Author: sandman (south africa), 26-03-2017 16:31

levelling cap - The Second Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Hi my hero stopped levelling at 31 - any idea what could be wrong? more...

Author: Cesar (Sweden), 26-03-2017 15:52

nice map - Balance - Heroes 3 map

This was really a fun map! i played solo at hardest was kinda a challenge but with necro u kinda just snowball. i won in 10 months . Great work. love to see more maps like this :) it would be much harder to win if u werent playing necro^^ 10/10 more...

Author: sobol , 26-03-2017 12:45

Too slow and nothing to do - FOREST PARTY - Heroes 3 map

LAck of townportal more...

Author: ntt , 26-03-2017 10:27

death lord - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

Thanks for the answer. In that case, I'm waiting for your new maps. They're great :) more...

Author: Maygwan , 26-03-2017 08:52

You do get TP - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

But it is much later in the game there is a pink hero guarding it with 7k dragons. more...

Author: Dalon , 26-03-2017 08:40

Maybe issue about caravan - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

While doing the map I noticed many AI blocking with caravans, and if I take cities I get many caravans from enemy AI. It seems AI is not able to manage caravans, to a point it create traffic jams and make the game very slow: probably what creates my savegame unloadable too. more...

Author: Dalon , 26-03-2017 08:34

Sorry sir blocked after 200/300 turns - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Sorry to say that, the map blocked after I beat the 3rd player too (with a relatively small army on my necromancy hero - 4k skeletons-170 vampires-30 dragons-500 spiders- 200 lamasu), I'm not able to reload a savegame.

My Pc is decent, 8Gb Ram + Radeon HD8750 with addition 2Gb DDR5 Ram.

W more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 26-03-2017 06:25

DeathLord - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

I may rework it at a later date. I couldn't do with it what I originally intended but I may be able to make it something at least challenging. more...

Author: Vladan (Belgrade, Serbia), 26-03-2017 02:44

Good job again - A Barbarian Uprising Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Nice map. I liked the ideas of spell learning and picking secondary skills for 2 main heroes.

I finished in 205 days, using the horn, rushing. Didn't get the Grail, AI found it before, so 442 points this time.
At the very end, I had to cheat a bit, since I could not find black tent needed t more...

Author: Niks (Cologne, Germany), 25-03-2017 23:49

Why not give town portal? - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

I found myself chasing AI until I lost interest... I appreciate the time invested to make and test the map, but it is far from enjoyable (at least for me). I suppose giving town portal,blind and animate dead would make it too easy, but chasing around AI is really not an alternative. more...

Heroes 7 (VII) - Maps Heroes 6 (VI) - Maps Heroes 5 (V) - Maps Heroes 4 (IV) - Maps Heroes 3 (III) - Maps

Heroes 5 hints

Dragon Utopia. v. Haven

Following is a sample based guide how to take out Dragon Utopia with Haven troops during early weeks of the game (somewhere around week 1-4, depending on map and difficulty settings). This particular sample is based on the situation in week 4 on Heritage map, played from Heroic difficulty.

Such an attack might be successful only if the Utopia is guarded by less than 4 groups of dragons and only in cases where the battlefield obstacles are sufficiently helpful. Therefore always before attacking utopia with main hero, it is necessary to sacrifice one scouting hero. This scouting hero should check, firstly, the number of dragon stacks and their initial placement and, secondly, the terrain of the battlefield. Both of those things remain the same during one game.

1. Tactics phase before the battle. Main aim here is to tempt one of the dragon stacks to fly so close to Marksman that they will be able to perform Precision Shot immediately. Also Fire or Acid Breath attack should be avoided as much as possible.

Tactics phase before the battle

2. The Black Dragon felt right into the trap. Simultaneously other dragons did not reach the ranks of our army yet.

The Black Dragon felt right into the trap

3. The obstacles on the battlefield should be used as much as possible. E.g., here it is possible to avoid the attack of the Shadow Dragons in next turn. Albeit they can fly all the way across the battlefield in one turn with their speed of 9, yet they are fat 2x2 creatures as others from their kin, so it is possible to block any access to our army for their next turn.

