Author: Fawahar (Panagyurishte, BG), 20-02-2017 21:29

Best for strategy Multiplayer - Rise Up - Heroes 3 map

I find this map to be finely crafted and suitable for straight line Multiplayer, where big surprises start to come after week 3+

Not many variables included, which makes it perfect if you want to hone your RoE tactics. more...

Author: Baardhaas , 20-02-2017 19:06

Good map! - Lakeside Brawl - Heroes 3 map

Good map. Feels a bit empty though, especially the water is just the basic tiles; no goodies or even decoration. On the other hand, I like that the map doesn't spoil you with to much loot. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 20-02-2017 17:03

Thank you - Island Madness - Heroes 7 map

The large maps are a risk because the Map Editor crashes so much when creating them. It took numerous times trying to get the lighting to work properly and not crash the Editor. Glad it was worth the effort to help others enjoy the game. more...

Author: Федя (г. Москва, Россия), 20-02-2017 11:06

карты - JRRT's Middle Earth - Heroes 5 map

как скачать карты more...

Author: maygwan , 20-02-2017 07:14

on the snow area - The Ninth Circle - Heroes 3 map

There is a portal red portal two way guarded by troops if you kill troops in the garrison and then some azures you get the angelic.
Snow area right corner of map just below the tower town. more...

Author: SparrowJacek , 20-02-2017 03:28

Any chance for new map? - From the depths of hell - Heroes 3 map

Hi Molski, is there any chance of getting similar map, as you've mentioned 2 years ago? This one was just perfect! Great balance and tactical challenges never before seen in HoMM :D I really loved how I had to calculate all my resources and movement points.

I see that new version doesn' more...

Author: JerryNcoming (France), 20-02-2017 01:51

Unique map - Fool - Heroes 3 map

Hi ! Thank you a lot for this map ! Spent like 12 hours of pure fun on this, awesome. I played it only once yet but it's obvious that you can play it different ways ! It's really a map different than the others map i've played .. really fun

Just a little thing to "improve" more...

Author: SparrowJacek , 20-02-2017 01:04

SparrowJacek - From the depths of hell - Heroes 3 map

This map is doable, in fact I managed to beat it 2 times without too much of an effort, but it's one of the best maps I've played.

Here is a screenshot from 7'th day. I built fort and citadel. image/kmadg6ae5/
Mainly it's like that:
1'st day kill gno more...

Author: Kaludis (Malmö, Sweden), 20-02-2017 00:13

Edit; - The Ninth Circle - Heroes 3 map

I have not defeated any of the red players, but I believe the Inferno castle on the overworld is the first one to be? Is it maybe that simple that I have missed a portal leading me to the legion of arch-angels guarding the angelic alliance? more...

Author: Help (Sweden), 19-02-2017 22:46

Thunderbirds - The Eye of Osiris - Heroes 4 map

Near the start of the game when going east there's a gate requiring 3 thunderbirds, but no matter what amount of thunderbirds I bring it will it stop asking for three. more...

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Heroes 5 - Modifications

You can send the Mods (Mini-patches) on Email:

Put a file "******.pak" in a folder "/Data/", and restart game.

Heroes 5 mod for the old horse cursors

From Boby Valkanov:
Hi, here is the Heroes 5: Tribes of the east updated cursors - this includes OLD horse cursors in the new way ( 2, 3, 4, 5, 5+ moves way ) - this should work fine and with old versions of Heroes 5 and Hammers of Fate ( not tested with last updates 1.6 and so but if there are some problems write me ).
download -> Heroes 5 mod for the old horse cursors

Dirt and swamp water textures Mod for Heroes 5

Dirt and swamp water textures Mod for Heroes 5 From redwoodtreesprite:
I'm starting with the dirt and swamp water textures. Some are completely new, and others are the game textures tweaked and sharpened by me. All of the textures are saved in the way Nival did, and have the same file size, so other than extra room taken in your data files, there should be no effect on game performance.
Here's some pics of the dirt replacer textures ingame:

download -> Dirt and swamp water textures Mod for Heroes 5

Unlock all Heroes at addon Hammers of Fate

From s-h-a-d-o-w:
This Mod unlock all Heroes at the Single and Multiplayer Maps, that includes the Dwarfes and new "old Race" Heroes.
Copy the PAK File to the Heroes/Dataa1 Folder
download -> Heroes 5 mod for addon Hammers of Fate

Combat Control Panel Mod

Entirely changes the looks and feel of the combat screen, and allows you to Save and Load in combat and tactics phases, via buttons and hotkeys. From Gyphon:

download -> Combat Control Panel Mod

Heroes 5 - new combat control panel

"I updated my mod according to patch 1.2. Since we now have the load function, my new mod adds buttons for only wait and save, and enables save with a hotkey. There is only one version.

