Author: Shinoshuke (VietNam), 27-02-2017 12:34

Frenzy confused!!!! - TEW IV Commodus' Revenge - Heroes 3 map

Hi, Valery!!! I've played some of your maps and i'm really enjoy them...Now i'm really confusing about frenzy spell. As description, it'd be casted on enemy to null his defend and reduce his HP but not in my case, i can only cast frenzy on friendly creatures. Ex: my HB not enemy& more...

Author: Fawahar (Panagyrishte, Bulgaria), 27-02-2017 12:01

Brief info - The Cat and the Swindle - Heroes 3 map

Здрасти, Наско :)
The map is designed for multiplayer, thus it could be not so much challenging vs AI. The far regions of the map are giving an edge to the first one exploring them. If I give here more reasons why it will be a spoiler, but I will say, there are specific things, very helpful all aro more...

Author: Atanas (Sofia, Bulgaria), 27-02-2017 10:27

My feedback - The Cat and the Swindle - Heroes 3 map

The idea with Wisdom id fresh and I like it!

But why is that 15 lv limitation.
And map was completed with about 40% map revealed.
Why you put efforts to create something, which is not needed.

Not offense, just a honest feedback.

Overall rating: 7 more...

Author: Marijan (Zagreb, Croatia), 26-02-2017 22:01

Sve pohvale, ali... - Jedi Story - Heroes 3 map

U kartu je uloženo stvarno puno, puno truda. Ali... Ne. Karta se nemože završiti bez Map Editora. more...

Author: pat (malta), 26-02-2017 21:27

shangrila a work of art - SHANGRILA - Heroes 5 map

wow man yet another great map.i just love your maps full of new things and surprises more...

Author: maygwan , 26-02-2017 20:33

I have looked at save - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Cant test and wont be able to cause your hero stats are too low to fight hades.

You either need to build dracula so you have 99 to all stats or try with merlin to 99 but you have missed an area with some stat builders like library ect. Its after you beat the 2 barbarians and get clovers there a p more...

Author: evilstone (Taiwan), 26-02-2017 12:47

Elven is somewhat unplayable - Demon Hunter - Heroes 5 map

I finally start to explore the sea at the 6th week and green heroes attack my town.It seems the enemy automatically choose the way to elven town.I don't know how to deal with that.GG.The other two factions are fine tho. more...

Author: Novik (PL), 26-02-2017 12:06

Hades - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Impossible to win even if i will have thousands of skeletons. My save:
https://www.sendspac more...

Author: D4em0nl , 25-02-2017 21:57

D4emonl - Titan's Pass - Heroes 7 map

map created on h7 ver 1.31 back then max hero lvl was 30 more...

Author: maygwan , 25-02-2017 18:06

did you use dracula or other hero - Conquest of H and H Ult Ed - Heroes 3 map

Also did you amass plenty of skeletons. Ironfist will also cast haste if you need it. Gorgons will make mincemeat of ghosts but you need to block litches with either archs or phoenixes. There are plenty of ways to beat hades but sometimes it takes a few tries to figure it all out. more...

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Heroes 4: Winds of War

For a long time, all had lived a quiet life in this world. But now the eternal struggle between Good and Evil has rekindled. Once again, an unknown menace out of the darkness starts to threaten the upper worlds with chaos and disharmony and tries to tear all lifekind apart with his claws. Now the time has come, when the world needs new heroes, who can put Evil in its place. A Barbarian named Falkhor is destined to summon a party of brave fellow campaigners and to dare the impossible. Will he succeed in saving the world?

Added: 16-10-2016

Heroes 4 maps: Strange Circles & Triangles | Land of Confusion | A Wager | Family Matters

| 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | ... | 171-176 |

Author: fares123 (uppsala), 25-11-2014 19:04
only the comander of trosko major can pass
how do i get by this door?

  Koni writes:
25-11-2014 21:22

scroll down

oh, you play very quickly!!!
btw, why don't you scroll down? I answered this question many times, the last answer from Sep 2013 you can find below on this page

  fares123 (uppsala) writes:
25-11-2014 23:43

lol bro..

what if its in the middle or far back.. ?

  fares123 (uppsala) writes:
25-11-2014 23:47


im fast because i try 2 loose 0 troops .. i will repeat a battle until i loose 0 vamps ... think ive played 6 hours max activly.

  fares123 (uppsala) writes:
26-11-2014 08:48


i got the keys but still cant get trough

  fares123 (uppsala) writes:
26-11-2014 09:02


i got the keys but still cant get trough

Author: fares123 (uppsala), 24-11-2014 18:57
i need help i killed the angels and the elementals
but i dont know how to get the ring of fires, sword of the gods or to continue on any direction after this

  Koni writes:
24-11-2014 19:17

visit Mista

You have to visit Mista in his hut. You can find him in the snowy area behind the Gate of the Elementals. A skeleton obstructs the way when you want to cross the little lake. A crow is flying there above the skeleton. Take the skeleton!

  fares123 (uppsala) writes:
24-11-2014 20:12

the tree

the tree infront of the bridge

  Koni writes:
25-11-2014 02:02


first visit Mista, then he will clear the tree, so you can visit the teal tent

Author: gloomy (Toulon), 01-11-2014 16:02 +9
a rock formation obstructs the passageway into the gulch
can someone help me ? i am stuck there

a rock formation obstructs the passageway into the gulch

  Koni writes:
05-11-2014 20:17

Manibuk helps

You first have to visit Manibuk in his quest hut. To find him, use the well hidden 2-way-portal behind the mausoleum.