The obstacles on the battlefield should be used as much as possible

4. The actions of the hero depends on what he/she has. Main priorities - Bless, Divine Guidance, Haste. If hero doesn’t have any of those, most likely course of action is direct attack. In this sample Rutger has Divine Guidance, so it is better to use “wait” until Marksman or Peasants will need to make a move as quickly as possible.

The actions of the hero depends on what he/she has

5. The moment of truth has come… Take a look at the damage range – albeit it shows that kills are from 2 to 5, in fact most likely outcome will be 5, because мах damage is enough to kill almost 10 Black Dragons.Also check the placement of the Peasants. While blocking access to Marksman is their primary goal, battlefield obstacles can be used to avoid Fire Breath attack on two Peasants simultaneously.

The moment of truth has come

6. Shooting with Marksman is extremely careful business. Basically they should use their shot only when the dragons are within the Precise Shot range, otherwise its better to wait until the dragons will fly closer. Usually dragons will fly closer as fast as they will get turn, because Peasants, who guard Marksman, seems to be more important target than other Peasants.

Precise Shot

7. If Spectral Dragons are the only ones that remain, it is better to move all peasants close together with Marksman in order to get Precise Shot for sure. If the Peasants don’t have anything better to do, don’t forget to press “wait” instead of “defense”.

If Spectral Dragons are the only ones that remain

8. Sounds of victory, smell of gold and more, and more ... :)

Sounds of victory

Автор: Zilonite (from Microsoft PowerPoint file)

Heroes 5 - The hero can receive new skill with probability of:

Skills Knight Demon Lord Necromancer Ranger Warlock Wizard
Logistics 8 15 8 15 8 2
War Machines 10 10 2 2 8 8
Learning 2 2 8 10 8 15
Leadership 15 2 2 8 2 2
Luck 8 8 2 15 8 8
Offense 10 15 8 2 15 2
Defense 15 8 10 10 2 2
Sorcery 2 8 10 8 10 10
Destructive magic 2 10 8 8 15 8
Dark magic 8 8 15 2 2 8
Light magic 8 2 2 8 2 10
Summoning magic 2 2 10 2 10 15
Racial skill 10 10 15 10 10 10

Author's notes:

Let's notice, that at each type of the hero is on 2 "main" skills with the greatest (15%) probability of receiving. The "forbidden" skills are not present absolutely, however is available on 4 skills with the lowest (2 %) chance of their receiving.

With increase of a level gets out 1 "new" skill, 1 skill "on upgrade" and 2 "new" abilities.

In the table the probability of receiving by the hero "new" skill (more precisely so - inside of group yet not received the hero skills goes "scaling" probabilities of their receiving).

Skill "on upgrade" gets out equiprobably among already received by the hero skills.

Both abilities get out also - equiprobably of what can be received at present.

Author: alexrom66

John at 2012-04-08 01:45 wrote:

I just installed all seven of the patches and went to run the game Heroes 5 and it starts to load and then just stops and is unable to run. Can you help?

Markal at 2006-12-09 16:50 wrote:
You are a pro lammer for sure. how are you willing to do hammers of fate missions if you are so slow? collect the right skills, equip the right artefacts, use the spells wich boost damage, initiative or deal a tremendous damage and you are on your way. logistics are the most important skill in any part of HOMM. don`t forget to mind your looses in battles. it`s better to take care in battles by yourself if you think wisely, don`t let the computer deal everything for you.
talha at 2006-11-09 23:29 wrote:
this game is sooo cool
Max Martin at 2006-09-02 05:13 wrote:
Don't know if this is the correct place or not..but..I'm having the devil of a time beating the last guy in Mission 2, The Betrayal. I have no problem getting to the underworld and beating the plague zombies and vampire etc and getting the gold...the I hire all the
creatures in the underworld but when I get back up to the upper world the demon guy always has way more troops than I the heck do I beat him....???
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