Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 24-01-2017 18:45

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Also I see strange creatures in your army, proof that you activated additional wog options. Map has its own dat file, if you change, I don't guarantee is playable. more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 24-01-2017 17:51

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I think you can just disable mod, then press F12 after reloading save, to update scripts. Try this more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 24-01-2017 17:50

+ - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Try to download again the mod from (look in the list for this mod), delete old first, install new then reload your save. I think you have some old version. more...

Author: MnM Workshop (Budapest, Hungary), 24-01-2017 16:00

aaa - Samsara - Heroes 5 map

You sir have found one of the easter eggs we put in the map.

Ps: What exactly do you mean, by "only team mode"? Is there a way to make a map team map and ffa at the same time? more...

Author: D.Cuong (Việt Nam), 24-01-2017 13:05

Link to GoogleDrive - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I upload link again. .com/drive/folders/0 B76oSmwNu7VdY1dzTUFN ZmtweEE more...

Author: D.Cuong (Việt Nam), 24-01-2017 13:01

CRASHLOG !!! - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Hi Mod, please help me this problem:

After I buy the Reduce Defense for Praetorian (by 200 mithril - first special skill), I've got a crash. I upload my save file here. Can U check for me?, thank you! .com/drive/folders/0 B76oSmwNu7VdY1dzTUFN ZmtweEE?usp=sharing more...

Author: Alex (Ukraine), 24-01-2017 11:42

damn - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

Damn, it likely happened cause I used secondary skills scrolling. Is there any way to disable this thing and continue the game or should I start over? more...

Author: Alex (Ukraine), 24-01-2017 11:31

Cant learn all skills - The Empire of the World II -Era Edition - Heroes 3 map

I cannot learn all skills by Maximus. I have 8 primary skills and two hidden and others do not appera with the level increase. I am though on a level 47. Did I do something wrong? more...

Author: koget (Denmark), 23-01-2017 00:37

Skype - The Devil Is In The Detail - Heroes 3 map

Msg "erkoget" more...

Author: Deferatto (Moscow, Russia), 23-01-2017 00:24

HotA Crew - The Devil Is In The Detail - Heroes 3 map

Argh... Still nothing. Did you search me by nickname Deferatto or by e-mail in skype? It can be different e-mail here, so better to search by nickname. more...

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Heroes 4: Winds of War

For a long time, all had lived a quiet life in this world. But now the eternal struggle between Good and Evil has rekindled. Once again, an unknown menace out of the darkness starts to threaten the upper worlds with chaos and disharmony and tries to tear all lifekind apart with his claws. Now the time has come, when the world needs new heroes, who can put Evil in its place. A Barbarian named Falkhor is destined to summon a party of brave fellow campaigners and to dare the impossible. Will he succeed in saving the world?

Added: 16-10-2016

Heroes 4 maps: Eternal Ice | Battle of giants | War of the lords | Miscreants of Might and Magic

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Author: Dmitry (Москва), 24-06-2014 17:01 +10
to koni
Dear koni,

I still cannot go through dwellings. I've read everything regarding the issue, but something is going wrong all the time). I had texts "A Ward of Sorcery sinks into the surface of the Earth... etc" but dwelling are still there. I set 6 of each needed elementals (12 total) in each garnison. Air and Earth is left and Fire and Water in right. I did it with and without heroes. With main hero or with Melena. Dwelling are still there. I would highly appreciate itif you could help me with it.

Author: Dmitry (Москва), 22-06-2014 12:42 +10
to koni
Hello, could anyone help me with elemental quest? I seemed to be done all things correct, but I can't go through this squere because of dwelling.

  Koni writes:
23-06-2014 02:02

read page 51-60

All is described there on pages 51-60. After you have placed the elementals correctly, the 2 dwellings will be bombed away. After that you have to conquer the Ogre stronghold and the Eiswinkel palace, and then you will get access to pass the quest gate to Kastellatum. - Read all the previous questions and answers to this elemental quest problem.

  Dmitry writes:
23-06-2014 08:29

to koni

Would it be the problem if I had started with ogr and ice queen and elemental left at last?

