map cannot wait to see the next one.


Author: Solmyr (Greece), 19-12-2016 12:51
A great map - The Devil Is In The Detail
I really enjoyed this game. First attempt was with castle on 200%, which I dropped at month 5, because, I would need 10 more months due to some rookie mistakes, I made(speaking about skills, hero, army prioritising. So, second attempth with Tower, still on 200%, took neela and easily destroyed them :P

One (small) complaint though, the AI had no money, I had millions, after taking Rampart castles, and gathered huge army, from the enemy(like a thousand vampires, 200+ arch devils, 700 black nights etc), you should have given them a lot of money, teal and pink.

Ah, I forgot... It took me 260 days. Anyway, that's all, again thank you for this map!

  kogeT (Copenhagen, Denmark) writes:
19-12-2016 14:08

Money problem - The Devil Is In The Detail

I think I'll do something about money, especially for non teal and pink computer players but.. I must say that computers get A LOT of gold already and it's weird that it's still lacking.

Author: Shimon (Haifa, Israel), 17-12-2016 14:18
Most challenging map out there - The Devil Is In The Detail
I have started with Rampart on 200% in my 1st try and only got to defeating pink and capturing necro castles at month 14, it was the longest game i ever had.
2nd try i went with Tower, maining Dracon got to the center at month 4, defeated neutrals near the center to get shackles and waited for pink to breach the center while going around killing neutrals. i have captured a moment that the space was clear and ran for the town portal shrine. after that ive started to gain artifacts, build army and defeat everyone except the necro hero with thousands of troops and darkstorn with the huge amount of black dragons (month 7 now)
Anyway, greatest map i have ever played.
Most challenging map out there - The Devil Is In The Detail

  koget (Denmark) writes:
17-12-2016 21:40

Would you mind? - The Devil Is In The Detail

Could you post your current save game (and if you have some from previous game) :) ?

  Shimon (Haifa, Israel) writes:
18-12-2016 00:43

Sure - The Devil Is In The Detail

Here is the link .com/open?id=0ByDobr Cn2djYR19fUjd5S0Fqd0 k
I have defeated all Teal heroes, only one remaining is necro, pretty much game over.
Im hungry for another challenging map!

Author: Synesthesiac (United States), 12-12-2016 04:34
Very good map - The Devil Is In The Detail
Wanted to post again so I could give this map a ten. This might be the only map I've ever played where the difficulty levels are exactly what they say they are. I was finally able to beat this on Expert, after a couple of losses on impossible.

I think I can probably win on Impossible now that I know where everything is, but it's going to be hard. It's very important to get Town Portal and Water Walk as early as possible. From there you just have to move fast, and get used to the fact that you're going to lose castles as you take them. The key is to stay ahead and get strong enough to challenge Pink and Teal.

10/10 Very well thought out map.

  kogeT (Copenhagen, Denmark) writes:
16-12-2016 15:32

- The Devil Is In The Detail

Thank you for your comment. I tried to make approachable for both experts and beginners, so yes, the difficulty settings really influence game difficulty.

Author: -WhoRacle- (Sweden), 11-12-2016 18:57
Noob question about starting Town. - The Devil Is In The Detail
I saw people saying they started with different towns. I can only start with Castle and nothing else. How do you start with another town?

I'm kind of a semi-newcomer to the game.

Great map by the way!

  koget (Denmark) writes:
11-12-2016 23:35

Noob question - The Devil Is In The Detail

You click on different players flags (colors)

Author: Willis, 11-12-2016 17:42
Best Map - The Devil Is In The Detail
Very good job on this map. Thank you for making it so challenging, it really tests you. I played the map on impossible and built my hero around the idea of "run and gun", always maximizing the heroes mobility and only carrying very fast troops. The idea was be fast enough to get away from the ridiculously strong heroes off the bat. I slowly worked my way around the outside of the map until finally I could start picking off the stronger heroes. The only way to get anywhere close to the stats of the AI is to hit all the libraries of enlightenment and other map stat boosts. The strongest hero for me was pink (Thant) all of his skills were mid 80/90+, his army was basically every troop 1K-16K, it wasn't until month 14 that I was finally able to beat him. On the plus side, I figured out that the skills max out at 99. I had my spell power maxed at 99 and other stats 80+. I really enjoyed the slight advantages for AI in each battle via nicely placed artifacts - some you can't blind, others you can't use resurrect on your troops, some you cant cast spells at all. I literally had some fights last 45 min where the only way I could beat the hero was to keep resurrecting or summoning elementals until they were completely drained of spell points, only then could I start picking off their army 1 troop at a time. This game doesn't truly shine until the end game battles and this map is designed to enhance those battles - that is what makes this map great. Some of the most challenging fights I have ever had. Great job, please let me know if you ever make another one. Thanks for the effort.

Author: Nick (Chelly), 11-12-2016 10:41
111 - The Devil Is In The Detail
Not very good map. It is mostly luck based, not skill.

  koget (Denmark) writes:
11-12-2016 14:17

Difficulty - The Devil Is In The Detail

Map is intended for very good players. Again, try to play on easy difficulty for better results.

Plenty of players won it already. Example print screen from month 5, 200% difficulty, fight was won and map was easy afterwards: https://i.imgsafe.or g/d4fbb06879.jpg

Author: Tovio (Kirov), 10-12-2016 17:43 +10
The best - The Devil Is In The Detail
One of the best maps I ever played.

  koget (Denmark) writes:
10-12-2016 19:32

Thank you - The Devil Is In The Detail

I appreciate comments like this. Did you manage to beat the latest version?

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