In order to enable the save hotkey during combat, add the following line under "bindsection combat_screen" in input.cfg file:

bind input_combat_save 'F2'

To enable the hotkey during tactics phase, add the above line right under "bindsection combat_screen_tactic". For better tooltips, I also recommend copying and pasting the "bind input_Combat_Wait 'W'" line from combat screen hotkeys to tactics phase hotkeys. I hope you see what I mean

Note that you can use any keys you want other than those already assigned in these "bindsection"s. "

To use, place the newbuttons_waitsave.pak file in your H5/data folder.

  • Maxim's Inventory mod (290 kb) changes the way the inventory screen looks; so that it more resembles the standard RPG "paper doll" arrangement. (work with patch 1.2)
    Inventory heroes 5 mod
  • The Sev. Mod by theGryphon changes the number of creatures descriptions.
    Just put this file into the data folder and restart the game. From now on you'll see: (edited):
  • The "Elrath Mod Manager" (85,8 kb) by Elrath.
    Summary of the tool:
    • Easily Add/Install a mod.
    • Enable or disable mods before running the game.
    • Mod Information window, showing information about the selected mod.
  • The Tooltip Sound Mod (1,57 kb) by Hipshot. This mini-mod for Heroes 5, removes the utterly annoying "tooltip" sound, that plays, more than it should.
    Some might find it annoying to get the "Whoom" sound everytime they hover the mouse over _anything_, like items in the map, monsters, all buttons, etc.
    Place the "Sounds" folder in your h5/data folder to get it working.
  • The Devil mod (2,11 kb) by Wolfshanze increases the devil's movement in battle to 9 and the archdevil's to 10. Extract content of .zip folder to your Heroes 5/Data folder.
  • akrav just created the CpuNoCheat Mod (7,24 kb)! This one removes some bonuses provided to the AI players and makes the game fairer. As usual put the pak file into your data folder and restart the game. For details about this mod refer to here.
  • A teamwork by Adi_17 resulted in the Cleric Mod (1,3 Mb), which brings us back the bald Clerics with halos from the Beta release replacing the Inquisitors with helmets. Read more about it here.
    Works with 1.2 and 1.3.
  • Qualitative translation "Heroes 5" into Russian Download >> (1 Mb)
    Just copy the .pak file to the data folder of the game.
  • Arstahd has made a Black Knight Mod (1,2 Mb) that replaces the Necropolis' Wights and Wraiths with Black Knights and Death Knights. The Black Knight has the stats of a vanilla Death Knight and costs 1600. The new Death Knight is a bit beefier and costs 2000. Simply unzip the content into the "data" folder to use.

Readable fonts mod for Heroes of Might and Magic 5 - takes care of your eyes.

While using your own fonts in the game seems not possible (fonts are probably stored in raster format), I've managed to MAP font pointers to one of "system" ones available.

Isn't it great that they make the game so easy to configure? The ability to configure almost everything is wonderful - I feel myself a Linux guru administrator ;-).

Now all the text in the game is rendered in nice sans-serif font. As for me, I'm excited: I can instantly read all tooltips/descriptions w/o need to "decode" them ;-). It's especially useful for battles.

I've uploaded some screenshots.

For those of you who like the original "decorative italic" fonts, I've prepared tha limited version: "useSimpleFont_keepHeaders.pak" keeps items named "headers" (e.g., town/hero/creature name, window title etc.) rendered in original fonts.

Download Link (18 kb):

Below is the content of readme file. Lets take care of our eyes!


How to "install"
Just put one of *.pak files into your "data" folder 
and enjoy nice readable fonts!

How to remove
Just remove the *,pak file mentioned above.

Simple mod to make text in the Heroes of Might and Magic 5 game more readable.

 * useSimpleFont.pak - replaces ALL fonts with "system" ones

 * useSimpleFont_keepHeaders.pak - replaces ALL fonts with "system" 
 ones BUT keeps items named "headers" 
(e.g., town/hero/creature name, window title etc.) 
rendered in original fonts.

As some data seems to be stored in saved games, it's recommended that 
you start new or restart a mission after 
"installing" this mod. Otherwise, you're at risk 
to see some "special characters" somewhere. 
I've noticed them in tooltips for outer buttons 
of the main control ("flower" at bottom-right ).

If you start new mission, all will be rendered correctly.



Readable fonts mod for Heroes of Might and Magic 5

You can send the Mods (Mini-patches) on Email:

Your name: *
Your comment: *
Your favorite version of the game: Heroes Might & Magic

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Герои 5: скачать новую компанию "Весы судеб"!

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