Author: Sasha (Serbia), 27-03-2017 22:00

Invasion - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Hm, I get your point. It was a bit too much for me. I was able to kill them all since had strong army but after grinding 10 of them I felt bored. This is my personal feeling and it might be challenging for other player. Thanks for the map though. It was challenging. more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 18:15

Oh and... - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

I guess it goes without saying the map is supposed to be played on impossible setting. Otherwise the enemy won't hire extra heroes :)

But I guess you always play on impossible so shouldn't be a problem? more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 18:14

My bad - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

The map file was correct, but I'd forgotten to activate spare heroes for them. Therefore the enemy doesn't hire more heroes if you manage to win them in battle without them escaping.

Such a tiny mistake causing such a major headache.

Go me.

Map waiting to be uploaded. I apologize more...

Author: Maygwan , 27-03-2017 18:12

Thats correct - Balance - Heroes 3 map

You can however go in and change the editor to allow solo play on the other factions. i played a few on solo just to test the map based on the multiplay aspect. more...

Author: Cesar (Sweden), 27-03-2017 12:50

Necro - Balance - Heroes 3 map

But at solo challeng i could only pick necro it had boosted ai i said ^^ more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:19

Luck factor - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Oh and some heroes being easy or not is also always about luck. You know how AI can sometimes be stupid and break down their armies and sometimes unite them under one main-hero. Sometimes they come at you with twice the army, sometimes with half of it and then lost both halves due to not being prepa more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:14

Invasion - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

Yeah, I understand it can be a bit frustrating at that point, but I'd like you to think of it other way... think of it as a twist in plot.

I know it feels frustrating just when you feel like you're SO close to victory, just when you've taken all the towns that you're quickly l more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:10

TP - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

You get TP when you really need it, which is during the mid/end-game invasion.

Pink hero with 1000 of each dragons is guarding it. You can either defeat it yourself taking some heavy penalties or alternatively you can take over all their castles in which case the hero is banished in 7 days and th more...

Author: Lauri , 27-03-2017 11:02

weird - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

That is most weird, shouldn't happen.

In the original version there was the problem of enemy no longer recruiting more heroes - which apparently you didn't have. I fixed it in this version so that they can hire more... but weird enough, they don't...?

I have to take a look late more...

Author: Shinoshuke (VietNam), 27-03-2017 09:32

MoS- Powerful ! - TEW IV Commodus' Revenge - Heroes 3 map

Hi valery!!! I've just finished TEW IV the second times with MOS, 3 month earlier than MoD (M5W3D1 vs M8W3D6). At first it's harder but later it's more powerful with a lot of super demons. Really enjoyed your art...:D. I'm going Alexander the Great and when i finish i'll inf more...

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Heroes 5 - HEX-codes

Here is how You change the camera:
Open up the HMM5profilesautoexec.cfg in a text editor such as notepad.
Look up these lines:
//For transparanet interface
mission_camera_limits 50 10 70 -55 -30 0 0
mission_camera_softlimits 50 11 69 -53 -32 0 0