  Carina (Bucharest, Romania) writes:
12-03-2015 10:55


I visited him and the rocks that block the way t the red portal are still there. help pls

  Koni (Germany) writes:
14-03-2015 11:19

demon fire

If you visit Manibuk in his hut he gives you 2 potions of demon fire. With this potions in backpack you have to go towards the blocking rocks, and they will disappear. But the way to the red exit portal remains blocked, till you have fullfilled Manibuk's quest, who wants you to clear the problem with the dark champions. Back to Manibuk with 2 of these creatures first will open the way to the exit. I hope this helps!

Author: J_O_I_N_T (Stara Zagora, Bulgaria), 30-09-2014 22:45 +10
Now I finished the map. That is the best map I have ever played. I will start it in Champion mode.
Thanks, Koni, for great journey that I had with this map!

Author: J_O_I_N_T (Stara Zagora, Bulgaria), 29-09-2014 03:33 +10
Orange and green tents
This is the best map but I am stuck and can`t find orange and green tents for command words. Tell me where to find them, please!
I like this map very much and I want to finished it.

Author: Tim (Linz, Austria), 27-09-2014 13:51
SIRISO has the key to heaven and hell - how do I proceed?
Hey Koni, I finally reached OSIRIS Temple and gardens, where all 5 heroes are asked a quest to fight alone against 20 Megadragons/800 Goblin Knights/400 Dark Champions / 100 Dragon Chimeras. Is it NECESSARY to win all these fights with all 5 heroes in order to proceed?? I managed to win with 3, but not 5. SIRISO doesn't give me the KEY -> because of THIS?? Thanks 4 a final help!
Your map is superb, best H4 map ever played. Echt eine Riesenfreude, merci!!

  Koni writes:
27-09-2014 18:52

try all the fights

Tim, it's not necessary to win all of the 5 fights, but you MUST try all of them. Only if you lose or win you trigger a script, which sets a variable to "true". Having done this with ALL 5 heroes, Siriso will give you his ok to pass. Didn't you find the hypnosis scroll in the shrine of order? With that spell you should manage it to win with all heroes.

  Tim (Linz,Austria) writes:
28-09-2014 16:22


Thanks 4 the hint Koni. Well, unfortunately my heroes Safira and Milena do NOT use Order Magic, so with their possibilities it is almost impossible to win, for my Milena it IS impossible. For the others it was childsplay, really. will do and can't wait to conquer the final fortress and the evil lord. Djenkuje Koni! ;-)

Author: konrad ratajczak (Poland), 01-09-2014 15:52 +10
Hey it's me again to attack the green and the guard (only the commander from the fortress trosko major can pass this gate)
and is a green trosko how to get there?

  Koni (Germany) writes:
03-09-2014 11:12

maybe this helps

Koni writes:
25-05-2013 15:57

more exactly, please

I don't understand where you are stuck exactly: what you have to do to get to Trosko Major
- cross the Gate to Limbo and you get a message to seek south
- "visit" the Outer gate to Trosko major (not only clicking right); you get another message to seek north
- go north to the victory flag and ... oops, the way to the foot prints is free
- follow the foot prints

Author: konrad ratajczak (Poland), 28-08-2014 20:23 +10
work with devils
devils and necromancers killed a guy still says it {expel the devil from devil's valley and kill their leader advocate and you will get access to the battleground bring as proof, set fizbin of misfortune }

  Koni writes:
29-08-2014 00:51


If you have killed Winsela in her Necropolis, then you should pass the teal gate (the teal tent is in the snowy area). In the garden behind the gate you can find the artifact Fizbin of Misfortune (examine the ruins building!). With this Fizbin back to the "guy" Mista via shortcut across the river. Good luck!

Author: Konrad Ratajczak (POLSKA), 25-08-2014 18:46 +10
I can not go through the top (I have to destroy them Behemoths)
not know how? help!

  Koni (Germany) writes:
26-08-2014 11:24

Konrad (that' s my name, too) just for you once more:

Koni writes:
03-06-2013 22:05

Read previous pages!!

Author: Koni, 30-04-2013 17:03 +10
Behemoths help
What to do at Smithy Nail Bakermans:

1) Smithy not at home
2) mountains block the way - back to Smithy
3) back to the 3 behemoth lairs, take 6 of them (2 of each dwelling)
4) with behemoths back to blocked mountains - important: separate the behemoths in another army
5) send behemoths ALONE to the Rocky Mountains
6) look what is happening!!!
7) continue

  Konrad Ratajczak (POLSKA) writes:
27-08-2014 22:05


thanks for your help as I will have problems this August will call

Author: xavier (Malaysia), 23-08-2014 08:22
The Last Oracle (The ring of light)
i can't get the last oracle. The oracle disappear after evil sorceress killed. Thank you.

  Koni writes:
24-08-2014 20:16

a miracle

Did you go back to the portal exit? Then you got a long message, which tells you, to turn back to the Gargantuan dwelling. Look around, and you will find it!!

  Elder (Belgrade, Serbia) writes:
20-10-2014 04:01

stuck on the last oracle

I don't know which portal do you mean. I came back and went through the nearest ones (where I got and finished quest for three artifacts), but no message...I also tried to get to the portal entrance near the necropolis, but no message there neither. I can't come to the last oracle and evil sorceresses, there is a crack in the ground that prevents it.

  Koni writes:
05-11-2014 20:25

trigger the script

the attached pciture shows which way to go for triggering the placed event. You will find the last oracle!!!

trigger the script

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