Author: Cheng (Beijing,China), 07-05-2014 21:08 +10
I have activated Pandora's box at northeast of the map,and visited 5 silver oracles.But I can't get into the core of the north island to face the cyan force.Please hlep me!!

  Koni writes:
08-05-2014 14:48

Aiffe's quest

If you have slain Bofmog, you can enter the Green Garden. Visit Berrry Aiffee in her hut and fulfill her quest. After that she will open the way into Nekrotorn area.

  Cheng (Beijing,China) writes:
08-05-2014 15:02


I observed the map by "HEROES 4 CAMPAIGN EDITOR" and found that I need to detonate BOMB98.BOMB98 is located at "row77,col126&q uot;.But I don't know which event is related to BOMB98.

  Cheng (Beijing,China) writes:
08-05-2014 15:14

Thank you very much!

I have killed Bofmog and can get into the green garden which is located at northeast,but I don't know which one is Berry'nut.

  Koni writes:
08-05-2014 19:49


There is only one hut, but well hidden behind the trees. You see a bird flying near the entrance. Try "View World" to find the entrance.

  Cheng (Beijing,China) writes:
09-05-2014 21:49

I find it!

Thank you very much!!

  Cheng (Beijing,China) writes:
09-05-2014 21:57

Drift bottle

I find it in the middle of sea,and I have to say your design is amazing!!

Author: Alex, 13-04-2014 03:02 +10
How to find the sword of the gods?
I killed the Titans, but the sword of gods is invisible . In its place the order shrine.

  Tim (London, UK) writes:
13-04-2014 10:52

sword of gods

use the "view world" you will see it marked in star. go to it's location and collect it

  Alex writes:
13-04-2014 12:19

sword of gods

I clicked several times from different locations at the shrine, and display a message on spell. But then I got the sword of the gods. Thank you, a beautiful map.

  Tim (London, UK) writes:
13-04-2014 17:41


When you get to the "9 flags quest" given by the leprechaun later on, please tell me how you passed it. I dont get any questiones asked, and the morale flags stay, cant access the view towers

Author: Tim (London, UK), 12-04-2014 23:22
9 flags quest
Hey everyone, i am at the 9 flags quest given by the leprechaun.
Problem is i don't get any trigger or questions. I visit the flag before the tower and nothing happens. No trigger, and the flag stay there so i can't access the view tower.

Anyone know how to fix this?

  Koni writes:
14-04-2014 00:31

main condition?

The only reason for your dilemma seems to me that you don't fulfill the main condition: You have to do the flags quest with ALL of your 5 heroes in one army, otherwise nothing will happen.
You better have always your 5 heroes together!!!

  Tim (London, UK) writes:
14-04-2014 20:28


thx for the help Koni :) passed it.

  alex writes:
16-04-2014 13:52

9 flags

The first time was something like that. Then I went through all the flags choosing just the right answer. It worked.

  Koni (Germany) writes:
16-04-2014 23:43

it always works

it will work also with the wrong answer! the only difference is, that you have to fight then.:)

Author: Ekaterina (Bogota, Colombia), 06-03-2014 19:49
please help
I have been playing your awesome map for 2 days now, and I am stuck. I have just conquered Golden Valley, but I have no idea what to do next... To kill the Angels in the Golden garden I need Angelfeather cloak, to go to the north I need Sword of Gods... and all the other ways are closed to me.... And why do I need 6 ghosts?? May be I missed something, please, please, help me!!! :)

  Koni writes:
06-03-2014 23:29

Anglefeather Cloak

Sorry, if you haven't the Cloak in your backpack: here I repeat my answer from 2010:

Forgotten hint
When your Lord gets Neener's Cloak from the box, there was a hint:

[Hint: Combine all heroes in one army - at least Falkhor and Milena - and ride back to the stables, otherwise you won't get an important Artifact.]

Now you have to run back the way (pyramid-tunnel-vall ey-ship), Townportal back via Schwarze Pest to Kastellatum, and trigger an event between the passage (where a gate stood) to the place, where the Cloak was hidden. If your army has Neener's cloak AND both Falkhor AND Milena in the same army with the cloak, then you get the Angelfeather Cloak.