and replace them with these new lines: //For transparent interface //mission_camera_limits fov minDistance maxDistance minPitch maxPitch minYaw maxYaw mission_camera_limits 50 10 120 -85 -5 0 0 mission_camera_softlimits 50 11 119 -83 -7 0 0 NOTE! It will not work if You load a saved game because these settings seems to be saved in to the saved games, so start a new map and it will work. This will allow You to pitch the camera from 5-85 degrees and allow You to zoom out more (120). Adjust it to Your needs if necessary. Battle change in Heroes 5: People who think that ATB icons are moving too slow (I think they realy are!), can use next thing: Add to your profiles/autoexec.cfg the following lines: setvar ATBAction_AddRemove_Time = 0.2 setvar ATBAction_FadeOut_Time = 0.2 setvar ATBAction_Move_Time = 0.2 setvar ATBBar_ScrollSpeed = 0.2 ---------------------------------------- Enabling console and basic cheats: Found a way to enable console in release version. To do so for all game profiles go to gamedirprofilesautoexec.cfg Put this as last line setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes So it will look like this ... //============================================================================ // Startup mainmenu setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes Or you can enable console for only select profile by appending same line at end of user.cfg in C:\Documents and Settings\YourWinAcc\My Documents\My Games\Heroes of Might and Magic V\Profiles\YourProfile Then you can use some cheats ingame. Press tilde key("`") to bring down console. If it doesn't work for you because you don't have the key on your keyboard, can't find it because of foreign layout, whatever, you can always edit input.cfg in your user profile dir //debug keys bind show_console '`' Edit this to something suitable for you then. Basic thing console does is tell you what ai has been doing last turn. Now, to cheats themselves. Most complex 1 is add_skill add_skill takes skill-id or name as parameter, you can find list of all 150 skills/perks/abilities names and their ids in data\data.pak\scripts\advmap-startup.lua HoMM 5 pak files are pkzip archives and as such you can access that lua scipt file using winrar/winzip etc(btw unpacking all packs will speed things up since game will access uncompressed data instead of looking in archives. You can even delete packs after that, but better move them somewhere else and keep them since we don\'t know if upcoming patches will modify archives or use overrides system). So, for example: add_skill Necromancy Pretty self-explanatory. or add_skill 19 Will give perk pathfinding You can add skills over limit it seems. E.g. more than 6 skills etc. Though you won't see them in ui, but will get benefits. add_army town nTownID, bUpgrade Will fill all hero army slots with 10 creatures of town id specified. Second param is 0 or 1 which controls whether creatures are from upgraded dwellings or not. Town ids: HEAVEN = 0 PRESERVE = 1 ACADEMY = 2 DUNGEON = 3 NECRO = 4 INFERNO = 5 E.g. add_army 5, 0 Will fill all hero army slots with 10 basic inferno creatures add_army 4, 1 will fill hero army slots with 10 upgraded Necro creatures add_all_spells Gives all spells to currently selected hero. Bypasses all skills reqs, for usage also. set_hero_luck_morale nLuck nMorale Sets luck and morale base values for current hero. For ex set_hero_luck_morale 5 3 show_player_money playernumber Outputs resource quantities of specified player into console. So you can spy on ai. E.g. show_player_money 2 show_hero_mp Shows detailed movement point stats for currently selected hero - exact quantity, stats for currently plotted path(how many points it'll take). add_exp quantity Adds quantity xp to currently selected hero. E.g. add_exp 5000 clear_money Sets all your resources to 0 add_gold quantity Sets current gold to quantity and zeroes out other resources. add_money quantity Sets all resources except gold to quantity and sets gold to quantity*1000. So add_money 100 gives 100 of everything and 100000 gold. ---------------------------------------- Some more advanced cheating in Heroes 5 using LUA scripts: Found a way to execute LUA script engine commands from console. You need to put "@" before them. Now all power of LUA scripting engine + core console commands lie at your fingertips. Revealing fog-of-war, adding any numbers of any creatures, getting specific spells. Replenish movement points. Want that funny artifact? Set any hero stats to any values. Used a trainer and screwed your game? No problem, with a couple commands you can fix your character. Encountered a critical bug and mission just won't end? Better ask what you can't do now than what you can. Unpack your paks and start looking at lua script examples. @Win() @Loose() @GiveArtefact( 'Isabell', ARTIFACT_RING_OF_HASTE ); @OpenCircleFog(64,125,0,15,PLAYER_1); Btw use this command bind showfps 'F1' Or better yet perma-bind this in your input.cfg Besides other usefull info it shows you camera coordinates which you can use to functions which require this as argument. @TeachHeroSpell("Isabell",SPELL_PHANTOM); @AddHeroCreatures( "Agrael", CREATURE_HELL_HOUND, 1000 ); ChangeHeroStat( 'Isabell', STAT_MOVE_POINTS, 30000 ); Bypass campaign-set town building limits? SetTownBuildingLimitLevel('Town3', 13, 1); Of course this is just examples most of which need to be passed different arguments. E.g. you need to know internal script hero names, town ids. Consult data/scripts first for some function syntaxis and many constants. Then start looking at actual mapscripts examples. Use search to look in data folder in files of type *.lua Script commands are CASE SENSITIVE, you must use @Win(); and not win(); or wIn();.
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