Author: BAdgeR (Poland), 31-03-2015 23:31

Mr - Heroes 3 map

Say again...Where did you meet the alchemist? I'm missing only vial of Mercury... more...

Author: myth7676 , 31-03-2015 21:15

Air Guard Continuation - Heroes 3 map

I defeated the air guard and went to the air oracle and wrote the name Sandrima and it said that it opened a gate but I cannot find which one. the gate towards the earth guard is still blocked and I cannot find a continuation. Where should I go now?
Thanks. more...

Author: Stifmann (Brno,Czech republic), 31-03-2015 15:56

white tent - Heroes 3 map

Got it .. It's in the area where is cloude temple and library :)) more...

Author: Stifmann (Brno,Czech republic), 31-03-2015 14:53

orange - Heroes 3 map

Where is exactly the white tent ?? I tried to use earth view and map editor and still can´t find it .. There are only cyclop caves and huts in that area .. Maybe I´m blind or I don´t know :D more...

Author: Valery (Lyon, France), 31-03-2015 14:04

wog - Heroes 3 map

This is wog map, you need Wake of Gods add on. more...

Author: Lucian (Romania), 31-03-2015 13:16

orange - Heroes 3 map

you must beat the orange player, right under your swamp castles, rion with crystal dragons. then take the other orange players and they have the required artefacts.
white tent is hidden in the area that you have to open with 9900 ore. more...

Author: Konstantinos (Xanthi,Greece), 31-03-2015 12:25

Great map - Heroes 3 map

I completed in around 15 months.When i play a map this big,i like to explore everything,take my time and enjoy it.I surely could not do it in just a few months that many can do,but i don't want to try it anyway.I played with conflux(Adela).I mostly used phoenix,archangels and sharpshooters.


Author: SBGaems (Russia-Ukraine), 31-03-2015 08:52

passage - Heroes 3 map

I checked the map, there is no passage.
Can be on this site old version of the map. more...

Author: andy le (VIET NAM), 31-03-2015 05:40

MAP EDITOR - Heroes 3 map

Anyone can help me how to open map editor. It said "Invalid map file version, File version = 51, Current version =28" please email me at lehuytoan21041990@gm" more...

Author: Nicolas (Nanterre, France), 31-03-2015 02:42

...screen cap... - Heroes 3 map

...I finally forgot to do it (sorry. The only one I have is one where the computer has about 3200 MP left... XD ), but I got passed this fight. Probably not the way you had planned us to do, but anyway: my way of doing it has been a test of patience (took me a whole day, of course doing other things more...

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