Author: player (China), 28-05-2010 09:06
first,this is a very nice map,thanks.

i cant get into the Golden Garden
because i havent find the the Anglefeather Cloak.
How can I get it?

  Ekaterina (Bogota, Colombia) writes:
07-03-2014 07:16

thanks a lot!!

Thank you very much for your help. Thanks to you I am in the Underworld now!!! So exciting!!

  Ekaterina (Bogota, Colombia) writes:
11-03-2014 09:09


Well, I finished your super map!! And it is an excellent map indeed! I played it on master level and have epic saves like me alone against 1500 black dragons ( and won :) and that also the only friendly creatures lost were 5 unicorns (poor things) that I used to multiply Hydras :3 So it took a lot of order magic, like 300 immortality portions, some stealth and no army at all. A great ride and really recommended!!! :D

Author: Charlie (Copenhagen), 18-01-2014 23:20 +9
helmet of command...
How do I get the helmet of command.
I think I have killed everything except for the 100 goblin knight behind the chain because I can't get to them.
Please help. :)

  Koni (Germany) writes:
19-01-2014 18:16

repeated answer (given first 25 May2012)

Hambo's new hut
Apparently you haven't visited Safira's aunt (in the hut beside Hambo's old smithy house). Then you would have heard, that Hambo has left for a hideout in the valley east of the village. There you must go (the hut is hidden behind an altar of death). Returned with the Shackles of war (take the short cut opened by the ferryman!!) he will give you the helmet AND access to the gate exit (herrschaft =1).
Good luck!

Author: Yan (Beijing), 14-01-2014 02:45
9 flags quest
I had a problem about the 9 flags quest, all the flags had been removed but I still can not pass it. Could any one help me?
By the way, the map was awesome.

  Koni writes:
15-01-2014 16:41

10 flags

You write about 9 flags, but there is another one behind a quest tower. Visit the 10th flag and you will get access to the cloak of darkness. Only with that artefact you can leave the area at the exit quest tower.

  Yan (Beijing) writes:
15-01-2014 17:02

10 flags

Yes you are right, but my problem was i can not pass the quest tower before the 10th flag, the quest was visit the other 9 flags isn't it?

  Koni writes:
17-01-2014 02:53

Visit the flags again

If you get this message at the quest tower:"You have not removed all 9 victory flags yet", you should visit all the flags more exactly once more. That means, you have to "touch" all the flags, so that each placed event is triggered and counted. Another help I can't give you.

  Ozgur (Turkey, Istanbul) writes:
12-08-2014 00:13

10 Flags

Hello Koni, i face with same problem like Yan. I tocuh excatly 9 flag and gave right answers with 5 hero in same team. But when i visit the quest tower i get "You have not removed all 9 victory flags yet" message. You answered to Yan "if its not work you cant give any help" but i hope you have solution about of this. I can say i enjoy really much with your map more than original maps. Thanks for this

  Koni writes:
14-08-2014 01:56

help only by savegame

to Ozgur:
tamam, arkadas, :) would you please send your savegame to me, so I could check out if I can give you any further help (mail to: lewikon(at)t-online. de)

Author: James (Toronto), 16-12-2013 17:20
Cannot find the last oracle for ring of life
I have been searching for an entry into Nekrotorn but cannot figure out what to do next. I have 5 out of 6 oracles.

  Koni writes:
16-12-2013 20:57

Muse Aiffe's quest

Seems to me that you haven't fulfilled Muse Aiffe's quests. You can find her in the green forest near the walls west of Milena's prison. Access to her well hidden hut after having dealt with Bofmog.

Author: Lex, 07-12-2013 03:47
Pandora box @ malibuk's garden
Can someone tell me how to get to the Pandora box @ malibuk's garden? Thanks.

  Koni (Germany) writes:
07-12-2013 18:12

repeated answer (given 2010)

Wait for Milena
Since it is Milena's box you have to come back with Milena, your second helper, as soon as you have freed her form prison. :)

  Lex (California, USA) writes:
07-12-2013 21:26

Box in garden

Thank you, Koni. Saw the sign but didn't think it was someone's box instead of the name of the box.

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